Wednesday, 1 February 2012

5 ways to incorporate exercise into your life

So its not always easy to get out the house or find time to go to the gym or for a jog so i have searched high and low for 10 great ways to exercise at home.

Have a ball

A stability ball is a great way to have a mini work out, you can use it to modify your press ups, sit ups and more! Or use it to watch TV it uses your core muscles to stay on it so you burn extra calories without realising.


Yes i said it that dreaded word but just 30 minutes of hoovers can burn up to 100 calories! now hoovering has never looked so good.


Dust off the Wii fit or uncover the kenect its all body magic that help you burn off the calories and shed the pounds.

Workout DVD's

There really are some great ones out there these days that have clear goals and really do work!

Tidy Up the garden

Got a green finger? this is a great way to find out, plant some flowers and mow the lawn and your be in a smaller dress size in no time.

How do you bring exercise into your life? let me know

Love Aimee


  1. great post! :) i love playing the kinect as exercise :)

    1. i really want a kinect but my house is far too small :O(

  2. Great tips! I love using my Wii Fit and have been wanting a stability ball for a while!


    1. i use my stability ball as an office chair too xx

  3. I walk to and from work each day monday through to friday and always ensure I pick up the pace. I do house work each day, I dance when playing music and am going back to running =)


    1. thats really good! i wish i had your energy, i work from home so i find it more difficult :O( xx