Sunday, 27 September 2015

BEAUTY : Back at beauty school

So for any of my readers who may be out of the loop I am wanting to be a college lecturer of beauty therapy so I am currently taking my VRQ L3 in beauty therapy. This for me is amazing because until we have clients in we work on each other ! WINNER ! so we are getting 3 massages a week using all different techniques as well as currently learning electrolysis.

We have learnt full body massage and are now lucky enough to be using added extras into the massages Monday this week was G5 it's a mechanical massage which allowed you to get deeper into the tissues. It looks very barbaric when you look at it in action but when I had it done I was in massage heaven. 

beauty therapy electrolysis training

I have had the luck of having the infrared and radio sonic too. And did I mention next week ... Tomorrow we have dermalogica training followed by a dermalogica facial Wednesday and heaven Friday. 

I finally Love Beauty school 
Saturday, 26 September 2015

GIVEAWAY: Bobble water bottle

So I have this bad boy for you all to get a little healthier, I hate the taste of tap water it literally drives me insane. And since finding this and other branded water bottles you can fill at home I had to share this with all my readers.

One thing I struggle with is being healthy, drinking enough (water) and keeping my weight in check. Having a water bottle with me all the time really helps me hydrate. So I want to help you all stay hydrated too 

To enter please check out the T&Cs below 
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Bobble water bottle

Barry M quick dry nail polish

I have to say I LOVE this nail polish, since taking this photo I do have a few others I have added to the collection. 

The biggest reason I love it well
 1. It dries super fast! 
 2. It is great coverage and easy to apply. 
 3. With a great top coat it lasts so well. 
 4. With my nearly 3 year old daughter wanting to be like mummy and this includes having her nails painted, this is an amazing polish for us. It only requires one coat and is dry in seconds (so no polish all over the sofa). 

They have a really cute collection of colours and I really would like the whole set. 

I am the proud owner of full throttle, kiss me quick and eat my dust. 

I just love them all they are the perfect spring and summer shades to the point of needing to be replaced. 

The price point is amazing especially when dealing with painting a child toes and they are often on offer. 

This is something you can buy online and in store and I do highly recommend them. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LIFESTYLE : Quotes of inspiration

So I love seeing all these quotes popping up on all of my social media platforms. They can really hot home and make sense to you and sometimes change your life. 
If anyone knows me at all you know I'm going through a rough time and I wanted to share some quotes that I just fell in love with. 

I hope some of these made you smile, made you think and maybe imeven helped you realise how much your worth and how much respect you deserve. How high you ca aim of you want it. Never settle and always always hold your head high and walk away from those who pull you down. 

I will share some more next week 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

EVENT : BLFW Bloggers Love Fashion Week

So sorry for the delay in sharing these amazing memories with you from the Bloggers love fashion week even which took place in London at the beginning of September. It's taken me so long because I took so many photos I had to take my time to go through them edit and compile into collages so you can see as much of the event as possible. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

I was rush trying to get my daughter to her first day at nursery and she was in hysterics so it set me back in my schedule but it was worth it to comfort her and wish her luck with lots of kisses. I was then running behind by just under an hour right up until I had to locate parking which was a long stressful drawn out process. But I finally found the prime parking location brushed my self off tried to de fluster and realised as I got to the entrance of the event I wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

I walked in and it was an amazing bustling atmosphere, the day was split in two and as I drove I chose to attend both the day and the evening which as I was an hour and a half late made it worthwhile. So in the last hour I had of the first session I tried to run to all the brands and introduce myself and lead as much as I was able to. 

BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

It was very overwhelming and there was gorgeous cupcakes and free healthy drinks to try. I found a lot of the brand to be super kind and chatty with the odd exception. Even though it was a gifting lounge the brands were picking and choosing who they felt they wanted their products to go to, which is of course their prerogative but can be upsetting to any bloggers who were not able to get anything.

I was lucky and got a couple of gorgeous items which I am going to write about in a follow up post. 

Having turned up on my own and not knowing anyone I was super relieved to see the friendly face of a fellow #30plusblog collective member Hayley and we went for lunch together during the break. 

They had a large and diverse amount of brands to talk to which was great as well as a fashion show. 

Magnitone BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

This really excites me, I was booked in for an on the day facial but due to the therapist becoming ill it was cancelled which was a little sad for me, however I was gifted one song get to try it out in my own gone forever ! The company itself is filled with amazing knowledge filled staff who are so approachable and friendly. They answered all my questions and we're happy to invest their time in me at the event. 

True Brit London BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

True Brit London
Not only am I in love with the packaging the colours and the design of this nail polish brand but I am highly impressed in its durability and colour collection. I was fortunate enough have a really long and exceptionally informative chat with the owners of this brand and really look forward to seeing them grow. I age swatches and a review coming in the next week keep your eyes peeled. They were also doing mini manicures on the day. 

Miligo BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Again another company I am so very impressed with, they took the time to too and actually chat to me give me information about their company and this is proof of fantastic customer service. Their collection is out of this world and if I had the money would spend a small fortune with them. 
The packaging is gorgeous and I was gifted a beautiful necklace and earring set. 

Madison Ves Candles BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Madison Ves Candles
This is such a cute idea they have candles for different occasions and each one has hash tags to do with the subject #happybirthday etc. the castles are huge and have a long burning time. 

Timeless truth face masks BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Timeless Truth face masks 
I love face masks, I enjoy using them on an evening I choose to date myself. So I was excited to be hides one from the collection to trial. The brand owners were so welcoming, informative and kind. 

Linzy Lou's Handbags BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Linzy Lou's handbags and accessories. 
Well I was in hand bag heaven it was gorgeous to look at and all of the bags were under £30 which is super reasonable. They had a huge selection of styles and colours to suit everyone and were very passionate about their brand when they spoke about it which for me is an amazing thing. 

With love Lilly BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

With love Lilly
OMG this brand is beyond spectacular in so many ways, the attention to details of the lingerie is second to none and I am so desperate to own one of their gorgeous items. They make to order so fear not they can make something for all boobies! 

Litle Ondine BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Little Ondine 
This is a pretty neat concept and it all completely natural. They have over 50 different colours including glitters and cute twin sets. The niche of this nail polish which separates it from its fellow brands is that on top of being completely natural it is a peel off technique. I have been gifted a couple of colours and will be putting it to the test so watch this space. 

Paul & Joe makeup BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Paul & Joe
I hate to say but I have never heard of this make up brand and the company owner was a little horrified about that revelation. And I am a beauty therapist and makeup artist. I am however happy I have learnt about it and spike with the company, they are absolutely gorgeous in their packaging it is flawless and timeless. 

Nadia Minkoff London BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015
Georgina Dee BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Mafia Minkoff London & Georgina Dee 
These are two very cute and quirky well made designers. 

Halo Hair extensions BLFW blogers love fashion week 2015

Halo hair extensions 
Watching them place the hair piece in a number of bloggers was amazing to see the transformation and how easy it was. I was secretly hoping I would be lucky enough to be gifted once of my very own this unfortunately didn't happen so it's now on my wish list. 

There were so many more brands there that I have not taken pictures of it mentioned and they all did an amazing job to help bring awareness of their brand to bloggers so we can all work together. 

I had so so much fun and it was worth the two hour drive to go and meet and find out about some exciting new brands and connect with eatable brands. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

PARENTING : how to smooth your child's dolls hair

It's finally happened guys, my daughter is into dolls big time and even more so when it comes in Disney anything. 

I am super excited I have to say because this is something I have Beene airing to happen since the day she was born, I LOVE dolls. But I HATE the synthetic hair it's a pain in the ass and by the end of the playing day it looks like her dolls (mainly elsa) looks like the poor doll has run through a hedge backwards. 

Trying to tame synthetic hair is a complete bitch but you have to do it to ensure that the dolls actually last longer than 5 minutes. 

There are a number of ways out there that are floating around the Internet on how to make the fizz disappear, but I have a personal favourite and I pretty much use it for everything and this secret weapon is coconut butter. I love it, it's truly amazing I eat it and I use it on my body and hair. 

So I had a light bulb moment and thought this was going to be a winner for poor elsa's hair. And it worked perfectly., it made it easy to brush and style back into a plait and has made it easier e erg day after to keep it styled. 

Autumn was super excited when she saw her hair the next day she thought it was magic and elsa did it herself. 

I can honestly say I am so happy I always have coconut butter at home because I can see I will be needing it a lot in the future as more dolls make its way into our home. 

You can buy it in any health food shop or online. 

Hope this helps any parents out there 

GIVEAWAY : [M]BOTANICALS candle and review

Ok ok so I have to say I am a sucker for candles I love (when I finally get a moment) a candle lit bath and a glass of wine some calming music to relax to.

mbotanicals candle review and giveaway

It smells gorgeous, and looks timeless almost so pretty I didnt really want to light it but needs must. 

mbotanicals candle review and giveaway

The candle in itself is a simple and sophisticated style with a which lacks with clear black writing. It has all the essential details on the label, candle name, it's short description of its fragrance and website and brand details. 

The fragrance itself is described on the website as ' Its scent is floral like jasmine, sweet like orange blossom honey, earthy and intoxicating. If you like heavy floral scents you will love our Gardenia'. 

mbotanicals candle review and giveaway

It's a gorgeous sweet smelling candle and the best part it's hand poured, it's not mass produced and each candle is made with love. 

There are 6 fragrances to collect and come in a 20cl glass tumbler and burn between 38-40 hours. They are made completely from soy wax and are completed with phthalate free fragrance and essential oils. 

I think they look timeless and Gardenia sells incredible.  They are price pointed between £15/16 and can be ordered from here. 

And to make this an extra special post you have the opportunity to own one of these gorgeous candles yourself. 

[M]BOTANICALS have given me the chance to run a competition here on my blog.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY Detol is your house squeaky clean

One thing I hate is dirty, unclean and nasty germ filled areas, surfaces, corners well anything in relation to that really.

As a beauty therapist we are taught about some pretty nasty things that can come from bacteria and fungus. Need I elaborate? You bathroom is a germ breeder so is your kitchen especially when you have cute but grubby hands getting all over the place.

Children don't understand germs yet and how they spread so it's pretty important to keep it as germ free (not completely germ free) as possible. Its important children are exposed to a few germs to help them get their immune system up to scratch.

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning

I have had the pleasure to try some dettol products and give them the once over and see if they can live up to the Bradley household test. 
I was send 4 staple product every household needs to have in their cleaning cupboard. I have always picked up dettol before any other cleaning product on the shelf because I am an antibacterial addict. 

So here they are 

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning

This is the dettol power & pure kitchen spray. 
I love this, I like that it's designed to ensure the kitchen is sparkle clean (when my husband gets round to cleaning it) kidding.... Sort of.
It's a huge bottle and will last a week or two (again kidding) you just need to use a few sprays to get it all over the kitchen and DONT forget your sink.

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning
Dettol surface cleaner

This bad boy I have about 4 of already so this is a perfect addiction to my household staple collection. You can use it everywhere. It even removed crayon from my daughter’s plastic colouring/dinner table! That for me is extra amazing.

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning

Dettol power and pure advance bathroom wipes 

Never used them before and cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite hobby of truth be told (men are not the rod years when it comes to the toilet) well fear not wife's, mothers, girlfriends and poor women housing men around the UK this is your toilet answer. It's fast, easy and no mess!  

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning

Dettol no touch kitchen hand wash system 
I was like a kid at Christmas I have always wanted one of these. They are the best thing since sliced bread I tell you! It keeps things extra clean so you don't have to touch the soap dispenser. 
Are you a dettol fan like me? I would love to as would dettol give the chance for one of my readers to win all 4 of these.

Dettol giveaway and review house cleaning

– Giveaway open UK ONLY 
– One winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget
– Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below and the winner will receive a box of goodies as detailed in this post
– Entrants under 18 must seek parental permission before entering
– No purchase necessary
Once drawn, the winner will be contacted via the email provided and have 28 days to respond. 
– All entries will be moderated and duplicate, false or incomplete entries will be deleted. Please follow the instructions carefully – there are a couple in there designed to give long-term readers an extra chance, but the answers are easy to find if you look hard enough..!

It's done through raffle copter so please tell your friends. 

LIFESTYLE : Being made homeless

As I lie in bed its 3:30am I can't sleep. Iv managed to get an hour but my mind is racing, it dawned on me just over two weeks till I'm 32. I had originally planned to do a wish list post, all these gorgeous things I would love to be given. I have chosen not to celebrate turning 32 on October 2nd this year, and it's not because I don't want to be 32! (I don't but that's not why) it's because even though I get so excited opening presents from my friends and family I want something bigger than gifts (no not being greedy I promise). 

I want as I'm surrounded but my family's life packed up in boxes, not knowing where we will be moving too 3 days later to get told we have a home to move to move to, not a hostel or b&b. 

I in all honesty don't have many to celebrate with, the ones i would automatically pick up the phone to celebrate with for various reasons are no longer apart if my life (which I so lovingly refer to as a sinking ship). 

My gorgeous yet stroppy Autumn won't even realise its mummies birthday so I'm happy with just an i love you and an hour without a screaming fit and snuggles on our sofa in a home that were being forced to vacate. 
Aimee bradley autumn bradley family photo

I for my birthday would love to know where my family will be living. I would love for my friends to hold me up, when keeping a brave face becomes impossible and for my husband to love me unconditionally even though I fuck up a lot. 

I won't bother with a dinner out with friends or cake. I will take a bottle of wine and a home cooked meal whilst I try to forget for one evening what the future holds. 
 Turning 32 will be filled with anxiety and fear for the future, we won't have anywhere we can call our home. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

GUEST POST: Update Your Makeup Look: So Glam We Can't Stand It

‘What goes around comes around’ goes the saying and it is definitely true, at least when it comes to fashion and makeup trends. What is considered fashionable and popular differs from season to season and from decade to decade (remember silver eye shadows from early 2000s?), but there are also trends which never grow old.

Vintage retro hair styles make up
Timeless trend and an epitome of glamour: red lips and liquid eyeliner.

Do the eyes

Getting that perfect line on your upper eyelids can seem like mission impossible, but you can easily do it if you have some patience. Get comfortable in front of your mirror and find a way to set your elbow on a flat surface so you will get a steady hand.

To get the best line, draw a row of dashes or dots on your lid, and simply play the game of connect-the-dots. Small, slow strokes are the best for this step, and when you’re finished take another look and fill in any blanks that might be left between your lashes and the eyeliner. Before you apply the eyeliner, put on your eye shadow, but wait with applying mascara until the eyeliner is done.

beauty natural make up ideas

All eyes on your lips

Prior to applying lipstick, you should know which red best complements your skin tone so you can find it and try it out. For those with light skin the perfect choice is cool, blue-based red, and for those with medium skin orangey shades are best. On the other hand, if you have dark skin or a nice tan, choose red with a touch of brown which will emphasize caramel hints of your complexion.

For your lipstick to last longer on your lips, apply it with a lip brush and use a lip liner (the colour of lipstick and lip liner should match). Using your lip liner outside your lip line to get the impression of bigger, fuller lips is not recommended since it almost always looks unnatural. If you really want fuller lips, opt for lip enhancement instead, it will look natural.
retro fashion red lips
Steal the look
When speaking of Hollywood glamour, you simply cannot forget Marilyn Monroe and her irresistible sex appeal enhanced with red lipstick. Today, everyone seems to be into this vintage look: Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, and many more.
When they need to look sexy and sophisticated, they opt for glamour of past times. What is more, the singer Gwen Stefani wears this look during daytime as well; whenever she wants to look irresistible and on point. So it’s up to you: thick, dramatic liner like Adele, Scarlett Johansson’s beloved winged eyeliner, or Dita Von Teese’s signature cat eye; it’s all about glam.
Glamour that can be seen on movie premieres or award winnings is ready for you to pull off any day. It doesn’t matter if you’re after that glamorous red carpet look Hollywood movie and pop stars wear these days, or you’re into a softer variation of it you can wear every day – bold red lips and dramatic eyes are the right choice.
todays fashion make up
Author BIO:
Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty and fashion. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and style.
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