Thursday 3 January 2013

New Year and keep your skin looking great with MeMeMe

Winter can be a complete bitch on any ones skin so i can say a really good moisturiser is key to getting nice skin in the summer months too.
MeMeMe have a moisturiser called Iconic Face base which is light weight but has all the goodness your skin needs to survive the next few months unscathed. It has a light citrus fruit fragrance with make it almost good enough to eat.
And remember with moisturiser a little goes a long way no need to cake it on!
iv not tried it but its on my list, want to check it out ? its available for £15 at

Cussons mum and me

Cussons mum and me

The collection made specifically for mums to be, I love products that are designed specifically for someone and at my point in my life this on is perfect for where I am. The mum and me collections comes in 3 stages and I'm at the bump stage now at 9 months pregnant I am tired fed up and ready to meet my baby so I need something designed for me to make me feel like a rock star ... And I think. May have found it .

In the collection there are 7 products for expectant mother to indulge in.

Sleeping something I remember doing once upon a time and something I am getting less and less of . So they have designed a sleep mist to help relax and unwind you which I am in serious need of, I have given it a good test and by damn it I was sceptical I won't lie but I am so in love with this product it contains lavender and camomile and leave a wonderful fragrance that really does help you relax a little and promote a fA better night sleep than I have been having up until now. It's a great sized bottle at 100ml it will last you and be with every penny.

Shampoo and conditioner we all use it ... I hope and your hormones you may have noticed are all over the place, this effects you both emotionally and physically and can show in your skin and hair. The shampoo and conditioner contain almond oil and vitamin b5 these two bad boys with nourish your hormonal locks and nourished hair means you won't be frightening with it to tame the monster. As with any shampoo and conditioner you do t need half the bottle to get it to do its job and a little roll go a long way.

I cannot stress enough how it is so very important that you moisturise during pregnancy and even more so if your pregnant during the winter your body is going to changes of an epic proportion and it will need some serious tlc. This lotion can be used all over your beautiful body especially on your expanding tummy, especially if your hoping to minimise the amount of stretch marks you may end up with. The lotion is so very lightly fragrances filled with goodness and absorbs quickly without leaving a oily residue which I would hate.

I am addicted to baths, bubble baths and candle lit baths it's how I unwind and relax and listen to my hypnobirth CD and I know my nuances if relaxing once my little lady arrive ill be slim to none so I am making the most of it now and I recommend any expectant mother to do the same. In the collection they do a bath soak which is by far the best bit of this collection because bath is in the title !nits a light smelling soak with creates lovely bubbles and has camomile to promote relaxation what more can a expectant mother ask for? I have gone thought at least 3 bottles since I have been pregnant and would recommend it to anyone.

Feeling hot sticky and. To so pretty? Tell me about it I swear I have a radiator under my ass permanently, I'm sporting some sexy kankles and quite frankly feeling glam has left the building, and sometimes I just need a quick fix to cool me down and freshen me up. Mum and me have in their collection the Cool and relief spray contains peppermint and can be used all over but is especially great on your legs and feet, I keep mine in my bag and use it a lot.

Last but not least stretch mark cream how I love you ever one needs this who has a baby growing in their tummy, it may not prevent them but it will help with the damage control, thankfully fingers crossed o far no stretch marks but I have 3 weeks left . I am however slapping this in at least 2times a day if not more its my saviour buy it you not be disappointed.

Also available is the gift pack, great if you just want to try the products before you buy the full sized ones even better if you have a yummy mummy expectant friend that needs a little care and attention. You get travel sized products including the shampoo, bath soak, body lotion and sleep mist not to mention a pretty cute travel bag which will great to in,Ide in your hospital bag.

You can buy them in store at tesco & boots as well as online at
i love them and cant wait to try the next step in the collection