Tuesday 31 January 2012

A/W 2012 Hair trend Prediction Up do's Using Clynol

I feel for A/W 2012 a key hair trend that will be gracing the catwalks is gorgeous Up Do's .

They can be sleek and smooth or fun and messy, nothing can be ruled out and anything goes! The fun part is you can let your imagination run wild!

These can all be re-created at home by you and me! and all you need is some imagination and the right tools to do it.

So to get these fantastic looks at home you will need

Clynol Hair-thickening Elixir

Thicken Hair Thickening Elixir 

This is a great product to add Volume and thickness to get you well on your way to a voluminous Up do.

Add a small amount to damp hair

Lift  Strong Mousse
Lift Strong Mousse

 Apply using a comb to damp hair before blow drying

This will give your hair the lift it needs to create the style

When the hair is dry place the top sections into rollers - More umph YES PLEASE

So your hair is now ready to be styled to what ever your heart desires

To get the best sculpted look use

Sculpt  Gelspray

Sculpt Gelspray

Apply this to the hair when shaping and pinning into you voluminous and messy up do

Use grips to pin each hair in place to achieve a sculpted look.

So now your style is in it place and you want it to last all night ?


Uphold  Strong Hairspray

Uphold Strong Hairspray
This not only ensure that your hair will stay put ALL night but it add shine back to your style making it look gorgeous and glossy as well as perfectly styled and shaped!

So there you have it all the tools i think you will need to get the catwalk look back at home!

Love Aimee

Monday 30 January 2012

Carmex Moisture Plus

Horrid chapped sore lips.. i know i am currently sporting those bad boys, it is winter after all. My lips are never at there best at this time of year its apparent my skin hates the cold... So do i!

I have been using carmex since i can remember, my sister introduced me to it when i was around 10 years old and i still love it to this very day.

I was excited to see at the clothes show that carmex had brought out 3 gorgeous new sticks, Moisture plus in clear, peach and pink.

These was an absolute steel at the clothes show and wish i brought more!

They bring you all the amazingness (i know not a real word but justified) of the original carmex in a new easy application stick and 2 are tinted.

They instantly give my sore tired lips a well needed relief, whilst making them look gorgeously moisturised and if desired slightly tinted.

Gorgeous !

This get 5 stars from me i would recommend them to anyone and will defiantly be buying more.

I have swatched all 3 and think they all look great, i cant choose a favourite as they all do a good job.

Have you used these? Whats your thoughts on them?

Love Aimee


Sunday 29 January 2012

Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle

I was lucky enough to be given this to use for a hair style re-creation the other week and i was so impressed with it that i felt it deserved its very own review.

This contains Argan Oil and is absorbed into the hair to smooth out fuzziness and add shine.


You use a small pea sized amount and work into towel dried hair dry as usual.


AMAZING my hair dried fasted without looking frizzy and flyaway, it made straightening time shorter and styling easier.

I am in love with this and i always reach for it after washing my hair, it makes my hair feel great again and not over coloured and pants.

This is available from

And is £21.20 including delivery

For the amount you use on each application is so small that it will last me ages!

Have you used this ? whats your thoughts?


Lumiere & FOTD

I was sent before Christmas some samples from Lumiere to try and review, i had never heard of this brand of make up.

I am over all really pleased with the colour choices they have sent me after i filled in a little form telling more about my colour tines hair colour etc.

I received 2 face bases Medium Beige and Medium Beige cashmere.

Both turned out to be a pretty good match and worked well together when blended.

They did look nice but personally prefer a liquid foundation as i feel that powders make me look older not a look i want to achieve.

These blushes are simply gorgeous and again work well when blended or used separately.

The colours are Foxy brown and Neutral pink

they look great on and i use them A LOT

These eye pigments blew me away both colour wise and how they look when applied just gorgeous

I was sent Ditto 01, Hypnotic, Espresso.

They are just stunning and i really like this brand, i would buy more from the collection and i would recommend them.

Now on to my FOTD

I love the application of the Lumiere products it clean and easy to apply and are really effective.

The eye pigments are $8 which is great value, im unsure of shipping costs though

Love Aimee


Orly Cool Romance Collection

OK so i have been lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous new collection by Orly, Orly is one of my top ranking Polish brands, i love the colours and the longevity of the products!

The new collection is called Cool Romance, it connections with the up and coming trend for S/S 2012 which is gorgeous pastels.

I am in love with ALL of these colours

First Up

Artificial Sweetener
Its a gorgeous mid tone antique rose pink, with hints of iridescent shimmer.
Application is 2 coats with a fairly short drying time.
Lasted me a good 2-3 days chip free before i got bored and needed a change.

Faint Of Heart
I'm finally on the Gray band waggon, this colour is so perfect for neutral clothing !
I have no words for this colour its a cool grey without being to harsh.

Jealous Much?
This is a light and creamy mint green, perfect to bring in the summer with.
I have just removed this from my nails and its gorgeous on and can be worn is a large number of colours

Prelude to a Kiss
I can honestly say this is the one i wasn't sure about, wondered if it would be too light for me, but i was pleasantly surprised.
Its a light peach. needs 2 coats to get a fantastic colour.

Steel your Heart
Just applied this beauty, its a gun metal grey with silver tones.
Perfect for that night out!

You're Blushing
What a lovely Lilac, its a fairly grey coloured Lilac.
Very gorgeous when on!

All in all i love this collection, Orly have out done themselves.

This is a must for every girls Polish collection and is perfect to wear to welcome in the spring!

Orly for me are long lasting quality polishes and may not be the cheapest product available but you get what you pay for! Fantastic Quality.

Check out the Orly Website for details of stock lists

Have you used Orly?
What do you think of these Colours?

Love Aimee

Saturday 28 January 2012

Valentines Gift Want List Korres Aphrodite's Rose Set

So i have been day dreaming about things i would LOVE to be surprised with this Valentines and this is defiantly one of them.

Korres Aphrodite's Rose Valentines Gift Set = Swoon!

It comes in gorgeous pink packaging and contains Korres Wild Rose Fragrance which is a Eau De Toilette and a whopping 100ml! as well as that you get the Korres Illuminating Mask which is 40ml

I do love a bit of Korres so for me this would be a welcome surprise.

so the smell of this fragrance is as follows

TOP NOTES: Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant
HEART: Rose wood, Rose, Mint leaves, Freesia, Cyclamen, Lily
DRY OUT: Woods, White flowers
CHARACTER: deep floral, bright, sparkling
FEELING/ CONCEPT: individually feminine, contemporary yet classic, addictive.
I cant wait to smell it as it sounds absolutely Divine.

And the brightening face mask is a definite want item, it helps to promote a clearer completion something i am desperate for, as i have notice over the last year my skin tone is awful!

Would you like to find this wrapped up all pretty on valentines day?

i know i would... and at £45 i wouldn't want to miss out!

cant wait till valentines day then check it out on ASOS

Love Aimee

Haringtons Competition Please Vote For Me

Hey everyone

i feel slightly cheeky asking you to do this but i have entered a competition and would really love for you to vote for me

i am Aimee on page 1

thank you so so much in advance

Love Aimee

Friday 27 January 2012

John Frieda French Pleat Tried and Tested

So this is part of my new hair series that i am calling Tried and tested, i was asked if i could look at John Frieda's brand new You Tube channel and pick a hair style from their How To Videos and give it a go at home, to show just how straight forward they are to do.

I'm not particularly good at Up Do's i have always found them a challenge and rarely do them my self for fear of looking like an idiot and wasting a fair amount of my time, so i was quite intrigued to give this a go.

As i said it is a new You Tube Channel by John Frieda Which basically gives you a fast growing selection of hair styles with a step by step guide for you to do it at home and by your self, almost idiot proof .....

So i put they video to the test, i chose to try the French Pleat, something i have never attempted EVER

Wish me Luck....

I have included the video i used to create the look as well as a link to the channel for you to check out the other styles too.

I was provided with the products i needed to re-create this style.

Velcro Rollers
Brown Hair Grips
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow dry Lotion
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hairspray

I started off with dry hair as directed

I then took the Thickening Mousse and squirted some in my hand and took the brush and brushed it all through my hair

I then Took the Thickening blow dry lotion  and sprayed it 6inches from my hair to the roots in sections.

I took my trusty hair dryer and turned my head upside down to blow dry


Right so now i take my Velcro rollers and put into sections of my hair
this i found a little tricky, i am a novice with rollers so this took me a little longer than it should have

So at this point i pottered around the house and probable gave it half an hour to "set"

i then removed the rollers and BAM even bigger hair

As directed i took my comb and proceeded to back comb with good tension

This picture is a little horrifying as you can see from my face, it was at this point i wondered if i was going to look like a baboon by the end of the video.

Adding some brilliant brunette to to my hair to give it some EXTRA hold (although it is standing up by its own at this point).

So now onto the pleat... i brushed the top of my hair lightly just to smooth out the "creation" on my head and took my hair to create the pleat, 4 attempts later i finally had it


In the video he only used 3 little grips i how ever used more like 10.. what can i say i didn't want to move and it fall out and this was the first time i had EVER done anything like this.

I am REALLY happy with the result and the best bit i did it! On my own with just the help of this little video.

If i can do it anyone can, and i will most certainly be using the John Frieda You Tube Channel whenever i go out!

They have lots of styles to choose from and it is ever growing

So don't forget to check it out

Have you tried to do this look ? how did you get on?

Love Aimee

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Valentines 101 Survival Kit

Ahhh so Valentines is just around the corner, this is a live hate holiday and I'm finally a lover of it.

It has taken a large number of years for me to like let alone love this day but now im married i am hopeful that my husband makes it special (he better do!).

So i have compiled a Women's survival kit for a hitch free Valentines..... All the things you need to make it run smoothly and and some omph ;O) to your night.

So from the beginning your other half has prepared a romantic night for you doing something spectacular and you obviously need to be the bell of the ball and lets not forget the little details....

So your all ready and about to go out the door but your hairs looking a little dull... Have a quick spritz with ......

Klorane Dry Shampoo

This is a great little beauty to have to hand, especially if your loved one has surprised a night out on you and you weren't prepared.
It is a really nice light and lightly fragrance formula that leaves your hair looking clean and better yet feeling clean.
Is available at John Lewis but a a pretty penny £8 a can... but are you worth a little splurge.... i know i am.

OK so your at dinner and staring deeply into each others eyes, you want to look your best and if your like me and a light sleeper you don't always look so FRESH after a somewhat rocky nights sleep. And I'm pretty sure you don't want your partner to look into your eyes and think ... damn she looks shattered.

Not a great image to be portraying on supposedly the most romantic day /night of the year.

Murine Bright & Moist Eye drops

Are perfect to keep in your bag, for a quick eye freshen up. They are easy and comfortable to use and do what they say on the bottle.  You will be a little blurry for approx 1 min after using them BUT god don't your eyes look gorgeous after.

Warning - contact lens wearers like myself, do not use whilst wearing your lenses. And do not put lenses back in your eye for 15 minutes after applying the drops.

they also do a version for contact lense wearers, which is great they can be applied whilst you have your lenses in YAY

You can find these drops in most pharmacy's and supermarkets and they cost £4.07 a bottle. Which will take you forever to use up.

Right so the next step is kind of a double whammy, gorgeous soft kissable lips and clean fresh breath = a winner all round.

My husband HATES kissing me when i am wearing either lipstick or a noticeable gloss so this is my perfect solution. And it comes in the cutest little tin.

Chap stick Soft Lips Kit - Collection 1

I am in love, you get a gorgeous little tin which contains 3 chap sticks. In collection1 you get Cherry (My Fave), Strawberry and Apply (YUMMMMMMY).

I can honestly say iv never really used chap stick before, i remember the original one and was never that keen, but i have been swayed by these little beauty's.
And what a bargain you can get all 3 for £3.99, and your other half will be thanking you when they dive in for that kiss, soft gorgeous lips = WIN.

So for my second part of my perfect mouth you have to have

Gold Spot Breath Fresh Spay

Saved by the spay, so you have been at dinner and you could not resist the garlic dish that's OK because your survival kit includes this Mint spray Gold Spot. It comes in this little pink spray bottle and is small enough to fit in your handbag. Not only that but its a nice mint, ( not a fan of mint) and even i can stand it, its light and just enough to freshen up without watering your eyes.  £1.99 available at most chemists.

Now you have Gorgeous fresh breath with kissable lips....

So the night coming to an end and your hoping to get lucky....

I will try not to make any of my readers cringe here so be aware that the following may contain content you may not want to read :OP

Fembido - Libido Booster for women

Ah so weather you are planning a night of passion for you new boyfriends, partner or long term husband sometimes us women can do with a boost (nothing wrong in admitting your a little bedroom lazy especially when you have been married for a while). Or you might just want to put some extra fire into your already explosive bedroom gymnastics who knows but this is a great little product to do just that.

Its a natural herbal booster it contains Damiana Leaf which clinical studies have shown it increases sexual sensitivity and encourages orgasms.

Not one to turn my nose up at a little extra curricular activity or extra pleasure i was more than willing to test drive this product.

Not to over share and scare you all senseless but to round the product up, i was extremely happy with the results *wink wink* whilst using this product and would be delighted to use it again.

Fembido is £24.95 and available from

So you have my Valentines night survival kit everything you need to get your evening hot and heavy without the fear of bad breath, chapped lips, greasy hair, dull eyes and a beaten up libido!

I hope you all loved my little kit, have i missed anything?
What's your must have product?

Love Aimee

*disclaimer - I was given these to try. All my views are my own and written honestly*

Skinny Bitch

Lent to me by a very good friend, Skinny bitch has to be the funniest and frankest books about food i have ever read.

I am a self confessed food addict, hater and lover and generally All at once!

I spend my day thinking about food, trying not to eat food, thinking about what I'm having at each meal and how i can avoid the bad foods. Before this book i didn't know much about what was going into my mouth, i just shovelled it in willy nilly. now don't get me wrong i could tell the difference between good food and bad food but it didn't stop me wanting and/or needing bad food.

I am currently on chapter 5, also known as the dairy disaster. and i cant wait to read it this afternoon at my hair appointment, i enjoy the book so much i have order myself a copy of my very own and even gone as far as to buy the other books in the collection - Skinny bitch in the Kitch, skinny bitchin, and skinny bitch bun in the oven.

well to give you an insight into this ever so no nonsense guide to becoming fab......

Now this is no normal diet book although its full of facts its not mundane and boring to read like other books out there, it has honestly made me laugh so loudly even i want prepared for it! It is full of truthful, smart-mouthed revelations about food and what goes into food. its full of an obscene amount of attitude but behind all of this it has solid information. This book was written to help promote a healthy lifestyle full of wholegrain, fruits and beg and encourages women to become excited about feeling "clean and pure and energised."

one of my fav quotes from the book is - “You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.”

This book is full of some COLOURFUL language! be warned!

~“Whenever you see the words ‘fat-free’ or ‘low-fat’, think of the words ‘chemical shit storm’.”

~“You might be fat because you don’t poop enough.”

~“You need to exercise, you lazy shit.”

Before borrowing and reading this book, i was unaware that the authors believe that the best way to be skinny is to have a vegan lifestyle. This i do not completely agree with however i do feel that having more fruits and veg in your life is defiantly a good thing!

This book takes an honest look at how we eat and why we are fat. The conversational tones make for a quick, entertaining read. There is a great section in the back of the book that lists bad or potentially bad food ingredients that we should look for when reading nutrition labels (I had no clue about some of this stuff), and it includes a great vegan/vegetarian resource section.

The book advocates a vegan lifestyle and condemns the consumption of all animal products. It does offer a menu to follow, but if you really are interested in starting to eat this way, I feel the book definitely falls short. I think a newbie to this type of eating needs more guidance than this book offers.

Still i feel its a great read :D

Available to buy at Amazon or any good book shop