Saturday 25 February 2012

Bush Balm Review

I am a lady who waxes and now epilates, i do all the crucial areas that a woman needs hair removal on and i hate the after effect, rash, soreness, just plain inconvenience really.

Enter Bush Balm

Firstly what an amazing name i mean bush balm its direct and to the point and it does exactly what its meant to do.

You use it after waxing, shaving or epilating its main purpose is to relieve and reduce redness ad well as calming and soothing the area.

The question is does it actually work?

well i have been using it for the past few weeks after both waxing and epilating (i don't do shaving) and i have noticed a serious reduction in ingrowing hairs as well as the are being less irritated.

So the answer is yes it does work!

I love this product, its something i wish i had found years ago and the best bit they do other products too!

The bush balm is £11.99 for 100ml and is worth every penny, i feel better in myself since using it and my confidence has grown I'm no longer worried if it look unsightly!

want to five it a go then check it out here

you wont regret it and i cant wait for there ingrowing hair serum to be released!

Love Aimee



  1. Sounds great!

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  2. I just love the name. I love their Hand & Body lotion - I use it daily on my legs and believe me I suffer badly from ingrowns. But with this nothing! I can actually get my legs out in public!

    Just received prices for the full range looking at getting into my salon in Newcastle. Will be doing a review on my blog on the use in my waxing treatments and homecare x

    1. Oops hit return
      my blog is

  3. I wonder if this works for people who shave....

  4. Sounds good! :)

  5. sounds good to me

  6. Sounds like a great product! May have to give it a try xo

  7. This is a new product to me so thanks for sharing! xo

  8. This sounds like a very useful product and something I would use. I think £11.99 is a great price actually. Might be giving this a try. :) x

  9. Thanks for sharing I definitely need to try this because after shaving it is sore x