Wednesday 8 February 2012

Valentines Gifts For Him and Her Korres

How everyone doing with the valentines prep?

So this i thinks another great gift idea, i do love a bit of Korres. I love there smells and the quality of the products!


they have gift sets!

There is still time to order before valentines day

This is the mens Kit It retails at £10

It contains 4 good trial sized products - perfect for romantic weekends away.

Cedar Shower Gel 50ml
This is a really great manly smell, its soft and moisturising.

Rice Proteins & Oligoelements Shampoo 50ml
This only has a light fragrance to it which is really pleasant

Absinthe Shave Cream 25ml
This is used for shaving instead of a foam, and has a mild pH and helps prevent irritation.

Marigolds & Ginseng Aftershave Balm 25ml
This help to keep the skin firm and provide protection from irritation as well as moisturising the skin.

Value for money - HELL YES

You get a great little selection for a great price, the smells are fantastic and the products are good, i would give this to my husband and i would know he would love it!

Lest not forget you the doting and gorgeous, girlfriend, fiancee or wife

You like myself deserve a little treat too, regardless of if he gets it for you or you decide to treat yourself Korres have 2 gorgeous sets for the Girls too.

Addicted to Rose £20

Wild Rose 24hour Moisturising & Brightening cream 16ml
This is a really light cream smells Divine and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished, i have a separate and full review coming of this.

Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask 16ml
This has instant brightening effects, i REALLY want to try this!

Japanese Rose Shower Gel 50ml
Light and gorgeous smelling shower gel for everyday use.

Japanese Rose Body Butter 50ml
All over body use, smells Divine.

So my thoughts on this


Tropical Holidays £10

Mango Shower Gel 50ml
I actually want to eat this, it smells amazing. i have a seperate review coming for this product and you wont be dissapointed.

Coconut Body Milk 50ml
This is a light moisturing product for all over the body.

Guava Body Butter 50ml
Very rich formula, lightly sented again i have a full seperate fewviw of this coming soon!

I love all of these sets and i believe they are worth every penny!

Also currently running at

With every purchase over £25 of Korres get £5.00 off with this Voucher code


So by my Math you could get yourself the Rose Set £20 and the Mens Kit £10 and only pay £25


I am a bit of a Korres Addict i must admit, have you used there products before?

Love Aimee

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  1. I love Korres so much got introduced to them in Greece the hotel I stayed at had this shower gel called warm vanilla sugar I think and it was amazing xo