Tuesday, 12 June 2018

PARENTING: Gender Disappointment

Growing up I always thought I would be a Mum of girls, I grew up mainly amongst women and girls is all Iv ever know. 

I can say hand on heart when we were choosing to add a second addition to our family did I ever think I would have a boy, it just never crossed my mind. 

So I hit 16 weeks excited and so glad to be going to baby bond and ultrasound direct in Cosham (read all about our early gender scan here). This was a great experience for us but whilst I was lying on the Doctors bed with gel on my tummy seeing our little baby on the big TV and up comes the “potty shot”, there it was in full TV glory a massive scrotum...... there was no mistaking that at all. 

My daughters face dropped as the sonographer said “congratulations it’s a boy” tears started to fall down her cheeks, she so desperately wanted a little sister and in that moment my feelings were pushed to the side. I had to be strong for my little girl, she was devastated. 

One she was settled and pictures printed and I got home and had 5 minutes to process the thought of having a son, my heart sank. I felt guilty for how I felt, tears filled my eyes and I disappointed myself with how I felt. How could I feel this way? Shouldn’t I be happy I’m having another baby, a much wanted baby. 

Some googling later and I realised ok to feel this way, many mothers and mothers to be have felt this way. It’s called gender disappointment and man it sucks and not everyone will be ok with someone having these very real feelings. 

There are groups of like minded parents to be who are going through or have gone through the same feelings and it’s ok to cry! 

I cried and cried for 24 hours straight, my friend Kim kept me sane during this time and let me vent. 

Sunday, 27 May 2018

PARENTING: Gender scan at Ultrasound Direct / Baby bond Portsmouth

Times really have changed since having Autumn nearly 6 years ago, when I was expecting her you only got your two NHS scans and hoped they got the gender (if you wanted to know it) right. 

Now with baby number two on the way there are so many options available for expecting mothers, you can now have a gender scan as early as 16 weeks. This to me is amazing, waiting that extra 4 weeks may not seam a big deal however when your growing a human it can feel like an age to wait. 

Everyone has their own reasons to find out or not when it comes to the babies gender, we decided to find out for a second time but why?

Well we have a very excited 5 yo girl called Autumn who had her heart set on a little sister and I felt that she needed as much time as possible to get used to it being a boy if that was the case. 

I think it’s wonderful how I had the chance to find this out so early in my pregnancy and I was super excited to work with Ultrasound direct and baby bond in Portsmouth. 

I was 16+3 at my gender scan, I went with Autumn and my husband Davin. On entering I was immediately impressed as they had ample space (and locks) for pushchairs (how handy), in the waiting room we were greeted with a friendly face and offerings of refreshments. For the little people there where ample toys to entertain whilst paperwork was filled in. 

It was a lovely relaxed environment when you entered the room, plenty of space for friends and family to sit and stand, clearly able to see the image from the ultrasound on a big screen TV. 

Images and video isn’t allowed to be taken inside the ultrasound room, but we were too excited to see baby number two. 

It was wonderful to see autumns face as she saw the baby on the Tv, it really was magical. 

We are pleased (Autumn took some getting used too) to announce we’re having a little boy. 

We treated Autumn to a heartbeat bear in blue which has her little brothers heartbeat for her to listen too. This out a big smile on her face and I’m sure she is coming round to the idea of having a little brother. 

It was a lovely experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to find out their babies gender. 

Please check out their website here

Love Aimee 

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Hello lovelies, I had to take a little break as Iv been super sick as We are super excited to announce we’re expecting our second child. I get extremely sick in pregnancy so the first 8 or so weeks have been a challenge. 
Autumn is super excited to be a big sister and the new arrival is due this October. 

I cannot wait to share with you my journey into motherhood a second time. 

Here are some gorgeous pictures of Autumn and one announcement. 

Love Aimee