Friday, 28 April 2017

LIFESTYLE: My Latest Amazon Purchases

I have to admit it I am an absolute amazon frequent flyer, I have amazon prime and video as well as their music player.

But I'm also always buying lots of goodies from them too so I wanted to share my latest with you.

I have seen these everywhere and I had to get one I love it.
They are popping up on social media everywhere and this didn't disappoint at all. For the price it's great value for money and good quality.

Autumn is living My little pony (thanks to the Argos advert) and she really wanted a bed set, now I struggle to change to a different theme and end up washing it in one day to get it back on the bed before bed time. It's a good quality set and she loves it. So that's one happy mummy.

Yes ok so I got myself a matching one, my husband face was Honestly the best when he came home to it. I love it!

Autumn has wanted this since she first saw it, we have recently started as data chart with her and every Sunday she gets the chance to and something small and this was one of choices. She really loves it the battery last for around 3 to 4 nights if kept on for the whole night.

 Home Sweet Home Laundry Powder Box - £11.9///////////9

I love this style and I'm so pleased with it, I'm planning of getting the whole set for my home.

This is great for photos, looks pretty and comes in different colours. Very pleased with this. I have been after one for a long while and this doesn't disappoint its a good quality case and very sturdy.

I went for pink it's a pretty pink, the sound quality for ne is perfect. I'm pleased with them so when the footie is on I can watch some betflix in the iPad. Happy wife. These are good quality affordable headphones which match my IPhone and IPad perfectly. They are very sturdy and look good.

Saw this on one of those YouTube videos the ones with the annoying voice which showcases lots of toys. Well I was sweet talked into it by autumn. She is yet to earn it however but it's ready for her when she does.

So we can see a theme I am a sucker for retro and this had to be brought for the family iPad. Love it. And Autumn loves it too, so basically she has decided its her Ipad. 

I decided to upgrade my tracker and I live jawbone as a whole so choose the up2 in purple. Mainly because of the cost. Very happy so far.

Over priced and not worth it to be honest. I followed all instructions and nothing happened to my feet at all. No peeling or soft feet for summer, and they don't respond to emails.

So what do you think? Let me know if you have had any of these or would consider buying them. 

I'm so pleased to be back and blogging again, so keep an eye out for more posts from the Bradley's.

Lots of love guys xx

*All prices were correct at time of publish, all items were brought by myself 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

BEAUTY:Tria Age Defying Laser Review

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

LIFESTYLE: Last Minute Gifts for the Women In Your Lige

It's nearly Christmas but don't worry there is still time to get some gifts for the women in your life. 

I hope you like the selection of 5 little gifts I have put together for you. 

Zoella sweet inspirations fragranced body mist. 

I'm loving this sent it's really lovely and sweet and can be for both day and evening. It has a wonderful hint of vanilla amongst other smells. 
Available in store and online at Superdrug

Transformulas LipVolume 

This is a Makeup must have I love the product and it actually really works. 
Priced from £22.95-£29 
Available online at my beauty secrets

Fake Bake flawless darker self tan liquid

Perfect for the holiday party season so is a perfect stocking stuffer for any woman who wants to look golden and tanned. 

From fake bake direct

The happiness planner 

They have a wonderful collection of planners for every type of person. I personally love the 100 day undated planner which I proudly own in green. 

Priced from £20 available direct from the happiness planner

Zoella gingerbread village reed diffuser 

Love this it looks so good and smells even better. 

£12.00 available in store and online from Superdrug

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