Sunday, 23 October 2016

PARENTING: Amazon Paw Patrol Christmas Gift Guide

don't know about your children but my daughter Autumn is Paw Patrol mad! She loves it and wants it all so with this in mind I thought (ensured by my over excited 3 year old) to do a paw patrol gift guide for your little ones. 
Everything I have shown is available to buy from Amazon. I've included. Selection of items for all price ranges with stocking fillers to big presents as well as for both boys and girls. 

Amazing prices are correct at the time of publish. 
All items were found doing a general search for paw patrol on Amazon. I have not left links for each individual item due to amazing products coming and going so fast.

paw patrol pyjamaspaw patrol pyjamas
Pyjamas are a Christmas must have, perfect for your Christmas Eve box if you do them. 
The pyjamas are priced between £10.00 and £12.50. You can search for them here under paw patrol pyjamas

paw patrol blanketpaw patrol blanket

Fleece blankets a winter must have, nothing better than snuggles on the sofa with hot chocolate and a lovely warm blanket. Search Amazon under paw patrol blanket. There are lots of styles to choose from. These two are priced between £4.45 plus £2.99 postage to £7.49 with free postage. 

paw patrol bedding sets paw patrol bedding sets
New bedding is the best thing ever especially to get into bed on Christmas Eve, another great idea for the Christmas Eve box. Searched Amazon for paw patrol duvet sets these two are priced from £11.00 to £13.00 both with free shipping. 

paw patrol dvd

Christmas needs a awesome Christmas dvd and this is great for the Christmas Eve box teamed with the above items will be a Christmas Eve box like no other. look under paw patrol dvd and is £6.99. 

paw patrol robe paw patrol robe

Bathrobes perfect from Santa for the morning or in the Christmas Eve box so your little ones are super snugly these are available to search on Amazon under paw patrol robe and cost £12.79 to £16.95

paw patrol costume marshallpaw patrol costume rubblepaw patrol costume skypaw patrol costume chase

Dress up! Every child loves imagination play and these are going to be a Christmas hit for any paw patrol fan. Autumn has chase it was her Halloween costume choice but she will be getting one from Santa and one from mummy and daddy. Search Amazon under paw patrol costume and a variety will show, the above are priced from £14.49. 

paw patrol custom book

Books make great stocking stuffers and are well priced too. The first is a personalised book so your child can feature in the story! How cool is that? It's £13.99 and definitely on the Santa list in this house. check it out here on amazon under paw patrol custom books.

paw patrol plate setspaw patrol plate sets
Plate sets! Nothing wrong with practical gifts (these are usually from Santa in our home as mummy and daddy give the best presents). Search under paw patrol plate sets and a lovely selection will be these two are £8.99 each. 

paw patrol back pack & lunch boxpaw patrol back pack & lunch box

Back packs and lunch boxes another necessity perfect to come from Santa this set is £12.95 and a great price for two pre school or play date items. Search backpacks. 

paw patrol colouring tablepaw patrol colouring book

Every child loves to be creative so colouring is always a safe option the colouring book is £3.99 and the table is £8.55 both are great presents and the book is a good stocking stuffer. Search paw patrol colouring and they will be there. 

paw patrol play dohpaw patrol kenetic sand
Both of these have been requested by my daughter. 
Play doh is always a hit and this is £14.99
The kinetic sand looks pretty cool and is £14.87

paw patrol puzzlepaw patrol bowling set skittles

Finally I will leave you with these 2 lovely little gifts which your paw patrol pup will love. 
Puzzles are a huge hit in this house this particular one is £5.79 and found under paw patrol puzzle, they have lots to choose from. 
Bowling / skittles is a good family activity and at £8.99 it's some good fun for the family to bond. 

Hope you like my selection for your very own paw patrol pup! Let me know if you have any suggestion of paw patrol must haves for Christmas. 

Love Aimee 

Monday, 10 October 2016

BEAUTY: Secret obsession for Beautify Worldwide

So Iv bee a little (OK a lot) addicted to Amazon. When you dig deep into the depth of Amazon you can find some pretty amazing things. 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage

Beautify is one of Amazons little hidden gems it is a company which supplies the nose gorgeous and exquisite items for your home. 
Mainly storage for makeup and jewellery but that aside I would quite happily own every single item they sell. 

So Iv chosen my top 9 items in Amazon I covet to share with you. 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage drssing table
Beautify Vintage-Style Silver Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Vanity Set with 3 Drawers

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen I can't tell you how much I need, want and desire this. 
It's £89.99 plus shipping 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage drssing table

Beautify Floor Standing Jewellery Cabinet Organiser with Mirror - White

This is such a neat idea I love it every woman needs a floor length mirror and this one is extra special as it also has inside room for all your jewellery. 
It's £37.99 plus postage 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage drssing table

Beautify Rose Gold Mirrored Glass Jewellery Box & Makeup Organiser with 3 Drawers, 9 Storage Sections & Velvet Lining includes FREE Glass Cleaning Cloth

Rose gold is one of my favourite things right now if you don't already guess. This is the most gorgeous piece of rose gold amazingness I have ever laid my eyes on its gorgeous and classy. 

Currently priced at £24.99 plus p&p

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage dressing table

Beautify Large Faux Leather Jewellery Box with 5 Drawers, Removable Travel Case, Ring, Earring & Necklace Storage, Pockets & Mirror - White Snake Skin Print with Pink Velvet Lining

Wow this is just the desire of all jewellery lovers a 5 tier jewellery box with travel case what else could you want or need! It comes in white and black, you can also opt for 3 or 5 door options. 

Currently priced at £26.99 to £36.99 plus p&p 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage rose gold

Beautify Rose Gold Mirrored Glass Jewellery Box with 2 Drawers & Velvet Lining includes FREE Glass Cleaning Cloth

This is the cutest little jewellery box I have ever set my eyes on. It's so beautiful beyond words and matches the other rose gold mirrored collection available. This is so beautiful and comes in rose gold mirrored and silver mirrored. 

It's currently only £6.99 plus p&p

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage rose gold

Beautify Jewellery Organiser & Makeup Storage Box with 6 Drawers - Clear

This is a really lovely new age design which will keep your jewellery beautifully organised. I love how it's clear I think it looks clean and will go with any home theme. 

It's currently priced at £12.99 plus p&p

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage rose gold

Beautify Faux Leather Zipped Jewellery Compact Travel Case with Mirror - Pink/ Grey

This is perfect for the gal on the go who loves to travel in style with her top jewellery items with her. It comes in 3 colours pink, grey and white. 

Currently £7.99 plus p&p 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage rose gold

Beautify Faux Leather Makeup Storage Organiser Caddy with Carry Handle - Pink with Grey Velvet Lining

This I want in every colour, it come in pink (pictured), grey and cream. It is so multi-functional, you can use it to store your most used products for easy use and it's easy to move about, especially of you need to travel. 

For £11.00 plus p&p it's a steel 

Beautify Worldwide jewelry and makeup storage rose gold
Beautify 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Cube Organiser With 5 Drawers & Removable Divider

I am in love with this look, it's clean. You can see everything in it and it looks organised and professional. With 5 draws and a lift lid it allows you to store all you prised possessions (makeup) safety. 

Currently priced at £29.99 plus p&p

I hope you love them as much as I do, they have so many more treasures on their Amazon store available to see here

Let me know which out of the 9 you love the most? Comment below

Love Aimee

Saturday, 8 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Daddy do my hair? Beth's twists by Tola Okogwa

One of my favourite things to do with Autumn is read her story's and not just at bed time. 

I was kindly asked to read and review this lovely little book, when it arrived Autumn was so excited she loved it right away. 

It's written by Tola Okogwu and illustrated by Rahima Begum and it's such a lovely little read. 

It's an easy to read book that flows wonderfully and the illustrations that go with it are perfect and are so well drawn. 

It's a story that is about a little girl spending special time with her daddy, quality time. Every week she asks her daddy to do her hair and they make it a fun and special experience. It also shows that how this time with her dad gives her confidence and pride in herself which is so important. 

The story is such a lovely tale for children to understand that spending quality time away from modern technology and doing something as simple as doing your daughters hair whilst having fun is so important. 

Every illustration is beautifully drawn and really bring the whole story to life. 

Autumn absolutely loves this book looking at the different styles her dad says she can choose from. 

It teaches so many valuable lessons to your child, special time with your family, having fun, making memories, self pride and confidence. It's not the big things that make a difference it's the small things that can bring a family together and build amazing bonds it's a truly heart warming book to read. 

The story of this book is inspired by Tola Okogwu's relationship her husband has with her daughter. 

The book is being released on October 16th 2016 so not long to wait! And it can be ordered from Amazon
You can find out more about the book here where you can read more about the The amazing team that brought this book to life and keep an eye on their future book releases. 

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