Wednesday, 16 October 2019

[AD] TOYS: Thunderbirds Are Go New Toys

The excitement in my house is real when we heard all NEW thunder birds were hitting the screens again and that Bandai we’re releasing a whole new range of toys to match. 

They released the toys in time for Thunderbirds Day! What an amazing celebration. 

Growing up the Thunderbirds were always on the TV, my dad and brother was HUGE fans, so naturally I followed suite. 

I love the new collection of toys which are now available to buy and honest o had so much fun explaining them all to Autumn! She couldn’t wait to play with them! 

We received two action figures who are the mechanic and Virgil as well as the TB1 & TB3 motion vehicles and we completed the collection with the TB2 rescue motion vehicle. 

Also available to purchase is the TB4 rescue Vehicle. 

Playing and exiling these to Autumn Brought back so many happy memories of my childhood! I Adore thunderbirds and I honestly cannot wait for Autumn to be as big a fan as I am. 

To find out more about the collection check out
Friday, 11 October 2019

TOYS: [AD] Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise- World Egg Day

There is nothing more exciting than hatching a surprise.. Zuru have released the Rainbocorn Big now suppose which comes with 25 surprises for you to discover. 

Honestly I think I got more excited than Autumn! They are so amazing and would make a great present for your little ones to open on Christmas. 

The big bow surprise has so so much with lots of cute toys and activity’s. 

From little unicorns to hair accessories and glitter tattoos!  

Also available is the Sparkle heart Rainbocorn which is perfect for a stocking filler! They have a series you can collect and after seeing just how cute they are I would love to try and collect them all. 

Seeing the Giant golden egg “hatch” was so exciting... Autumn received in the egg the cutest Bowie, some tiny toys, a unicorn headband, slap band, hair bits and rings, glitter tattoos, gel pens and stickers.

In her little egg she got nibbles the cutest purple mouse !

Monday, 30 September 2019

TOYS : Scruff-A-Loves Families #AD

This was such a cute toy to un-box, in this you get the mummy and babies and you can either get twins or triplets. 

It starts as a ball and you wash it and lather it up in water and it starts to unravel and the babies show. It’s super cute ! Autumn absolutely loved it. 

Once they have arrived and you can see how many babies you have you dry them and brush them. 

Make sure to not put the hot dryer too close or have it too hot ! It will melt the fit otherwise.  

They are honestly so cute. They come with little accessories and willy Ive hour of imagination play for your little ones.