Saturday, 17 January 2015

Korea black pink serum 2015 fav

Ok so every woman needs to have this on there make up stand.
And I Quote
Korres Black Pine Serum has been awarded the title of 'Winner' in the Sunday Mirror's Notebook Magazine Anti-Ageing Beauty Awards 2013. The Notebook Anti-Ageing Awards are 100% independent with products tested on a number of testers over the period of 4 weeks. The feed back we received was amazing!
Korres Black Pine Serum is Korres most potent ever anti-ager with astounding clinical results. 100% of volunteers who trialled the serum reported positive results which were further confirmed by dermatologists who assessed each volunteer - unprecedented in anti-ageing testing! 
Well you have read it for your self this little beauty can help slpw down time and help with anti ageing.
I would love to use this and think you would want to too!
buy it here

Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday at Liz Earle

Catch a massive bargain NOW 

I have recently found Liz Earle and I am so so impressed with their products, great value for money and amazing products. 

Love Aimee 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Doc Mcstuffins christmas gift guide

My 22 month old little girl autumn is a HUGE Doc Mcstuffins fan, she knows all the characters names and can point them out to you when asked who is who. 

Iv done a little guide on the things I know my little girl would love to see Santa get her (Santa's on a budget this year so unfortunately it's just a wish list) 

get better talking mobile clinic at a staggering £57.99 ON SALE 
Autumn would love this very much maybe one day. It's all singing and dancing and is a replica of docs one on the show.

This is amazing and something she will own by the end of 2015 

Docs check up centre  normally £89.99 now £69.99 at smyths

It's amazing I love it and I'm desperate for my baby girl to get this. ONE DAY

Winter is nearly set in so this is ideal for a stocking filler 
Fleece blanket £6.99

Move & groove scooter
£19.99 at smyths. 

Not to sure if autumns too young for it currently but scooters seam very very popular

Do you have a doc mcstuffins crazy toddler?

What's on their wish list this christmas ?

Love Aimee 


Monday, 24 November 2014

Avon Christmas stocking filler gift guide

So christmas is coming and there is still time to fill up on gorgeous stocking fillers for your loved ones. 

I am a massive addict of Avon, my friend is a rep so helps fuel my problem. 

This is a little guide to some great gifts at a bargain price. 

Planet spa Hero's gift set £5

This would be super for a new mum who needs a bloody good pamper. 

Luck for her EDP £15

This has a beautiful bottle iv not smelt it personally but the packaging is outstanding. 

Colour trend glitter pots £3
These look amazing and perfect for party season something I will be adding to my Santa list. 

I love the luxe collection, it's a great product, well thought out In fantastic classic and timeless packaging. But packaging isn't everything it is a good product too. I have a review coming of the eyeshadow palette this month so watch this space. 

Luxe extravagance volume mascara £9

Luxe eyeshadow palette £10

Luxe illuminating concealer wand £10

You can order these from your local rep if you have one or online

Do check them out 

Have you got any tips for christmas shopping ?

Love Aimee 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Where did the glam go

Being a mum is hard and this is a slightly off topic post for my blog and I am testing the waters. 

Before I was a mum and just Aimee the girlfriend or wife I found it easier to be sexy, make an effort and want to be found sexy. 

I had a huge lingerie obsession, and spent my time wanting to make my husband want me, love me and see me as sexy. 

Well having a child and all the other issues life throws at you really puts certain things on the back burner. 

After watching the sexy tape movie which I highly recommend I sat there and realised that was me. (Not making the sex tape FYI) but getting in a unsexy exhausted rut. 

Finding time to brush my hair let alone straighten it is a struggle, my daughter is dressed fed and watered, looks gorgeous and presentable I on the other hand look like I slept in a bush in the back garden. 

Suddenly being effortlessly beautiful is more effort that I realised. 

Marriage is bloody hard, being a friend is hard and being a mum I can honestly say I was never prepared for what what it is like. 

My daughter is my world and I wouldn't change it but there are things I'm longing for and miss (not being bogged down by dirty or clean laundry) or spending adult time with my husband. 

So are there any other mums out there that feel the same? I can't be alone.

Love Aimee. 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Specsavers spectacle wearer of the year awards 2014

Firstly this was the most amazing night of 2014 for me. 

The winner I didn't grab a picture of but she was vintage and beautiful and bold. Deserved the win very much so. 

I had so much fun I meet so many amazing people !! 

So I have to share. 

Congratulations to all who entered and were finalists and I can't wait till next year! 

Love Aimee 


Monday, 17 November 2014

Last butlins trip of the year

So we went on a family day out to bugling which was our 3rd and last of this season before they close. 
(May try and squeeze in another lol)

Autumn absolutely loves butlins there is so so much for her to do and it is on our doorstep. We go to the one in Bognor Regis. 

Parking is £6 for the day and you are allowed in from 10am / 8pm. 

Our entry is discounted at £5 per adult. 

So i'm sharing some of our joy from butlins. 
She also had her first hair cut they have an amazing salon on site. 

Have you been to butlins? 

Love Aimee