Thursday, 27 August 2015

eBay wish list #1

Argh please help keep me away from eBay. It ha too many temptations for me. My watch list is seriously bulging ! 
So with that in mind I am going to share with you what I am watching! 

Admittedly I have brought a couple off the list, I know in naughty but I could not resist. 

So let's begin with what I am loving at the moment. 

This is the sneaky purchase I kinda want it in both colours but I have gone for the pastel over sized scarf to start off with. 

It's £1.83 plus £1.95 postage from China 

W7 shadow pallet these are the 3 I am loving at the moment although the listing has a lot more they are £4.90 each delivered. Iv not tried them YET so I am unsure of the quality. You can get your very own here

This is super cute and I'm loving it in mint , it actually comes in a few colours some great autumnal colours! It's £3.89 with £1.99 postage.

I have wanted this ALL summer no idea why I just didn't get it but I unfortunate don't have this cute summer number in my wardrobe. Comes in grey and white and it's £4.86 for the grey.

This is just so pretty honestly not sure I will ever buy it but it is something I admire. It's in 925 hallmarks silver and is £21.99 delivered. Think this would make a great Christmas or birthday gift

This I LOVE the shape is just stunning and I love the stone this I will hopefully get for my birthday and it's £24.99

what do you think of my choices? This is just a select few on my vast list of I wants

All opinions are my own, and all items are chosen from my eBay watch list

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Vanish those pesky stains & giveaway

Hey lovelies

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely HATE washing more than you can ever imagine with an active toddler and a husband who works in what I can only assume to be a room filled with dirt as he comes home covered in black dirt every day. 
You would think my issue would be with my daughters clothing and although she does give me her fair share of pesky cloth stains from food and god knows what else, my really stain issue lies with my husband. No matter how much he washes he always ruined our bedsheets, the worse affected has to be his pillow. 

Until now I have actually resorted to throwing out his pillow cases and giving him cheap ones that don't match the bed set. 
stain remover powerstain vanish

Vanish has challenged me to see if I can save my sheets, I was so sceptical to be honest and didn't have much hope. But I figured what the hell. I put on our bed a pretty set and even allows my husband a matching pillow case ( I can say I was pretty worried I would end up with one going in the bin). 

So I left him with his pillow for 3 days, when I went to check the damage my heart sunk a little. 
Vanish power stain

I can honestly I just popped them in the wash and they came out the same the top is before wash and the second of is after a standard wash. 

OK so I grabbed the vanish products I was sent to give a try. 
If I'm completely honest i used all of them on the pillow case...

Vanish power stain

This is the vanish gold power gel ore treatment stain remover it has a roller head for easy application. So I smothered the pillow case in this before moving onto the next product. 

Vanish power stain

This is the fabric stain remover - spray on leave for 5 minutes and pop in the wash. And yes I used this as well haha. 

Vanish power stain
Gel fabric stain remover this is like multi purpose , you can pre-treat direct to the stain, soak or pop a capful in the wash. 
I opted to put a capful in the wash
Vanish power stain

Lastly I used the vanish power shot they are gel pods you pop into the wash. 

I am complete over the moon with the result it's like I have a brand new looking super stain free pillow case!! 

Now I understand I used all 4 but I am pretty sure using one or two of the products together would give the same result. 

On to the giveaway.
 I have one lucky reader who can win themselves every product I have featured in this blog. 
For the mums, wife's and girlfriends om with or without children or mucky partners this really will be a helping hand. 

OK so the rules 
This is open to UK residents only. 
It is done through raffle copter and the winner is picked at random. 
It is being sent direct from the PR company. 

1x Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel
1x Vanish Power Shot Gel Capsules
1x Vanish Oxi Action Pre-treat Spray
1x Vanish Gold Pre-Treat Power Gel

And good luck 

Vanish power stain

a Rafflecopter giveaway dream in colour blog This post features PR samples, however all tests and views are my own.

Dark roots .. Don't care

Ok so it isn't any secret I have DARK hair, with a hint of grey/silver. I love being blond, I feel better about myself and I finally have a really great at home hairdresser who is affordable to get my hair the way I want it. 

But my hair grows super fast! Which is great for the length but oh my god it's a pain in the ass for my roots.
As its bleach on my hair I try to give 5/6 weeks between highlights so I don't end up with a Brittany spears esk look. 

I was sent this to review and all thoughts and words are my own, it's not the first of its kind I have tried (I will do a compare post of the two soon) but this one the colour and effect of spot on. So what is this wonderful product you say ? 

It's called Bouffe it's a dry spray it gives you volume and texture but that's not why I like it!  

It covers your pesky roots and it comes in 6 hair colours to match so you can find your perfect shade! I have light blind and it really is a great fit. Well why just tell you when I can show you ! 

I for one think its bloody amazing ! 

It gave me more volume and no one would know I'm a week away from needing my roots done, it blended perfectly. 

Shades available are light blond, dark blond, light brown, dark brown, black, silver. As well as a colourless one for all hair colours and a fixing spray. 

It's £5.99 which I think is a really good price and it will be my go to staple hair product. 

Have you tried anything like this before , 

This post features PR samples, however all tests and views are my own.

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