Saturday, 18 October 2014

Babybjorn in the kitchen

Well we all know that babybjorn is world famous for their baby carriers and I'm pretty sure that 1 in 2 of my mummy friends actually owns a babybjorn carrier. 

Well this came as a massive supprise to me that they also do an incredible collection for children in the kitchen. The babybjorn do colour packs for plates, cups, spoons and bibs. 

Autumn now won't use any other ! 

It's the perfect size for little hands 

And I have more on my buying list. 

You find a list of suppliers at

Love Aimee 


Friday, 17 October 2014

Baby girls primark haul

Ok so winter is coming and all I appear to own is summer wear as shoes for my now somewhat cold little princess :( bad mummy !!!

So we went for a little trip to Southampton for primark 

So left to right. 

Gorgeous fleece pajamas £5 in 2/3 years 
Pretty booties £6 size 5
3 pack plain vests £2.30 such a bargain 
2 pack vests thermal £3.50
And a pretty grey star Cardie in 2/3 £6

I try to buy only what she needs as my house is over run with (crap) toys and clothing lol. 
So this is a necessary winter purchase. 

So I'm pleased and she will remain toasty at night. 

Love Aimee !!  

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Babybjorn event WE carrier launch

I was very kindly invited to attend the babybjorn event, this for me was a perfect opertuity as it was also my birthday, so I bundled my husband and daughter into the car and off we went. 

It's was a great relaxed atmosphere full of lots of things for little fingers to get onto and try and enjoy. 

It was a great opertuity to try lots from the babybjorn collection and there was so so much more than I realised. 

The adult bouncer is a massive hit and something I would buy for my home! 

We were all given a chance to try the carrier there at the event as well as gifted one to trial and review at home! So there will be a review post coming shortly. 

Autumn had so much fun with lots for her to do and get into. 

It was a really great start to my birthday too!

Again thank you so very much for the invite and birthday cake. 

And watch this space for my WE carrier review. 

Love Aimee 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Notd summer orange

Summer may be over but here are some beautiful nails and toes to keep you feeling hot and warm. 

Love Aimee 


Massive underwear haul boux avenue & ann summers

Ok ok ok. Confession iv not gone underwear shopping for over 18months. 

My bra size has changed so so much over the past 18 months due to massive weight loss so I finally treated my self to some bew bras and I have some more on the way. As the ones I have are so big you can add a Big Mac to each cup. 

These are from the boux VIP sale and the ann summers sale so I got a massive bargain ! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fitness and weight loss diary

So I have already done a fair amount of weightloss already but with my spinal injoury iv loose the will to Get to my weight loss target. 
Iv done it with Herbalife it's worked for me and now after celebrating my birthday   Ah 31!! Iv decided I need to stop existing I need to live and succeed regardless of my back. 

This was my weight loss to date 

So today is day one of my new life and I'm excited. 

So I start at 11st 8lbs

This is my starting picture

I can't wait to update you weekly good or bad. 

Wish me luck I will need all the support I can get 

Love Aimee 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mr Paul & Mrs bunnies wedding

Ah what a wonderful and beautiful day September 20th was and Davin, Autumn and I were lucky enough to be invited 

Te pavilion tea rooms were the perfect setting. 

It was stunning vintage colours which worked perfectly 

They just look so beautiful together ! 

Me and my gorgeous husband 

And me and mini me!! 

We had such a fantastic time and feel honoured to spend the day with them 

My dress is from asos and drought from depop

Love Aimee