Thursday, 9 June 2016

LIFESTYLE: bullying & specsavers spectacle wearer of the year withkidscape

Bullying happens all over the world to anyone at any age. I honestly thought that when I hit 30 and went back to learning thought that the bullying days were well and truly behind me. Boy was I wrong! 
When your at school I can forgive the girls who made my life at high school complete hell because they didn't know any better they were kids and naive but adults who bully well that's a different story. They know what they are doing and they know the hurt and distress it can cause. 

I was bullied at school because I had braces, wore glasses and lost my dad and brother within 18 months of each other in year 9 & 10. High school was survivable because I had a small handful of friends who stood by me and I'm very lucky to still have them in my life. 

I have worked alongside specsavers on a number of occasions and when they have me information that Kimberly wyatt was bullied as a teenager it really hit home, it happens to anyone and more people than you realise.  She is a wonderful person I have had the pleasure and honour to meet. 

She works alongside specsavers and they do a competition every year called spectacle wearer of the year it's about being proud to wear your glasses and express your style.  For each entry made £1 will be donated to the Kidscape. 
The money raised will help to support them in providing training, support and advice for children, parents, schools and those who may be affected by cases of bullying and abuse in the UK.

To be in with a chance of scooping the biggest accolade in the specs-wearing world, glasses wearers can enter the competition online at

This is a great way to be as amazing as I know all my readers are, I'm 32 and after two years of being bullied as an adult by an adult twice my age, I realise it's not because Iv done something. It's because they are clearly missing something and bullying, being cruel and hurtful is the only way they can express and cry for help because they are deeply hurt and disturbed. 

Love to all my readers 💕💕💕

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

FASHION: Next Childrens shopping trip and review

Autumn is very lucky she gets sent Next vouchers from her Aunt and we have been saving them for when she went into age 3/4years! Ugh I can't believe she's thy old already only feels like yesterday (pulls the reminiscing face which is attached to the memory of my squishy newborn).

So we had a good amount of money to spend on her, she is very lucky and spoilt after this trip and I had no idea quite how opinionated she had become when it came to clothing she does and doesn't like.  Her views, my views and her dads all on one shopping trip nearly made my head explode but we managed it just about. 

We did have to stop half way through to have a costa to re fuel and ensure we didn't have to come back a third time to spend the vouchers and I did not want to be any more grey than I am. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

REVIEW: Real Techniques deluxe gift set

I was so excited to get this from Amazon. Sadly for some reason amazon sent a different set through first (looks nothing like this set they sent the eyes starter set).

It was a super bargain at £11.97 on Amazon (I watch the sets religiously for price drops). 
Make up brush sets are a massive love of mine, I have so many and I love how each can create a great and different effect for your make up and especially how each set performs. 
I love the little purse I probably will never use it for makeup brushes, but it's great for taking on nights out (those things I used to do around 4 years ago pre baby). 

So in this kit you get 5 brushes and a mini purse. 

Multi task brush

This is a pink brush and it has it written on it which is great for beginners, because makeup can be very confusing and a bit of a ball ach to be honest when your faced with many brushes and products. 

This brushes main propose is for applying bronzer (must have its summer after all), powder and blusher. It's a puffy brush which will give a great sweep. I literally cannot wait to use it tomorrow. 

Tapered foundation brush. 

This is a gold brush is the collection. I like these as more as a starter to foundation application. I always finish with a sponge application. They apply fantastic to begin with but can streak and the sponge gives me a flawless finish again I use the real techniques sponge. 

Angled highlighter brush. 

This is aimed at contouring or for blusher and briber for the cheeks. I like the way this gives me the blusher look for my face. It's slanted and gives a soft look. 
Another pink brush in the set and states on the brush what you use it for like the others. 

Base shadow brush. 

A must for every woman it is something you can use to ensure you have a good base of your eyeshadow. And you can use it for other colours and shadows if this is your only brush. 


Fine liner brush 

A complete must have for anyone who loves liquid liner in a pot. It will give you an immaculate Finnish after around 100 or so attempts however I will never go back to liner with its own brush. 

Ok so pleased I finally gave this. It's been on my list for around 8 months and at that price it's a steel. 
Amazon and their prices are always a gamble and change daily. So keep checking.

Best product and treat so far and I love it. So excited to use it. 

Do you have it? How have you found it? Let me know I can't wait to hear how you have gotten on. 

Love Aimee. 

Love from my home to yours and always find your silver lining. 

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