Wednesday 4 December 2019

PARENTING: Bounty Pack [AD]

Bounty packs are every new parents must have, they are completely free and easily accessible but sadly iv realised that not all parents are aware of them or their entitlement to them.
The packs are designed to help parents in the transition to parenthood, you can download he bounty app from your phones app store and gain access to the packs that can be collected from Tesco, Asda or Boots.
The mum to be pack can be collected from the above store and the contents of the pack will vary depending on weather it comes from Asda or Tesco.
Mum to be - Tesco
Fred & Flo nappies size 1
Travel size sudocrem
Persil and Comfort sample
Bounty buying guide magazine
pregnacare leaflet
Beaming baby gift voucher
Mum to be - Asda
Little angles nappies size 1
Little angles sensitive baby wipes travel size
George vest
Travel size sudocrem
Persil and comfort sample
Bounty buying guide magazine
pregnacare leaflet
Beaming baby gift voucher
Once baby has arrived you get you new born pack, this is usually given to you at hospital.
New born
Pampers nappies size 1
Sudocrem care and protect travel size sample
Huggies pure baby wipes full size
child benefit form
Beaming baby gift voucher
shephers friendly information leaflet
Ocardo discount voucher
Sepsis trust information leaflet
Bpas contraception leaflet
Huggies Pure leaflet
Bounty leaflet
meningitis information leaflet
I think the samples within the packs are fantastic, having a baby can get super expensive and every little helps, they are staple products you will use with your new born.
i especially love the huggies pure wipe they are fantastic and i still use them, they are a personal favourite.
the leaflets within the packs are a great source of information for new mums, information on sepsis and meningitis are thing we are parents need to be fully aware of. 
you can find outmore information from and the app can be downloaded from HERE
have you had your bounty packs when you were expecting?