Friday 30 September 2016

PARENTING: Potty training update September with Huggies

So an update on the potty training front honestly this is hard! Some days we nail it and others there is pee everywhere!
I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes I cry, it's literally a game of roulette you don't know what is going to happen next. 

Autumn has days when she nails it the night pull up is dry! Yippi we cry then the morning goes ok so we decide to just try pants no pull ups that day and by the afternoon I'm banging my head on the floor mopping up a puddle of pee as my daughter stands next to the potty and just proclaimed she needed a wee! So just stood next to it and went. My eyes lit up in horror as she just continued to go I swear it was the worlds longest and biggest pee ever! 
Where do you start ? I had to get her out of the clothing not knowing weather to cry or scream I attempt to remove the clothing without spending it any further than I needed it to be spread. This similar type of occurrence has happened around 4 times in the space of 10 days. It's exhausting and hurts my head. 

Other days she completely surprises me and is perfect in every way including her behaviour so it is just a learning curve. 

I am so happy I have been fully supported by Huggies on this very emotional journey my little girl isn't my baby any more (although I will always see her as just that) she is turning into a smart little person with her own personality. And it's not always easy to let go of your baby. But this has been made easier with the support of all the Huggies ambassadors. 

I have put together some updates highs and lows of us through this journey and I'm so pleased and proud to share them with you. Some will be able to relate and those of you with babies soon don't worry one day you will understand. 

I couldn't wait to throw away the nappies assumed toilet and lotus would be easier but boy have I had some curve balls thrown at me. 

No one told me that your child and a bouncy castle would be the same as me on a bouncy castle or trampoline of I didn't immediately go to the toilet before going on it. The feeling of shame when my darling daughter manages to miss the bouncy castle by mere CM and just cried because she is ashamed she did it in front of the entire birthday party and me being mum of the year left the change of clothing in the car 30 min walk away. 

Thankfully another mum took pity on me and lent me some clothing for Autumn and some wipes to clean her and the floor up. 

Those are the moments I miss nappies and although yes we do use Huggies day pull-ups often we do try days without to test the water and progress through this journey. 

Mums out there who can relate to me there is light at the end of the tunnel just keep breathing and you will get there eventually through many tears, tantrums (both you and your child) and moments of pure joy and pride. 

you can check out huggies here they have so much to help you on your own journey with your little one

*I am receiving payment for my role as a Huggies ambassador but all words and opinions are my own.*

PARENTING: who knew being a mum was this hard

Ok so house move - complete 
Unpacking - work in progress 
Dealing with an unruly 3 year old (birthday Jan 30th) argh she will be athreenager. 

Ok so I can tell you I have see other mums previous to me getting here dealing with their toddlers in public and thinking shit all kids can't be like that right? 
I mean my mum used to tell me stories about my sisters and brother about tantrums in m&s and wetting themselves for attention! But honestly I though it maybe the one odd child that's just a little more energetic and has more balls than the others. I was wrong as my gorgeous little baby started to grow, walk and talk she is discovering emotions! This is where I back away and hang my head as I really am just winging it not a clue what is the right option and hope I don't screw her up to much so she turns out to be a semi normal adult. 

There are so many questions I have which I can't ask as my mum passed away many years ago. 
I worry every morning when I wake up if I'm getting it right, there is no book or manuals available to tell you what is right and wrong. 

I know that for now I'm doing ok no matter what madness I have in my life I do my best to make sure none of it touches her or affects her 

Check out what we get up to on rainy days here 
Tuesday 13 September 2016

MUSINGS: Quotes of inspiration #2

I figured it had been a while actually nearly a year since I did a post like this. I have found some gorgeous quotes of Insirations that may speak to you. I hope you like them and they brighten your day.

Stop and appreciate life no matter what's going on stop and be thankful. What worries you today will be a distant memory in years to come. I am so thankful for my husband, daughter, my friends and church they have truly held me up and know me so well and the person I am and still yet to become. Living with Chris onicillness doesn't define me! Nor does others opinions. I was once told no one can make you feel less than or inferior with out your consent, so today I revoke consent I am in love with a life ahead of me. Step back and remember what matters is who you love and see you for you and supports you. Never judge as one day it may be you on the other side. God loves all, he is inclusive not exclusive and I know God loves me is at work in my life and guiding me to a brighter future to help me do gods work. 

Hope this brightens your day 

PARENTING: Our summer fun for rainy days

Rain is the worst when you a a little person full of energy to entertain. So finding activities to keep them entertained and indoors is a challenge.
So we ran onto on particularly horrid day and Autumn preceded to have more energy than every before (perfect timing). 

Extra lucky my husband was on annual leave so we took the opportunity to max out her energy with rainy day fun activities.

We stared with baking! Autumn loves to help and feel needed this is a perfect time for her to shine. We decided to bake cupcakes and she helped measure and stir and put in the oven, then when cooked Autumn iced them. 

Painting and messy play is always a winner specially when sprinkles (glitter) is involved. This can take hours and hours of fun and lighter in our house. We managed 3 different pictures with a tray of sprinkles and colours and it was lots of fun. 

We embarked onto temporary tattoos Autumn wanted just the one (well two but the first attempt was a huge fail on my part) so she ended up with rapunzle and felt super cool and grownup like mummy (although I can assure you most days I don't feel I adult well at all). 

Paining pit own nails..... And when o say this I mean I paint my own and Autumn is completely insistent she is well enough trained to do her own nails. I disagree but for tantrums save decided to see just how well she can paint her own nails. And to be honest she is 3 and is pretty amazing at at it considering her age. 

And finally playing dress up and having fun with wigs. I  was asked to review two wigs and Autumn and I decided the best way to start was with Dress up we pretended to be princesses and mermaid s it was a moment I will remember for ever. 

What do you do on rainy days to keep your littles ones occupied? I would love any hints and tips and if you have any posts on the subject please leave below. 

Love Aimee xx

Friday 2 September 2016

LIFESTYLE: Summer clearout with Oxfam & Mumsnet

I am very honoured to be asked by mums net to have a home summer clear out so the house is free from clutter ready for the end of summer and start of the school year. 
I couldn't wait to apply and was so happy to be accepted.
I have lots of extras in my home and some new especially when it comes to girls clothing and toys
oxfam logo

I managed to find a whopping 20 black bags full and I'm pretty sure I could find some more. 
The feeling I got when freeing my home from all these things which some were new and unnoticed was really amazing I felt like a weight was lifted and my home was breathable again. 
I can honestly recommend this to anyone not just family's. There are things luring in your home unloved and untouched for god knows how long desperate for a new home. 

This way when you donate to oxfam your not just giving it away your  stuff to anyone you know it's going to a shop to be sold to raise money for oxfam to help family rise from disaster and help end poverty. 

When your dropping off your donations you can also tag your bag! So every time oxfam sell one of your donated items if you qualify for gift aid they get an extra 25% from the government at no cost for you! This is amazing for them so they get more donations to do good with. 

Tag your bag couldn't be easier when you donate just fill in a form and as long as your a tax payer you qualify. You get personalised tag your bag stickers which can be used in future donation bags! And that's it oxfam is 25% better off with wash sale they make of your donations. 

I ended up donating to two shops one was just a book store and I have 7 bags of just books to them. And the rest went to my other local store which sold a mixture of items. 

You can find out more here about oxfam and where your local donation points are HERE

£15 in sales is enough to buy five Oxfam buckets to keep life saving water clean and disease-free. Or it can help two vulnerable families to buy desperately needed food in an emergency. Or give a famer manure and fertiliser so they can grow enough crops to earn a living. There are so many ways donated stuff can help Oxfam fight poverty which is why donations are urgently needed. 

I urge you to look at your home and go room to room just as I did and ask your self do I need it? Have I used or worn it in 6 months. If the answer is no start a black bag or two and you can make a difference just like I did. 

I found doing this blogger summer clear out so liberating and freeing. My home is clear of clutter and unused chia thing and bits and pieces. And I would never have had the drive if I wasn't shown the way and given this opportunity by oxfam and mums net. 

So thank you for this chance to have a warm feeling inside for doing something good for people who need it far more than me. 

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.