Friday 10 April 2020


We are always exploring new ways to incorporate play and work for autumn now that she like the whole of the UK is being homeschooled. Osmo has so many kits your have something for every mood. Autumn really loves how with create what you draw ends up on the iPad. 

When she started to draw she really didn’t think she would be very good at it and now she is so much more confident at her ability and skill. It’s been so wonderful to watch her grow. 

It also doesn’t feel like working and learning and she can spend hours going from game to game exploring and learning. 

Learning from home is a huge change for her and sometimes it’s hard to keep her attention at the task. 
We ABSOLUTELY love @playosmo it is not only fun and interactive but I know she is learning at the same time. -
It attaches to a compatible tablet and you can get all types of extras once you have the base. They have a huge collection including some super fun ones like hot wheels and learning how to draw Disney. -
Autumns already chosen the next few she would like. 

We were gifted the original creative which is the starter kit with everything you need to move on to other packs. 

We also received the coding awbie game which is amazing for problem solving and the last pack was the detective agency. It’s a fun game to keep you guessing and brush up on your detective skills 
They are having a spring sale that ends tomorrow so check it out on amazon.

You can find them here to buy now 




You can also still enter the giveaway to win some Osmo goodies