Friday 28 February 2014

Asda children's fashion mini shop

I am a big sucker when it comes to dressing my daughter. She is far better dressed than I am that's for sure!!

Asda have some amazing clothing for children and they have a huge Disney collection which makes me very happy. 

So I popped there today and brought here these. 

They are super cute !! The top set comes with the body warmer top and trousers and is £15 & the dress comes with the headband and is £8

I am completely biast and love her in it! Can't await to try the dress on!

I'm sure you can buy them online at

Next I have to get her these princess Sofia pajamas 

What do you think ?

Love Aimee 

Saturday 22 February 2014

My little pony OOTD

I'm Getting more adventurous in my old age. 
So this is my latest styling which I loved 

Tee from primark current season 
Ax Paris light weight denim skirt 
Amazon shoes £13 bargain !
Claire's accessories Peter Pan collar

What do you think ? 

Love Aimee 


My daughters OOTD

Super cute next tee brought in the sale £3
Next jeans turned up as they are auper long. Love the turned up look on her very grease lightening £4 sale item 
Purple converse brought second hand for £5
Super cute hand made hair band 

Monday 17 February 2014

Amazon & primark haul

I had quite a few vouchers on my amazon to use up so I had to do a little shopping 

Treated myself to an AX Paris white top for work and for my little mini holiday this coming June. 

My faithful Clinique foundation. 

It's a foundation I love and have been using for a good few months now. 

Firetrap jeggings for £9.99 absolute bargain!!

These 3 are from primark complete bargain! The two tops were £6 each and the blazer was £5. 

I love it all complete over indulgence since iv lost weight iv not got many clothing that has fitted me so it's nice to have some things finally that don't fall off of me. 

Love Aimee 


Elle macpherson hologram pink nail wraps

Now iv never used wraps before I have a friend who uses them all the time but iv never had the confidence to try them. 

I got sent these to give them a go they are super pretty! And couldn't wait to try them. 

I read the instructions word for word and when I was confident I started to apply them. 

It took me about half an hour to do both hands and it was rather diddly for me, I wasn't able to remove all the bubbles unfortunately another were not perfect, I don't think it helped this was my first time I applying any type of wraps! So already they were against me  

They when applied did look pretty awesome and show stopping however. 

They only lasted me a day unfortunately. I would if doing them again would wipe my nails with polish remover to ensure they are oil free, I use a log of hand cream and feel this was not in my favour either ! 

They retail at £9.99 so if your new to the art if nail wraps I would try something cheaper to have a few faild attempts at before moving on to these 

I am going to give what's left of my packet to my best friend to see how she gets on with them

You can buy them here. 

Have you tried them before ? 

Love Aimee 


Hand made by Aimee

I'm getting fairly crafty since I have more time on my hands and iv been doing little things here and there. 

This is something I made for my best friend and female soul mate for Christmas. 

It's from a sauce jar with cream lace a piece of jewellery and Wicca style strong for a vintage effect. 

She is now using it for her makeup brushes and I love it so much I plan to make one for myself.

What do you think ? 

Love Aimee