Thursday 15 October 2015

REVIEW: Chaffree women's underwear

I hate to admit his out loud but I used to love going underwear shopping and buying all these cute little things and now I'm a mum over 30 and disabled I'm a lover for practical underwear that is comfortable and I don't have to keep pulling out, up or yanking in any direction during the day to maintain any level of comfort. 

chafree women's underwear

I do still love cute little things don't get me wrong but for myself right not I need practical and comfortable. I have spent so much money buying hundreds of pairs of pants hoping for some level of comfort and practicality to be completely disappointed. 

I have had the chance to try and review a pair of pants called Chaffree which boast ultimate comfort, performance whilst being breathable and keeping you cool. They are made for both men and women and for women come in two styles and one for men. 

Women get to choose between knickerbockers or briefs and men have boxer shorts and they come in a large variety of sizes. 

I won't share a photo of me wearing them I will spare you that bit of horror for this particular post but I am so in love with them. I chose from 4 colour options and went for classic black, these are so bloody comfortable it's unreal I was tucked in all day, no uncomfortable pulling if my pants out my bum cheeks and I put them to the ultimate test at college whilst performing a full body massage. 

It's a long sweaty exhausting hour and usually I have to re-adjust myself on a number of occasions during the hour and by the end of it feel horrible, sweaty and uncomfortable. 

I can say hand on heart at the end of my college day I didn't feel any of the above, and if my disability and back would allow I felt like I could do it all again and still feel comfortable. 

They are £13 a pair and can be brought in multi packs and delivered right to your door. For anyone who has a busy and physically demanding job this is the underwear for you. 

They are not your sexy bedroom pants buy my god they are everyday must own must wear pans for hard working men and women with physical jobs. 



  1. So pleased these worked so well for you, they seem ideal for what you do :) xxx

  2. These look fab! I bet they'd be great when I'm out with the horses! 5 children and being well over 30 now I have given up of little pants in favor of comfort!!

  3. I'm all about comfort these days, although I do have my 'nice undies' for special occasions ;) These look ideal for day to day x

  4. They look fab and if they did the job then that even better.

  5. I have always done comfort when it comes to underwear, can't be doing with being uncomfortable and forever faffing x

  6. These pants sound wonderful, I pick practical over whacky any day of the week!

  7. I love comfortable pants and favour them over fancy pants any day

  8. I am all for comfortable undies - I obviously really need to check these out :) x

  9. I am in your gang comfort all the way! I can't bear having to readjust underwear all the time x

  10. These sound great. I'm all about comfort when it comes to underwear x

  11. Comfy undies are a must - and become more important as you get older! Frillies are nice for an occasion, but every day comfort wins ;) Kaz x

  12. First of all I can't believe you're over 30!!!

    Anyway, as I am now a mum of a 15 month old and turned 30 last month I live in big granny pants. I had a c-section and it's still very numb and feels a bit weird around the scar and I can't abide having anything touching it, hence the big pants. But this underwear looks very comfortable indeed! I've just had a closer look via the link and they look to come high enough for them to still be comfortable for me so I think I'll be giving these a try.

    It's all about comfort these days!!!

    Laura x

  13. Ooooh now these are a must buy!! So much win for comfort :) x