Monday 30 April 2012

Bourjois 123 Concealer Stick

Blemishes I hate them and my skin is pretty crap sometimes I either no spits or I get about 20 at a time it gets me down makes me feel insecure and generally is a right pain in the ass. We have all been there felt like shit all because of a spot right?

Well I have lots of foundations and concealed a that don't quite hide them almost but not quite there, I was really impressed with the new foundation by bourjois 123 you can check out my review of it here. It's a great foundation with medium to heavy coverage and works well on my skin so I could wait to try the 123 correcting concealer stick.
The stick combines 2 correcting pigments yellow - to give a rested look and white - anti blemish pigment to help hide shadows and small red blemishes.

It's a light formula quite creamy and applies really well, I like the stick its a nice size an good packaging which is well designed.

Does it work ? Well see for yourselves, the pictures say it all really. I am so pleased with the coverage it really helps to hide the redness and do what it is designed to do, it is a great little profit and I now have 2 one for in my bag on the go touch ups and one to keep at home for my morning preparations.

The only down side it is £7.49. However bourjois is a higher end drugstore product and you won't be disappointed in it.

As I said I was given one to try and promptly went out and brought a second.

It's available to buy now as it was released mid April.

Have you used it? if not you need to if you want to find a well rounded product that works well and does why it is supposed to.
You can buy it in store on online at or

Love Aimee


Taste of Thailand

A Sunday in to die for I can still taste it now, Thai Taste easy Thai green curry kit.

It says it feed 2-3 people I would say more the 2 is a little better for portion size, I have seen these kits for sale in the super markets and never thought to give them a go. I am not one to cook a traditional roast dinner so this on a Sunday was a lovely change. The kit was really easy to make and took 15 minutes. I added into the mix green beans, broccoli and spring onions just to personalise it.

You don't have to add in the veg that was a personal choice and I would do it again, the kit has everything you need all you need to ad in is oil and chicken or for the vegetarians out there you just need to add veg of your choice, great value for money.

My husband can be a fussy eater and he ate it and liked it. It wasn't too hot taste great and was quick to make.

Would I buy it again? In going food shipping Tuesday and it's on the list, it's a really healthy dish and I served it with a handful of brown rice.

The kits are around £2.29 and can be found t most supermarkets. Really nice affordable dish to share with a friend or partner.
To compliment the curry I enjoyed a bottle of Chang beer, beer isn't my first choice of drink however this is a really nice smooth beer great to compliment the curry and has hints of vanilla and green apple.

It is £2.25 and really tasty and this is also on my next shopping list.

I really enjoyed the meal and beer tasted great easy to make even my husband liked it so it gets 10/10 worth the money.

Have you tried either ? I would recommend you do

Chang Beer & Thai Taste

Love Aimee


Saturday 28 April 2012

Running A-Z #2

part 2 of my Running A-Z in this i will be covering H-P

H - Hill training


Hills are a complete pain in my backside but if you included hills in your training it helps improve your fitness as well as strength. Best technique to effectively get up a hill is to lean forward and take quick short steps.

I - Interval training

this is the best way to burn more fat in a shorter period of time, all you need to do is alternate high intensity exercise with less intensive intervals.

J - Juice

an odd one however when you exercise you can get dehydrated and so you can make your own isotonic drink to help replace the fluids you loose. 200ml fruit juice, 800ml water, and a pinch of salt and sit when doing a run that lasts more than 60-90 minutes.

K - Knee protection

Make sure you use a knee support as getting knee pains is common for runners, running on grass or sand helps to remove some of the impact.

L - Lactic Acid

this is chemical that is produced by the body when there is a lack of oxygen available to the cells, the more you train and the higher the intensity the more lactic acid is produced.

M - Milk

I am a big fan of milk, i would drink it ALL day if i could in the US their research show that it helps to replenish the muscles.

N - New challenge

Don't keep doing the same old workout keep changing it about and keep it interesting.

O - Over use injuries

this happens with you exercise especially running, to avoid injuries have at least one rest day and throw in cycling or swimming to work other muscles and rest the over used ones. today i am going cycling .. in the rain! needs must an all i will look less disgusting in a bikini this year.

P - Partner Up

when you run with someone else it can really help you don't want to let them down so you push harder and less likely to cancel on them.  I must admit i am a lone star i mush prefer sticking on some good tune go into my own zone and pound the pavement as i feel obliged to chat when i run with someone else.

So that is H - P do you agree with it? have you tried any of it and would you give any of the above a go? let me know your thoughts

Love Aimee

Thursday 26 April 2012

SelectSpecs Review

I am a 4 eyed glasses wearer i have been for more years than i care to remember but what i can tell you i loath spending money on glasses for me they are something i have to wear, i ALWAYS go for the same style I'm just so predictable and i ALWAYS go for the same colour... black.

I wear them every day much to my disgust and i alternate with contacts when i can be bothered to use them, so when i am in need of getting a new pair of glasses i do not want to spend the earth on the i am honestly not to fussed if they are branded or not, i used to be but now money is a little tighter this is not a luxury for me.

I was asked to order and review a pair of glasses by selectspecs these glasses START at £6, i mean £6 really.. i am not going to lie i had my doubts i wasn't sure what to expect for £6 and i didn't think it would be amazing so i eagerly awaited the worlds cheapest glasses to arrive on my door step. Delivery took roughly 10 days .. i chose a pair of glasses which were a little different to my usual they had hints of purple with in the black i know what your thinking! wow she is being REALLY daring right haha well for me it was.

so the box arrived i rip into it like a kid at Christmas and out popped the glasses, they are a plastic frame and man they are pretty awesome the frame was called 2310, really sturdy suited me well and i am going to be wearing them EVERY day. They are comfortable fit my face, look well and actually surprised me i mean £6 i can barely believe it.

I have just gone and order ANOTHER pair with my own money from this site black with a hint of blue! again they were £6 a pair plus £4 shipping i cant wait to receive them and be even more daring.

As well as the basic glasses they have a great selection of cheap designer glasses and sunglasses, and within there selection they have rimless too!

Selectspecs are the cheapest prescription glasses IN THE WORLD and if you want your own pair you can order them here

don't fancy ordering on line then you can go to there new store and see them for yourselves UK
37 Station Road
Kent, UK

If i had the guts i would definitely give the RayBan styled glasses a go maybe one day ay!

Love Aimee


Tuesday 24 April 2012

Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Bath & Body Collection

i love luxury, cant always afford it but doesn't stop me liking it.

I got to give a few items from this collection a go it is the kings and queens collection, i have heard people rave about it but does it live up to the hype?

Honey is amazing, i like it on toast, i love the way it tastes i like it in tea it has to be said i am a honey girl, so honey smelling products is something that is clearly right up my alley.

The collection consists of

Nefertiti honey shower gel
Nefertiti honey Body Milk
Nefertiti honey Body Butter
Nefertiti honey Shimmering Body Milk
Nefertiti honey body soap

The shower Gel

This is a rich and creamy formula which has a shimmer effect to it, it smells good enough to eat and it a really good sized bottle. It really was a pleasure to use this product it lived up to the hype and left my skin feeling amazing.
I had to actually double take when reading the PR for this product as this is only £6 WOW its worth every penny, i will when I'm done with this bottle grab myself some more!

Body Soap

This is a HUGE bar of soap, smells great feels gorgeous against the skin only thing even though it is huge which is great on the purse its a little hard to hold, there were a few moments when the bar was dropped however this may be a down side it can be looked over as this bar for the shear amount you get is only £4.

Shimmering body milk

LOVE LOVE LOVE this not only am i left smelling like i could eat myself, my skin is soft and nourished and to top it off i have a gorgeous shimmer, perfect to use in the summer to bring out that well earned tan!  Its a 200ml bottle and with it being shimmery i am more than likely to only use it on nights out or when i want my skin to have that little something extra so for £7 its going to last me well.

the only thing i can even somewhat call a fault with these products is the size of the soap bar but honestly is that really a fault?

the price is perfect and spot on, you get great sized products and you get to smell like honey and feel amazing, i love a treat and if your looking for a little indulgence at shower or bath time this is something you need to try, they have other flavours if you will of the kings & queens collection too!

Available To Buy Online From

have you tried this before?

love Aimee


Monday 23 April 2012

Lipstick Love Korres 12

Love is not a strong enough work for this lipstick, i didnt know Korres actually did make up other than lip butters untill send me this gorgeous goodie in the post.

This is shade 12 Frost pink, its a completly gorgeoud light shade perfect for spring days, at work meetings and for running around. This is my go to colour and i pull it out before considering anything else.

Its a light moisturising lipstick made with mango butter, it left my lips feeling soft for a good number of hours. I like the packaging the lipstick itseld if fairly heavy but i like this idea it seperates it from other brands and i would more than anything  be happy to try more from the Korres collection.

It retails at £15 and you can get it with free shipping from

they are the cutest online shop with an amazing selection of vegan and eco friendly make-up products as well as a really good selection of skin and nail products

what so you think of the colour? i like it its not pigmented so for me makes me feel better about wearing something that isnt to poppy or bright.

Love Aimee

Sunday 22 April 2012

Running A-Z #1

i am a subscriber to health and fitness magazine and so with this in mind i wanted to share there running A-Z i will be doing it in bite sized chunks so today


A - Aerobic Exercise

Jogging uses oxygen as its primary fuel source classing it as aerobic, it improves your heart health and adding sprints into your runs and interval training helps to increase your fitness levels fast.

B - Backwards running

yes actually going backwards can be just as good as going forward however it works a different set of muscles! do it in a park though to save getting run over !

C - Chest

women who exercise don't wear sports bra's 68% in fact! and i am one of those girls, this is why i am a sufferer of droopy boobies! so girls wear a proper and fully supportive sports bra before your boobies are swinging by your knees!

D - Dehydration

Drink drink drink! drinking more actually improves your running performance! if your pee is dark get glugging!


Excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption this is what happens after you exercise with training such as interval training, at this point your body continues to burn pesky calories even when your resting.

F- Forefoot striking

who what now? well what it means when you run place the ball of your foot down first rather than your heel .. why? its a more efficient way of running.

G - Glutes

don't want to injure yourself? well week glutes often turn to injury help to reduce the risk by doing a bridge on the floor 20 times a day!

hope you enjoyed the first part of health and fitness A-Z for running

you can pick up a copy in the shops now, i love this mag

Love Aimee

Saturday 21 April 2012

NOTD neon glam with orly

I love Orly however I am yet to own the new collection which for me is unusual. My friend owns her own beauty salon run from her house ands it's amazing she us a very talented and gorgeous girl especially when it comes to her nail art designs.

When she told me she had the new Orly feel the vibe collection in and she wanted to have a play around with it I was quick to offer my nails up for the job.

So armed with gossip chatter and some bare nails we spent the morning together and she came up with this.

Gorgeous Right?

Love Aimee

Tuesday 17 April 2012

OSiS Style shifters 1

Long hair... i love it however i tend to stick to the same old style I'm a little bit boring generally as i feel with longer hair i am less creative and there fore fins less products to use on my hair, unlike when i had short hair i would get all creative on my locks and spike and shape and generally go wild. So in my normal searching to get my hair looking a little more creative and a little less repetitive i laid my eyes on OSiS style shifter spray.

First and foremost its pink well number one is any way and this is designed for medium to long hair to give it texture for styling so immediately i am loving the packaging. Its simple yet quirky which sums me up!

It is a light control which i have so far found can be used in 2 ways, you can use it on straightened hair to give a textured slightly choppy effect which allows you to make your style a little more rock and less soccer mum. You can also use it when creating an up do, spray it lightly onto the hair and it gives it a more textured and playable feel allowing you to place it into loops curls etc without leaving it looking stiff and if you calls it up which i often do you can brush it out and start again! BRILLIANT

It does come in 2 other strengths Green for medium control and blur for strong control priced at £8.70 i thinks is a must have product in your box if your looking to experiment with styles like i am.

have you used this? how did you get on? would you use it?

Love Aimee


Monday 16 April 2012

New Look Dress Envy #1

So whilst window shopping online i have found 3 dresses from new look i would love to get my hands on.

Each dress is very different from the last but i love them all.

I would buy the maxi dress in an instant but they only have large left GUTTED!

What do you think of my picks?

Love Aimee


Jovonna London and Jovonnista

I love lace its pretty, very adult and always looks gorgeous. You will find lace in every store and that's why Jovonna London uses lace to create whole outfits as well as added detailing. i have included some of there latest lace creations for you to oggle at.

Want to oggle some more then check out

for some gorgeous vintage and statement pieces worth every penny

Love Aimee


Sunday 15 April 2012

Teeth Whitening #4 Zero Peroxide

On a quest to bring you the best teeth whitening products around i would like to introduce to you Zero Peroxide this is a non peroxide teeth whitening system for home use.

What you get

Travel Bag
2 x 10ml gels
comfort mouth double tray
LED Accelerator
Mouth tray holder
Whitening Gel pen
Tooth colour Guide
Free shipping

First impressions i like the travel bag, this for me is better than a box its easier for storage during uses and is more hygienic as it can be wiped over and cleaned unlike botanical white which comes in a recyclable box for storage.

With this you only get 2 10ml gels for use with the trays which does reduce the amount of uses however you can buy subsequent gels at £17.99 per 10ml if you choose to Nice you have run out.

Right so this mouth tray is a double one and works on both the upper set of teeth and lower, is it more squidgy and is clearer than other trays i have used which allows the LED light to work better and more officiant however this mouth tray although squidgy and fairly comfortable is very bulky when in the mouth and when you add the LED light it really does give your mouth a work out. I found nearing the end of the treatment i had to hold the led light in place with my hand as my mouth no longer had the strength to do it on its own.

LED light as i have said this is great it allows treatment time to be reduced when used with the gels giving you a faster result.

Mouth tray holder brilliant thing to included otherwise if your like me a bit of a hygiene freak i was at a loose end with that to do with my trays after use with the botanical white kit, this solves that problem and allows safe and hygienic storage till your next treatment.

whitening gel pen,this is great it is for in between treatments for touch ups, can be used after meals etc to give a quick refresh! works well and give an instance result.

Colour guide love this as i love to see progress me and my 2 gorgeous girls tested this kit one after the other to see how we fared on the results chart

I started at a 2.5 and after one use was left with gleaming teeth at 1.5
My gorgeous Girl 1 started off at 4.5 never having used any teeth whitening products before and came down to a fresh face 3.5.
Gorgeous Friend number 2 was a 3 and came down again to a 2/2.5

so for one use we all received welcoming and impressive results.

But all also experienced jaw ache which was a bit of a down side to it but for whiter teeth is it a price i am happy to pay.

So for this kit its usual retail price is £99.99 but is on offer at £59.99

It is more than botanical white but for that £10 you loose 2 teeth gels and gain a storage bag, mouth tray holder and a clearer mouth tray for More enhanced results and a on the go touch up pen.

I am happy with the results i received from using this kit as are my friends, it is worth the money for me as you get to have a reliable treatment at home in comfort even if you factor in the jaw ache the number of application you receive makes it cost effective..

Its safe for sensitive teeth and tastes alright too.

are you an at home teeth whitener fenatic like myself ? what brands have you used? and would you buy this one?

Love Aimee

Schwarzkopf Salon Style Competition entry

I have taken it upon myself to take my somewhat limited hair talent and enter it into a competition i am a little nervous as hair is not my thing beauty has always been my strong point. I do love doing hair and i am becoming more and more creative.

This is the look i have created i will get a step by step guide on how to get the look using schwarzkopf products.

I would really love for you my readers to take 5 minutes to vote for me

To create this look i used

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hair Spray
OSiS Style shifters light control

OSiS gave me the control i needed over my hair to manipulate it into shapes and the style i wanted the best bit if i did it wrong i could brush it out and start again.

Silhouette hair spray was fantastic it gave my style good hole without making it look stiff, and gave it a really nice salon sheen.

OSiS style shifter 1 is £8.70
Silhouette spray is £3.50

Full review of both products will be available in the next 10 days as well as a step by step hair tutorial on how to create this style.

to get the products i used you can get more details here

please again if you get a chance give me a quick vote

Love Aimee


Thursday 12 April 2012

Ordering through Herbalife

I was asked to test the service and distribution of herbalife, i went on to there website filled in a form which was pretty straight forward and asked the usual contact details, name age etc as well as my personal goals with the product.

Once i hit submit i am told that someone will be in contact with me within 3 days - today is March 26th and i submitted the form at 3.30pm.

About 10 minutes later i received an email thanking me for my interest and then just letting me know again someone will be in contact shortly, also included in the email was links to find out more about the company and product including several social media links.
That evening i received a call from my local distributor, she was really chatty, very informative and made me feel at ease as well as answering all of my questions. I have to say she was so enthusiastic it make me inspired and gave me the want and need to do well and achieve a good weight lose with herbalife, at no point was there a hard sell she was patient and really lovely through out the whole hour conversation.

I placed my order at the end of the call and she opened an online account for me and i paid online.

I received my goods within 48 hours of ordering, and even got an email from the distributor giving me loads of helpful hints and tips, it was so refreshing to get so much help she was so patient and friendly.

I chose to order Herbalife formula 1 strawberry shake, formula 1 chocolate meal bars and formula 2 multi vitamins.

I have also received further emails from herbalife just checking in to make sure someone has contacted me.

I have been at the end of some bad customer service in the past but i can honestly say that herbalife is going above and beyond in the realms of customer service, they made ordering choosing and starting the program so easy.

If you are looking to find a program to loose weight with great support and customer service herbalife is definitely it. I will be doing a full review of the products shortly.

Love Aimee

Summer Skin The safe way

I love a good tan and i have always one to become a rotisserie chicken the moment the sun pops out from behind the clouds but now I'm getting older i have finally realised how important my skin is too me!

Superdrug have own brand at home products to get the summer glow instantly

The superdrug branded self tan products start at £1.99, i will be giving them a try never having used at home tanning products before i fear i may make a mess of it but anythings better than looking like a dried up piece of leather right?

Would you tan at home? is it easy? have you used superdrugs own brand?

Love Aimee


Wednesday 11 April 2012

Healthy Snacks

Sarah Walford, nutritionist at NW3 Nutrition has compiled some information for my gorgeous readers on healthy snacking.

Don't feel guilty about snacking - eating little and often is actually good for you as it can help to keep your blood sugar levels more even. When our blood sugar levels get too low our brains send out the signal that they need more glucose and we're more likely to reach out for a quick fix - chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes, coffee etc. The problem with sweet, sugary snacks and caffeine is that they cause a spike in your blood sugar levels: a quick high followed by a big dip, and when we hit the dip we're reaching out for more sugar and caffeine. By eating healthy snacks in between meals our blood sugar levels will stay more constant and we'll be less tempted to sugar and caffeine fixes.

There are two key nutrients that will help to keep your blood sugar levels more constant: protein and fibre. Both protein and fibre slow down the movement of food from your stomach into the next part of your digestive tract, making you feel fuller for longer, and slow down the release of sugar in to your blood stream. So the perfect snack would have both protein and fibre in it.

Some healthy snack ideas include:
- a small handful of nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits - nuts and seeds (not roasted or salted) are a good source of protein, as well as lots of other nutrients, and fresh fruit and dried fruit like dried figs, raisins or dried apricots are high in fibre.
- oatcakes spread with hummus, nut butter or tahini - oats a good source of fibre and also have some protein. Hummus is made from chickpeas, another good source of protein, and tahini is made from sesame seeds, also a source of protein. Nut and seed butters are delicious, and make a great substitute for butter and spreads. Give hazelnut butter a try - it almost tastes like Nutella!
- vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, peppers, cucumber, broccoli spears, cherry tomatoes etc) dipped in hummus, tahini, guacamole etc. Fresh vegetables are full of fibre, and snacking on them will give you a good intake of other valuable nutrients too.
- If you're out and about and looking for a convenient snack be wary of many of the so called healthy snack bars. All but a few have sugar added in various disguises, so double check the ingredients. Some bars that pass the test (no added sugar and taste delicious) are Nak'd bars, Trek bars and Bounce Balls, all available from good health food shops.

Flawless skin with me me me

I have done a few reviews of Me me me and have never been disappointed, they have a collection called flawless which i will be getting once payday hits in the mean time here's a low down of whats in it.

This has a SPF15 which when picking a foundation is always a plus point, i must say i am little disappointed it only comes in 4 shades as this will seriously reduce the amount of people who will actually match up to it. It runs at £12.99 so for this point i am hoping its good as other brand i have tried and gotten on with are less than this,

This is a cream liquid concealer and is £6.99

Tinted moisturiser has a SPF 15, again only comes ina  limited 4 shaes and is retailing at £9.99

This pressed powder is £6.50

So has any one tried any of this collection? i seriously fancy the tinted moisturiser, if you have let me know how you got on?

They are available in superdrug and online at

Love Aimee


Tuesday 10 April 2012

Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser

Always on the look our for a new moisturiser i couldn't wait to use Korres wild rose, i like the packaging its simple and and looks great on my shelf the question is how is it on the skin?

its a nice fluffy cream consistency and it melts into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy, it eve leaves it looking a little Matt.

Has a very slight smell to it but nothing over powering and you only need a small amount to get good coverage, i have combination skin and am prone to breakouts and so far so good no unexpected nasties popping up on my mug!

Its £19.99 and this will probably last you a good 2-3 months, i am now halfway through my pot and will be re buying when its all finished, i am really happy with the results i have received my skin is more nourished and moisturised.

Love Aimee


Sunday 8 April 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

I fell hook line and sinker in love with the healthy mix serum foundation, i liked its coverage and it is my go to foundation until now, Bourjois have released a foundation that makes 3 very bold promises to correct all blemishes, uneven colouring and imperfections.

I am the un-proud owner of all 3, the foundation contains 3 concealing pigments, yellow for a rested complexion, mauve to light up the complexion and green to eradicate high colour and uneven tone, It also states it lasts for up to 16 hours.

53 is a great shade match for my skin which is lucky as it does only come in 5 shades i cant help but feel this will put a dampener on the foundation for some people as it really limits who can buy it, fortunately i am a lucky one.

I like the way it applies to the skin, i applied with my fingers as i am yet to come across a brush i get on with, the application was nice and smooth with a medium to heavy coverage. For me it revived my complexion my skin looked more even, my veins were hidden and my blemishes toned down, it also haves a SPF10 which is perfect for the up and coming summer.

The foundation is slightly warmer than my skin tone, it left me with a lovely Dewey finish and i really the way it looks.

You can see a clear improvement to the dark circle under my eyes, my skin looks fresher and more even.

The foundation is available in boots in store and online as well as superdrug in store and online and retails at £10.99, i would be more than happy to pay this for this foundation as it gives me everything i could ask for out of a foundation. It lasted me a good day at work and onto the evening where it did start to need a little bit of a re-application. For a drug store product this is fantastic, the price is right and the coverage is spot on for me, this is a complete improvement from the bio detox foundation which i failed to get on with at all.

Will you be rushing out to give it a try? or have you already tried it ?

Love Aimee


*disclaimer - this foundation was given to me to review all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own*