Saturday 18 January 2014

BEAUTY: Summer skin in winter with simple

I love feeling like its summer even when outside it's horrid wet and cold. 

Simple have a facial moisturiser called kind to skin + sun kissed moisture cream. 

It has a gradual tan in it and I really love it 

It's £4.99 from super drug and gives you such a great glow with a really nice tan to match

I would buy more of this it's not greasy and sinks into the skin leaving it nourished. 

Have you tried this cream? 

Love Aimee 


Friday 17 January 2014

BEAUTY: Freshlook colour blends contact lenses

I and a glasses and contact wearer, and have always wanted to try coloured contacts, and I was emailed and asked to! I have to say I was VERY excited.

There were so many colours to choose from! and I chose the Freshlook Colour blend brand and the colour i chose was True Sapphire.

I naturally have brown eyes so i wanted to see myself with beautiful blue eyes.

you can catch them here

freshlook contacts

They are comfortable and easy to use, last for a months wear and come in a selection of colours and you can choose depending on your mood. And they are prescription! 

freshlook contacts

I really like them and for 2 months supply they cost £39.00

Have you tried coloured contacts ?

Love Aimee 


Thursday 16 January 2014

NOTD UV glitter acrylics

Iv not had nail extensions for a very long time, money just hasn't been there for me but my husband for my Christmas present brought me them.

so I am sharing!

I love them I wanted something fun bright and most of all completely covered in glitter!



what do you think? i have so many ideas for my next styles

love Aimee


Friday 10 January 2014

Nail HQ product review

Hello lovelies I LOVE nail mail always makes me smile, I am back to blogging with a passion so today's post is all about nails !

I was sent to try and review the new nail HQ nail collection

I was sent the all in one, growth and cuticle oil

Their actual collection is huge and consists of 

Gel top coat which I WANT  -£6.49
Base coat -£5.99 
Ridge filler - £5.99
Harnener - £6.99
Strengthener -£6.99
Growth -£6.99
Cuticle oil -£6.99
All in one -£7.99
Protect and repair -£7.99

They are well prices and good sized products 

And you can buy them from amazon and tesco in store 

cuticle oil

it's very nourishing great price, no smell as such to it and a must for every girl cuticle oil is just so important to keep your nails healthy.
Use it daily if not twice daily and you will notice a real difference to your nails.

The all In one contains argan oil

 this is the one that does everything, brittle, soft. Weak, dry this cover the lot. Use it daily I would recommend no it can be worn under colour polish.
i used it for 2 weeks and noticed a difference my nails stopped bending chipping, breaking and peeling.


I like this as since uv had my daughter my nails are crap they break won't grow and are generally a mess, I noticed after using this for a week they were defiantly staying linger and not breaking so easily. Again use it daily on its own or under a colour polish. 

Overall I like the collection and really want to get the gel top coat that really excited me a sim very impressed with the products and the price, it's affordable for a good product.

Have you seen into buy or use dig yourself how did you get on with it ?

Love Aimee 


Beauty review loreal volume million lashes nior excess

Ok I am in love with this mascara it's amazing I'm a big fan if the whole volume million collection any way so I thought it would be a tough one to top but loreal have done it. 

I love the packaging it's sleek and gold and red. 

The brush again is the classic rubber which is a fav of mine 

It's just an amazing product I'm very happy with it I get complimented when I wear it and get asked if I have false lashes !! That's a compliment. 


Available to buy online and In store 

It's £10.99 and worth every penny !!!

So loreal will you be able to top this mascara? I think it's going to be very hard 

Love Aimee 


Herbalife mint chic chip

Having a bit of a weight loss fitness thing going currently.

I love Herbalife I have been in it for 8 months. In that time I have lost 5 and a half stone. 

On weighing myself this morning I am 11 stone 2lbs and feeling amazing 

I come in a dress size 10-12 

I love it and I love their new flavour mint chic chop ots available to buy from any Herbalife rep

Iv tried hundreds of fad diets and quick fixed but Herbalife has changed the way I view myself and food. 

I have a small workout routine I put alongside my Herbalife which unfortunately doe to a back injury is currently restricted.

I am still however on Herbalife and working my way through the mint which is super yummy and really easy to make up and have even for busy mums on the run. 

I am So proud of my weight loss but in not at my goal yet. 

I am going to switch up ther Herbalife products I use to allow me to continue to lose weight and tone up which is my next step in my journey. 

Ideally I have a stone and a half to lose to get to 9st7. 

Here are some pictures of me now. 

Love Aimee


Wednesday 8 January 2014

Sports Direct - Fitness Clothing

I love keeping fit, it makes you feel great and releases endorphins which are a feel good hormone, gives you energy and all round amazingness.

You need good quality sports wear to wear when your working out and sports direct have a great collection to keep you going at an affordable price.

sports direct usa pro crop top

this top I absolutely LOVE and really need to own !

sports direct nike top yellow

I am also seriously LOVING these Nike trainers
sports direct nike trainers

only £45 a massive bargain and you would look seriously great in them on ay workout

A cheaper alternative by USA Pro is these bad boys
sports direct usa pro trainers
£19.00 great bargain and they look wicked!

So finally you need something for your bottom half or it will be a VERY revealing workout lol

The Nike Capri

sports direct capri pants nike

or the cheaper verson for USA Pro

sports direct capri pants

what do you think of my choices?

Love Aimee

Sunday 5 January 2014

Get fit in 2014 with sport direct

I love health and fitness and sports direct have some great items for you to but to reach your fitness goals for 2014 and keep on track. 

I was very kindly given a set of ankle and wrist weight to use and review. 

Unfortunately I have stepped back from blogging due to a back injury but I am back still injured but getting back to what I love blogging. So this is my slightly late post for this and I do apologise. 

I think they are great I added them into my work out and wore then when running or on my cross trainer, they are black and pink which is my top colour combination   

AndI feel for £4.99 it is the perfect compliment to any workout 

They have so many things and they are all at such a great prices

sports direct usa pro

sports direct usa pro

Love Aimee