Thursday 6 December 2018

PARENTING: Advice from new mums to mums to be

So your pregnant with your little bundle of joy, you have no idea what actually awaits once baby arrives. Some brand new mummy’s have some wonderful words of wisdom for you, they have learnt this through their own experiences and want to share their wisdom. 

 Alys : Frozen meals frozen meals frozen meals!!!!!
But also you are in charge of who visits, and how soon they visit, after labour. x

Heather :Trust your instincts. Mother always knows best.

Libby : Put a condom on!

I jest...

Batch cook meals, don’t compare your baby with others, no question is a stupid question, don’t be scared to ask for help and don’t feel bad for resenting your baby sometimes-your whole life has flipped 180 - it’s okay not to enjoy that all the time.

Charlotte : Just because someone else’s baby the same age is sleeping through the night doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong! Every baby is different!

Swapping baby to formula doesn’t mean they’ll sleep through the night again every baby is different!

Hayley : Yeah don’t have visitors come stay with you until at least 2 weeks after! You are still trying to bond with your baby and recovering. You need space to adjust. I thought I would be fine but I ended up hiding in my room coz I was anxious and I didn’t like people holding him other then me or my husband. 

Heather : Never compare your baby to anyone else's or your other children each child is different and will do things when they're ready - breath it's ok to not know everything. 

Tessa : Never put the nappy in the nappy bin until you are ready to leave the baby change!

Kati : If you think you have enough bibs and muslins you are wrong.

Lucy : Enjoy all cuddles while they’re tiny and screw the housework. They grow up so much faster than you think.

Gemma : Your body won’t look the same & will take some time to adjust to that.

Victoria: Ignore anyone who tries to make you feel anything but awesome! You will know what's best and know what works for you and your baby. Don't let anybody tell you different!

Be prepared for your best intentions and plans to go out of the window - This includes your birth plans. If breastfeeding is something you want to do but can't, then that's absolutely ok. Don't beat yourself up over it if you can't. So long as baby is fed that's all that matters x

Marlie:Don't try and do everything yourself. You'll get overwhelmed and quickly burn out. Your partner helped create that little life and SHOULD help you as much as he can regardless of work. Accept any other help offered too 😊xx

Katie : It really is a phase. It too shall pass. They aren’t lying. 

Samantha : Look after yourself and your other half x

Chloe: Everything is temporary! Nothing lasts forever☺️

Sammy : Take each day as it comes and don't put any pressure on yourself 🙂 and enjoy it 🙂

Chloe : Nothing prepares you. Literally NOTHING!!!!! Not in a bad sense.

Lauren:  Piles are c**** 🙄😂 same as everyone else really, no 2 baby’s are the same. Just because Harry rolled over at 19 days, doesn’t mean William is behind because he did it at 4 months 💙 xxx

Kim : you are going to fuck up and that’s ok, everyone fucks up, perfect parents don’t exist. 

Some some pearls of wisdom from some gorgeous shiny new mums, I will add it’s ok to say no, put you and baby first and set up camp in bed or in the sofa for the first two weeks as those hormonal changes are a bitch, it’s ok to cry! 

What did you wish you knew before having a baby?