Tuesday 27 October 2020

PJ Masks Save the Sky Toy Review {AD}


PJ Masks have had a new toy drop that is going to be perfect to keep little ones entertained! Ashton absolutely loves them! 

newest Save the Sky theme which was introduced in the recently aired PJ Masks Heroes of the Sky Special on Tiny Pop!

PJ Masks Romeos Flying Factory

RRP is £49.99

This is so much fun and has so much to do! below is what they say about the toy!

  • Lights and sounds control panel plays sounds and phrases!
  • Kid-powered crane really works
  • Launch the lasers to defend the Flying Factory!
  • Pull the wings back and the Factory will launch Romeo and his get-a-way vehicle!
What we say about it 

Its super easy to remove from the box an piece together, this for me is bonus points especially when you have a child desperate to plat with it, it comes with the batteries needed to play (another bonus to be noted), there is so much for them to do and play with on it which is brilliant to help with imaginative play! The control panel has voices and sounds from the show, and it launches weapons and the crane really does move.
Ashton really likes it, it well made and sturdy and has kept him quiet for hours.

PJ Masks Save the Sky Flying hero vehicle and figure set

RRP £13.99

What they say about it 

Add to the save the sky stories with these themed vehicle and figure sets
Three to collect!

we received the PJ Masks Save The Sky Owlette and Owl-Glider Set

This is a really nice little set, affordable and a great stocking filler, you can get all 3 to complete the set which is fab for any huge PJ masks fan. 

please find all the links below to shop

PJ masks at Argos 


Wednesday 14 October 2020

L.O.L Surprise! Movie Maker App Review {AD}

We have had the opportunity to test and review the NEW official L.O.L Surprise! Movie app, the app itself is free to download but it does have the option for in-app purchases.

This is what they say about the APP

"Unlock L.O.L. Surprise Dolls to include in your movie! Choose backgrounds, props, and even music tracks too! Then, press record to capture your voice, and movements in the App – bringing your L.O.L. Surprise story to life!

Making great L.O.L. Surprise! movies requires a cast of fierce characters, so every day you get a new L.O.L. Surprise Ball with a character inside! Add bling to your L.O.L. Surprise! characters with fierce accessories and give them their own #OOTD. Which will you unwrap?!"

What we think about the app?

At first glance its an easy to operate app, easy to understand instructions and walk through. The main screens to note are 

On top of these 3 main play areas you have 


Autumn has really enjoyed playing the game, it gives her the chance to really get imaginative and as creative as she wants. She can add the characters she has collected and create storylines, adding her own voice over (I think this is pretty cool and have made a few of my own movies on the app).

When you first start you are given some capsules to get you started as a welcome gift and in true L.O.L fashion it is a complete surprise who you receive! Autumn was over the moon getting Queen Bee!

Much like any other app there are in store purchases which is completely personal choice if you wish to buy them, it gives you more option on props and characters to use for the movies your going to create. The possibilities of the game are quite literally only limited by your imagination.

You can change location, props, characters and music as well as give your own voice over to the story. Its a really simple concept which I like, Autumn also really enjoys it! She loves seeing what comes in the surprise capsule. I feel this has captured the L.O.L spirit really well