Tuesday 8 March 2016

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My family isn't unfortunately financially flushed and normally I would say that I would not let my daughter go without however the catch is we do this but buying second hand everything. 

Growing up I got all my clothes from the car boot sales and charity shops I didn't know any different and it's been similar for Autumn. I was desperate to get her swimming lesons but they are pricey. And 

I want her to have something I want her to have a bike and this I want her to have new. 

My husband has this week off work so when he had an hour to kill with Autumn yesterday he took her to halfords to have a nose around and she found the bike of her dreams. 

So I will do what I can (selling my stuff) so she can have something that is hers shiny and new. 

At halfords after having a little nosy on line they actually make the bike free of charge and give it a 6 month check too. 
Building a bike no matter how small is seriously out of my jurisdiction. 

It's £99.99 and it is a lot of money for us but it's a one off cost and this bike will last her a good number of years. 

She loved it my husband said she was riding on her own (with stabilisers) and I'm so sad I missed it. 

But in going to save so hard so that I get to see my gorgeous girl ride it. 

The full range of children's bikes by halfords can be found here. 

I look forward to saving and then doing a review of my daughter throughly enjoying this bike ready for the summer. 

Love to hear your thoughts leave a comment below. 

Love Aimee