Wednesday 30 November 2011

Trind Review

I love my nail products especially when they care and protect for my nails, it has taken me a long time to get my nails to grow and keeping them strong and long is a challenge. This product featured in the October box of Carmine, and it is defiantly a keeper.

I have had the pleasure of trialling 3 products of the Trind range:

Step 2: Cuticle Balsam

To help prevent dry cuticles

Step 4: Nail Balsam

Aids in nail growth, reducing dry and brittleness

Step 5: Nail Repair Natural

A nail base to make your nails stronger

For best results use this product over a prolonged period.

I was super happy with the results even after just one use my nails looked much healthier , and I will defiantly be trying out their colour range of polishes next year.

It’s a 6 step program to get the full effects of the product and the other stages include cuticle remover, Trind magic buffer file and handcream.

I substitued the buffer with one I had in my box and the same with the hand cream, and I still feel the results were fantastic. And im getting my sister the gift pack for christmas! Its great value and has all of the steps mentioned above to get stron and nurished nails.

The Trind collection is available to purchase from their UK Stockist

It’s at a good price point too!

You can purchase the full system for £45.00 – details have been taken from This kit contains full-sized products, one each of Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Balsam, Nail Repair (natural), Nail Balsam, Hand Repair Cream, a Nail magic Buffer and two manicure sticks.

And the link to grab this amazing nail care set is :

Nail care is highly important to me, especially when i paint my nals for a great night out.

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Never to Much Knitwear & Giveaway

I am s firm believer you can never be to warm and toasty in the winter and i believe my hat, scarf and legwarmer collection agrees With me! So here i am exposing my collection! Hope you like it as much as i do i truly have something for every occasion!

Head wear


I feel that my ears will stay toasty this festive season!


And finally my legwarmers <3

both from h&m last year

i feel everyone deserve to stay toastie this festive period do i am giving away 2 scarves to 2 lucky people

Follow the rules below to enter - this is open Internationally
and closes on December 8th

Staying organised

Hello gorgeous people, hope your all well today!

Right so i like to be organised and the only way i can do this is by keeping a diary! Otherwise i double book, forget appointments and generally get myself in a right muddle.

I have been searching for my perfect diary for 2012 and i have narrowed it down to 2 pretty gorgeous suspects

The cupcake diary can be found here
The glitter diary can be found here

I love them both so much i cant decide the glitter one retails at £6 & the cupcake at £5 both might i add will look fab in my handbag! i am slightly swayed towards the glitter!

So i put it to you to help me decide what diary should i fill up with my endless appointments (one can dream) in 2012???

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Christmas Tree Is Up


as i write this i am in fact listening to christmas carols, its the one time of year i get to be young again well except when i have to make christmas dinner! something i am fairly new to let me tell you.

This tree i inherited from my mum, we always decorated it at christmas together so when she passed i took it with me. I love the colours, the tree is frosted and decored with frosted pinks, lilacs, silvers and greens.

This weekend i will be putting up the rest of the decor! then christmas can truly begin, i didnt want to scare my sister to much when she comes round tomorrow for her birthday hehe!

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NOTD OPI Muppets

I’m in love actually in love with this polish, I have always been on the fence with glitters but this one has swayed me to the dark side!

It’s a stunning and striking Aqua blue/Green Coloured polish that requires 2 good coats to get a truly dazzling effect! This matches my new sexy shoes and I will be teaming the 2 together this Christmas party period!

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My 17 Haul

Walked into boots to be tempted by the 3 for 2 offer on 17 products and of course I got sucked in!
It took me ages to find my 3 products as there was only 1 that I was pretty keen to buy!
First off we have:
New 17BB: Blemish Balm
Claims to be an All in One Magic Make Up: giving your skin a natural flawless finish, covering, Enhancing and protecting
For suck a small bottle it claims to do ALOT, and with a pretty kind price point too: I picked it up for £5.99 on offer
It glided on my skin nicely - please avoid your lips when applying they go ghostly white not a pretty look
It was a natural coverage, personally I hate my skin when I do not have a foundation on it, I feel that my skin tone is uneven and I have blemishes and thread veins I’m desperate to keep hidden. So as far as this product is concerned I would be more than happy to leave the house with nothing but this on if I happened to be in an almighty rush.
Next up we have
wild metallic eyes: in wild midnight blue
it’s a cream shadow which has a great intense colour and you only need a little bit, however I don’t like it as it doesn’t stay in place very long and clumps in the creases of your eyes giving you a NOT so sexy look! So this is not a product I would go and get me any other colour.
And finally we have
starry eyes glitter liner in Supernova
could use 2 applications but for a more subtle look 1 would work just fine, this is great for the Christmas party make up box and give your makeup that little something extra and for £3.99 you can’t really complain.
All would work great for Bonfire Night Sparkly look - what will you be wearing tonight?
Thanks for reading

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My Weight Loss Diary

Right so my thing is diets, well you see i seam to ALWAYS be on one! it starting to be a little draining as i have tried them ALL.

The cabbage Soup diet
the south beach diet
the dukan diet
the clean lean and green diet
slimming world
weight watchers
Cambridge diet
Abstaining from food

and what i learnt is that all they were were quick fixes and the weight just went straight back on and then some ... ahhhhh

So there i was back where i had started feeling even more deflated, usless and well fat.

i got married May 21st this year and i managed to get my behind into a size 10 wedding dress after loosing 3 stone over 2 years, during the honey moon 2 stone creaped back on i say creaped i mean jumped i lost all control and could not stop eating drinking and well eating myself fat again.

So 6 months after the wedding I'm back again trying to get back to my pre-wedding size this time the right way!

I'm being healthy watching what i eat but having treats when they are welcomed! i no long treat myself with food after doing well at something now i treat myself with shoes, makeup or anything OTHER than food! and finally the weight is coming back off.

Calorie counting i have found to be what works for me, everyone is different but i ahve FINALLY found my way forward into my Size 8 Skinny Jeans!

My starting weight on this journey was 12st 10lbs
i don't have any picture when i got big again generally because i was too embarrassed

I am now at 12st 5lbs
Size 12-14
So if you will allow me i will share my ups downs, temptations and saving moments with you

Oh dont forget to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me i aim to reply to all comments left

Monday 28 November 2011

Vaseline Moisturiser

I’m not a negative person by my god I dislike this product It’s new on the market Vaseline Essential Moisture Oat Body Lotion.
This lotion cost me a mere 91p on offer at Tesco so fortunately it didn’t break the bank
It does have a nice smell the product is pretty worthless as far as far as a lotion is concerned. I needed 3 layers to even feel moisturised and then after 30 minutes I had to use a different moisturiser.
It left my skin feeling dry and horrid.
So to conclude I won’t be re-purchasing this product again
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Sunday 27 November 2011

Fresh Therapies Polish Remover

Good evening everyone

What a horrible cold day! i treated myself to manicure to stop me thinking about how darn cold i was! plus it was a good distraction from work!

So to remove my nail polish today i used a product called Eden Natural nail polish remover it is made by Fresh Therapies. I must admit when i read the information i was completely sceptical! i honestly thought there is no way it will get my polish off of my nails as other brands i used have trouble. So most of the time i opt for Acetone less hassle and quicker.


The sample vile was enough to remove all my polish in face it was the perfect amount, on opening the bottle there was no unpleasant strong smell which was a pleasant surprise.

It was really gentle on my nails and removed all the polish, the only downside i could find was the product was a little oily but the pros's clearly out weighed the cons with this product.

It is a little pricey but if you love your nails and the planet i guess price is not a problem for 50ml it retails at £12.00

Want to try before you buy? Give it a go and form your own opinion and don't take my word for it!

Go to their website HERE and order your very own sample to trial! i promise you wont be disappointed

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My Week In Pictures

In London For HPM Gets Social - What a GREAT day!

What i wore to HPM Gets Social

SOO CUTE!! i cant wait to get one next year!

Naughty Cupcake courtesy of my friend Natasha

Gold Glittery Nails !

Sunday Slippers

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