Friday 31 July 2015

Barry M daylight curing collection

I am a self confessed nail polish addict
 I can't help myself standard or gel if I see it I need it! Even writing it down makes me want to order some more. I think I need to go to a support group for polish addicts.

Ok so when I was on boots last month I was casually looking at the make up section. Obviously !!
 I don't think I can make it into and out of boots or superdrug without stopping to look, I always promise myself I won't buy anything well as you can see i'm doing pretty badly at keeping to that promise. 

Ok so into the collection I HAD to own.

It is very limited in the colours it has at present
 I am hoping they will expand it at some point. It's 7 colours plus the special top coat which gives the polish the gel look and longevity. It is done by sunlight and is said to lay as long as gel polish cured by UV or LED lamps. 

Iv not tried then on myself yet but have done colour swatches. 

It is quite a diverse colour collection and covers most of the most wanted colours. 

They are £4.99 to purchase and you can get them in store and online 

Have you had a chance to try them ? How do they last ? I will be putting them to the test next week. 

Thursday 30 July 2015

My latest boots haul

Ah so I couldn't rest a few little treats when I went into boots last week, I was dying to try the new nude collection from Rimmel UK!
 And I picked up a few other items I have wanted to give a go. 

Ok so I settled on 2 polishes from the collection Kate from Rimmel UK and 3 Lippies mainly due to the lack of stock ! 
Made me pretty sad was hoping to bag the whole collection and for my new business I am going to be starting, the colours would be perfect for bridal and bridesmaid makeup. 

I also opted to try Scott Cornwall ash colour to remove the red tones in my hair as well as Charles Worthington ten port root colour to help banish my dreaded dark hair re growth. 

The Rimmel products were buy one get one half price and you can bag your own here.  The lipsticks are £5.49 the polishes only appear to be available in store. 

Scott Cornwall ash toner is £12.99 review coming soon but available to purchase here

The Charles Worthington root concealer is normal £9.99 but on sale currently for £6.66 here
Have you tried any of these ? 

Wednesday 29 July 2015

The books on my side table

Since being a mum I really do have trouble finding the time to do things to me this is why my reading list is growing quickly. 
I have a long list of ones on my bed side that I am starting to work my way through. 

Ok so as you can see they are not all reading books and when they are they actually have a running pattern. 


This book was given to my by a good friend of mine for when I was and am still going through a trying time in my life. It has little notes for you to read that will help you when you have a bad day. 

I heart colouring books
From £4.50+
These are so cute and they fit into your handbag if you fancy a little de-stressing when your out. I am really into colourig I take 10 minutes when I can to just think about nothing. I have so many things happening in my life so this is such a great release from anxiety to quiet the brain. 

Ruby Wax - sane new world 
This was recommended to me by a fellow blogger Chloe @ChloePaigeeBlog 
I suffer with pretty bad anxiety and depression (not as bad as the anxiety) and admitting it has been a massive step forward for me. So this im actually looking forward to reading. The reviews are great and with a personal recommendation it's at the top of the pile. 


This is a staple book for most house holds and I did miss it when it first dos the rounds due to only dating and no care to understand the opposite sex.  Well another recommendation this time from my therapist (yup I got me a therapist) I feel all grown up ! Ok so marriages are bloody hard man ! I LOVE my husband but do I understand him? Hell no ! So this is for me to understand him I know what yor thinking ... That is not going to happen ! But a girl has got to try. 


I got this signed copy from the Jillian michaels maximise your life tour, this happened back in January in Bournemouth and a old friend kirsty took me to see it ! It was AMAZING I got to go up on stage with her and get a hug. 

Fleur de force - the glam guide 

This I have had a while but I still have had no time to read it ! I promise I will get my ass onto it in the next few weeks for a review ! 

Can you see a theme ? So this is my three week challenge, I am hopefully going to get this bad it finished and have a better understanding of myself before mid August. I have got so caught up in so much drama of life, friends and family rubbish I have been so snowed under with emotion this is my little task to clear my head. 

Colouring books for adults 
From £5 upwards

Ok so these are from the works, they have a 1001 designs for you and these are he ones that I fell in love with, it's a personal thing for someone to choose as we are so individual. 

So as you can see there is a running theme of self help in my books, I as said previously had and are having a pretty hard time of life and these are hopefully going to help me get back on track. 

What's in your reading pile? Any recommendations for me ? 


Why I choose semi permeant makeup

Ok so semi permanent make up is always a topic of discussion. It's fairly expensive so not everyone can actually afford the pleasure of it. After completing a year chichester college my teacher decided to take a course in semi permanent make up so I got the pleasure of really good rates to get my eyebrows done.
My eyebrows have always been the bane of my life they will say that eyebrows should be sisters not twins but mine were sisters who hated each other. 

I have also opted to have my eyeliner top and bottom done too!

I am a mum, I suffer with a long term chronic pain issue and I'm trying to get my business of the ground so any time saved on make up is a winner in my books.

I am in love with how it's turned out however I do need a top up on my eyeliner. 
If there is money in the budget I would recommend it to everyone! I have tattoos so the pain factor was already noted. Plus Iv had a baby with minimal pin relief so I thought I had this in the bag. 

HA was I wrong the top liner and eyebrow piece of cake! I was so exhausted from sleep deprivation that I nearly started snoring on the beauty couch! 

The bottom eyeliner now that's a different story I am pretty confident in saying I have a high pain threshold but this little shit really caught me out!! 

Fuck me I seriously had my toes curling as I felt the needle hit my lower lash line. 
And the lovely Linda had to go over it 3 YES 3 bloody times trying to keep your eyes open as you see it come at ha and knowing the pain is not easy my friend. I can honestly put my hands up and say I almost nearly gave up! 

Well clearly I made it through by the skin of my teeth ! Barely! can I say it was touch and go. 

But I love the end result and am fully aware in 3 weeks I will have to have it done again to ensure the colour sticks.

Any of my readers had it done or thinking of having it done ? 
Saturday 25 July 2015

Inside my daughters bedroom

So we moved house on February long time coming ! Our old home was vile, damp and mouldy which was sadly affecting my daughter autumns health. 

We made sure her room was the first to be finished as she didn't take the move to well and wanted her to feel like it was her home. 

We have finally sorted out storage although we do need to get her a wardrobe! It's on the list. 

Ikea square storage in White with fabric boxes we use this for clothing and nappies. Currently nothing is hung up which is driving me potty. 

Her bed is a super cute toddler bed from our local buy sell site and was £20 ! 
Rug is asda in the sale. 

Corona bookcase this was actually for my books but it appears autumn had a far greater need for it! 

Again more ikea storage solutions. I live ikea they really do have some great thing for the home. 

It has moved round slightly since the photos have been take.  Doc mcstuffins fan!! She loves her doc station and we got the wooden storage trunk from the buy sell site for £10! 

We have kept the walls natural and chosent to add decals which are easier to remove as she changes her taste in characters she like to watch. 

Unfortunately we rent so we are limited in what we can do although our landlord is flexible. 

What do you think of autumns bedroom? 

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Purple & pink maxi outfit

I'm Really quite enjoying doing these fashion posts so here is another one for you. This is my casual shopping look, it's totally comfortable and easy wearing.
I can say it out loud I am ADDICTED to maxi skirts main reason my legs are pretty horrific to look at due to our new home coming with a little added extra see my not so sexy legs here in my bio oil post

The top is a size 10 new look basics too from last year wouldn't have cost any more than £5.00 im pretty sure as its a popular style they will have something simply in stock for the summer. 

Skirt is beautiful has a slit to the knee on the left side to make it easier for walking. It's a fitted style with a cute pink and dark blue Palm tree print. It's this season from George cost £12 and  doc finally getting my money's worth out of it as I wear it a lot. 

Shoes are this season found in the sale for £5 at my local tesco. I just had to have them plus I love and live in flats since my spinal operation. They may still be available to buy in store if your quick. I got a 5 but I'm normally a 6 and they fit fine. 
What  are your thoughts on this combination ? Are you in love with maxi skirts as much as me? 

Hair Raisers Video Tutorial

Good morning :)
hope your all having a fab Tuesday so far! only 3 more sleeps till the weekend, OK so I was asked to try and review this near Christmas time 2014 due to personal health issues I managed to film it but not get it edited and uploaded! so I apologise in advance for the Christmas references
Although there are only like 24 Fridays till Christmas :/
This is a hair piece from hair raisers its £34.99 and comes in a HUGE variety of colours you can buy it here .
Please let me know your thoughts this is my first VLOG in about 2 years.
Monday 20 July 2015

Poker dot summer dress

So this is my bargain dress I found it on a local selling site for £2.00!! It's by  Ferne cotton and it's super cute. It's zip back and sheer with a slip underneath. 
I was over the moon with this bargain

My hat I love! it's from Dorothy Perkins and was an impulse buy in the sale for £5. 

My shoes are head over heals by dune last season in the sale for £10 i soils have got them in back as well as they are super comfy! 

I wore this to lunch with my step dad I wanted to be comfortable but smart. 

What do you think of my combination ? 

Sunday 19 July 2015

My Fiorelli new season wishlist

Well hello fellow handbag lovers I know your out there. Well welcome to my want list! This is my number one handbag brand I am literally in love with its brand and quality! You literally get what you pay for its worth every penny and lasts like a bitch! 

Not only that they have all different shapes, sizes and styles for every person.  

I really found this a challenge to just pick a few from the collection if im honest. 

Ok so here are a few pretty from the website which are my top wants ! 

This is a super cute summer favourite of mine it's not to big, goes over the shoulder and strap and with match most outfits for £59. 

This is so versatile it's a backpack and handbag, I am in love with whites it must be the summer. Again £59

I love the quilting its a bit pricier at £79

This is the business bag for me, I love the colour combination again this is £69

This is our super cute shopper bag its huge and a pretty damn stylish baby bag of you refuse to cross over to baby bag territory! £69

I love the colour of this purse it's the perfect mummy size for me holds all my money cards and crap to be less polite   

This I love this necklace is pure love it's over £70 though. 

So what's your thoughts on my top choices ? 

Saturday 18 July 2015

Summer skin saviour Hawaiian Tropic

Last year due to sever cronic pain issues I managed to miss the entire summer so it's safe to say I am making the most of it this year. 

So this means spending sunny days in the garden with my little princess and ensuring our skin is protected at all times. 

Now our protection shouldn't end when we're inside! The sun causes our skin to loose moister especially if your 30+ like myself our skin need to be replenished. 

I found this in Tesco at a bargain offer price of £5 usually £9.99 which hands down I would still pay. 

Hawaiian Tropic after sun body butter smells delicious non greasy formula glides onto the skin leaving it feeling moisturised and plump.
I carry this in my hand bag at all times and it is the first thing I reach for

What's your summer must have ??

Friday 17 July 2015

Today's day make up

So I thought I would do a little blog on my make up I use for a special day out. ( we're having lunch with grandad). Autumns super excited !!! 
So we thought we would get made up and pretty!!
I have to admit Iv not actually out on any make up for the last 2 weeks !! The lazy mummy in me
So today I'm getting my ass in gear and making an effort. 

I went for a natural but defined look today. 

I will go into individual products on another post so watch this space. 

I started with a bronzer to give me a slight tan with my serum and foundation. Only a light shadow and nude lippy with define eyeliner. 

What's your daily make up routine ? Do you mix it up? Or stick to the staple products. 

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Carvela treat & pick me up

So in the recent years Iv not had the money to really treat myself to anything so with a little save and after recent
 I thought screw it and found this amazing website and couldn't resist

These were only £24 and worth every penny I saved for them. Now I don't actually have an event to wear them too at present but I really do enjoy looking at them. 

I am also looking forward to having a proper look through the website as these are beautiful !! 

What do you think of my new shoes??

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Pandora treats

Being very new to Pandora I have to say I am in love with the rings collection. Iv never been fussed about the beads and bracelets to be honest the fad completely bypassed me, plus I don't wear bracelets very often. 

However my husband decided he wanted to treat me to something so i decided on a ring from Pandora. 

And I couldn't resist getting myself one when I was there too! It's official i have the bug so to speak. 

We went into our local store surprising too close for my credit cards liking. And picked out these two beauties. 

The heart ring was from my husband and for our 4 year wedding anniversary and I chose the love ring. 

The sparkling heart ring is  £55 available in store and online and the love ring is also available in store and online for £45. 
I can honestly say I am a little in love with them and the heart ring with the size I got give me the chance to wear it on a few fingers. 
Sizing is a little off as they use numbers so a L is a 52

Do you have any loves from pandora ??