Monday 29 July 2019

DAYS OUT: Lordington Lavender

We have been trying our best to get more out with nature. So we started with visiting the lavender fields, they open once a year and Iv been dying to go for a while. I ensured I kept an eye on their Facebook one for when the field opened as I would definitely be kicking myself if I missed it. 

lordington lavender - dream1ncolour

The lavender fields we went to are Lordington Lavender between Chichester and Havant on the border of Hampshire and West Sussex. 

lordington lavender - dream1ncolour

lordington lavender - dream1ncolourlordington lavender - dream1ncolour

It was a lovely and affordable day out as you really could make a day of it by taking a picnic with you and enjoying the view, we didn’t do this this time but I will next year as now I know a little more of what to expect when I get there.  

lordington lavender - dream1ncolourlordington lavender - dream1ncolour

It was heaving and bustling with people all scrambling to take the perfect insta shot, we were too and although it was difficult at times being so busy we still walked away with some fantastic photos and more importantly memories. 

We stopped for ice cream and cake as well as purchasing some of their pillow spray to help Autumn sleep. 

I will say although we took the pushchair it wasn’t easy, caused me to say a few curse words and was quite a bumpy ride for Ashton so in hindsight I shouldn’t have listened to my husband and I should have popped Ashton in the sling.  

lordington lavender - dream1ncolour

It was £6 per adult with children going free. 
I highly recommend doing this not only for the photos but for the experience if your lucky enough to have a lavender farm near you. 

lordington lavender - dream1ncolour
Have you ever been to a lavender farm? 

Saturday 20 July 2019

LIFESTYLE: Whats In My Amazon Basket?

I always have so much lurking in my Amazon basket and in wish lists, I say to myself one day I will get to the end of I all, but in reality all do is add to it. So here I am sharing with you what I would like to see winging its way to me over the next few months.

It is a mixed pot of home items and bits for the children.

skip hop explore and learn follow me bee

This I saw recommended by some mums in one of my Due in October 18 groups, they are raving over it for their little one's, but at £30 it may stay floating from my wish list to inbox for a while.

kiddy moon foam ball pit

These I just love aesthetically the look amazing, they are however pretty pricey, I would love to get one for little A's 1st birthday. They run around £59,99 plus postage.  

I am so desperate to feel organised with what I'm going to be feeding my family, I want to have less food waste and have a clear plan on what I'm doing every night of the week. I'm hopeful this will help! this comes with 3 markers and attaches to the fridge, it runs around £11
Saturday 13 July 2019

LIFESTYLE: Affordable teachers gifts

So the end of the school year is here, school reports are coming home, sports days are happening up and down the country and it the time to be sorting out gifts for your children's teachers.

What with adding a second child to the family were watching what we spend, so I have done teachers gifts on a budget and I wanted to share them with you.

I opted for sentimental and went to B&M and picked up 5 wax melt holders (yes my daughter has 5 teachers/LSA's), these were £1 each.

I wanted to support small businesses so looked into home made wax melts as found a cute little Instagram shop called Mama Makes it was 3 wax melts for £1.50.

I had the clear wrap already which was left over from Christmas, I saw the shrink wrap plastic hand prints a while back and really wanted to do it so already had it in the house, and the key rings were £1.20 for a pack of 20.

it worked out a super affordable and personalised gift for the teachers, Autumn cannot wait to give it to them.

I made extra key rings for myself and Davin too, its already on my keys and I love it.

what have you done for teachers gifts?

dream in colour

Tuesday 2 July 2019

PARENTING: That's Not My Height Chart and Book

I popped into our local little book shop and spotted this little treasure, it is part of the "That's not my" collection. 

thats not my height chart and book

This comes in a box, inside is a height chart, stickers and book. Its a super cute collection must have and keepsake.
thats not my height chart and book

Plus it has a Giraffe on it! what else do you need?
I set it up in my kitchen straight away and could not wait to test it out on my eldest... Aka Big A (Autumn), she was super excited! 
slight over exaggeration, she did as she was asked in exchange for snacks.

I was super excited ( slight understatement), it is easy to use and set up, the chart works from floor level so no need to measure halfway up the wall and strategically place it (more than likely incorrectly).
thats not my height chart and book

it runs at around £9.99 which I think is a fab little price, it can be used for all the children so you can get your monies worth too!

thats not my height chart and book
Although I got it from an independent book store it can be found in most well known book shops (I expect) and it is available on Amazon (see the link below)

thats not my height chart and book

Do you love the That's not my book collection? what one is your favourite?

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