Saturday 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

So this is my very last post of 2011, its been a fun but interesting year and in the next week i will reflect on what has happened but look forward to what is to come

I hope every one has a wonderful evening celebrating, i will be at home in my slippers with a bottle of bubbly toasting in the new year.

I would also like o thank you for your support and for reading my blog i appreciate every single comment left for me to read.

So without further Ade Goodbye 2011

Hello 2012
Friday 30 December 2011

My new store launch!

Hey everyone as 2012 is nearly upon us i have decided to launch my own blog shop, this show will be selling gorgeous swimwear & dresses to start off with and who know what can happen after that.

So take a look and let me know your thoughts!

Aimee xx
Thursday 29 December 2011

La Senza In Administration

Ok so through the world of facebook my wonderful friend steph has told me La Senza Will be No more!

I can honestly say i actually stoped buying from them about 2 years ago but as they are having one MONSTER sale it would be rude not to look RIGHT?

ok so i need help ...

Firstly can i say i do not need this or anything wlse i actually spend my money on.... my wardrobe is pretty rull but the price is actually RIGHT!

So please help me decide to buy or not to buy


it is actually reduced from £36 down to £10.50

its a MASSIVE saving i would never even look twice at it full price but i love its simplicity.

Do i buy or not?


Wednesday 28 December 2011

FOTD Bourjois Glam & Review

Ah so my first post after Christmas! I do hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

So i have decided to do my first proper face of the day, I was given the opportunity to trial some Bourjois products when i went to the HPM Social event in London back in November, they gave me the opportunity to choose the colours myself.

I went for colours i knew i could either tone down for a sophisictaed day look OR glam it up and rock it our for a gorgeous night look.

So for the base of my look i used Bourjoir newest foundation to hit the market - Healthy Mix Serum. I'm not going to lie after they said it was a really light coverage i did go into panic mode - ah it wont cover my blemishes, my veins from smoking and my horrendous uneven skin tone!


The coverage for me was actually surprising, it feels light but does actually smooth everything out!
I would even go as far to say this is one of the BEST high street foundations i have tried in 2011!

The application was smooth and works well with either a foundation brush or your fingers (i don't use a sponge too much bacteria). And i was left with  pretty flawless finish, it evened out the red tones and blotches i have began getting in the past few month too!

It really does do what it says on the tin " Its instant melting effect and semi-Matt finish blend in with the skin colouring, evens skin tone naturally, without thick layers or visible lines, all day long".

Shade 53 is PERFECT for me for my winter skin tone, i expect as i get more sun i may have to opt for a darker shade.
The foundation can be found at more store inc Boots and superdrug and retails for £10.99

I will be buying this foundation again!

On my eyes i used
Bourjois New Intense eyeshadow
in 01 Golden Beige, 03 Fresh Pink and 07 a light Brown.

I found the application of these shadows a little tricky at first as they are very flaky and not as pigmented as other colours in the collection.

After a few trial and errors i have decided the best application for maximum impact is to pat the colour on with the brush rather than brush it on.
This approach minimalises dust off and maximises the colour on the lid.

The colour retail at £6.99 but they contain A LOT of shadow so i can imagin it would last me a pretty long time.

I would be tempted to go try other colours in this collection which have caught my eye especially the petrol blue 06.

And the final piece to my look is
Bourjois new Volume Glamour Max Mascara.

Can i just say i have up untill now been loyal to Loreal Million Lashes, but this mascara blew me away! Its launch took place in November 2011 and is pretty amazing for my lashes, i feel that the pictures speak for themselves.

The brush design ment that for me i had a clean and clean application, there were no lumps or clumps and left my lashes longer, fuller and just plain gorgeous!

I will when this is finnished will conninue to purchase this product, it costs £9.49 and is also available in waterproof.

The Complete Look

Hope you have liked my first every FOTD!
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Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post tonight to say


hope you get everything you ever wished for!

oh and YAY santa's coming tonight!

also a little note for anyone who's loved ones who have passed, my thoughts are with you.

I miss my mum, dad and brother very much especially at christmas


Friday 23 December 2011


So today's NOTD is more christmassy for me as it has a smidgen of gold in it, in my Jolie Box i received a OPI shatter polish in golf, now can i just say i never managed to jump on the shatter polish band waggon, i tried but it really just wasn't for me. So when i got it in my box i was a little bit disappointed UNTIL the gorgeous Fee from Make Up Savvy mentioned on twitter it could be warn as an actual polish with NO shatter! YAY

So i couldn't wait to try it, and it worked perfectly. Also I'm not normally a fan of gold but i actually love the shatter as a polish and its GOLD ! Bamm i surprising myself here.

Simple manicure i kept my accent finger from my last NOTD mainly as its glitter the effort to remove it was far to much and i had a short space of time to do my nails for the party plus i think they look pretty nice together.

Sorry about the light, I'm sure you can understand its winder and a bit dull so i did try my best.

Right so i used NO Base coat i was honestly t scared it would make the gold shatter which was not the effect i wanted.

I used the OPI Gold shatter from Decembers Jolie Box
and on my accent finger Orly Bubbly Bombshell

I really like the look and although i never though i would say this i would wear the gold again.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

NOTD Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Pink hand on heart has to be my favourite colour, i have tried to festive it up but i couldn't help but try my luck with pink. I have been waiting to try these two shade together since i got the mini at the clothes show live, and if i do say so myself i think they work well together.

Its a simple style to rock and i feel the glitter makes it a Little bit more festive.

So i used my Orly bonder base coat and followed it up with 2 coats of Fancy Fuchsia, it was pretty quick drying which is good for little old impatient me :D

On my ring ringer i applied 2 spectacular coats of Orly's Bubbly Bombshell which personally i think its a great little contrast to Fancy Fuchsia.

I found both colours to be incredibly quick drying, and i topped it off with Orly's Polished Top coat.

I'm a massive fan of Orly and have been using it for a number of years and my collection can never be BIG enough. I cant wait to see what they have in store for 2012!

Hope you love my pink and Orly obsession as much as i do


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Herbalife Festive Shake

Right so a few weeks ago i was given the opportunity to try a diet shake, anyone who knows me knows i am always calorie counting, watching what i eat and generally giving myself a hard time. It is Christmas after all and a girl including me deserves a break .. well i do .. don't i?

Now i have tried my fair share of diets, the latest ones to hit the market etc but i have never heard of this brand so it intrigued me even more.

I'm a sucker for mince pies, Christmas cake and anything fattening and festive,
so as you can imagine I'm pretty much locked into a head to head battle with my common sense (loosing weight) and my desire to eat anything and everything in sight (putting on weight).

The Herbalife Shake comes in a few flavours but i got to try the Festive flavour YUM - Toffee apple and cinnamon -

I started the challenge on Sunday December 11th i have been having 2 shakes a day (breakfast & lunch) and following it up with a sneaky biscuit and a healthy dinner.

I Started off at 12stone 5lbs and on weighing myself today i am now 11stone 12.5lbs

For a grand total weight loss of 6.5lbs nearly half a stone! 

I can fit back into a pair of jeans my butt has alludes for the past 6 months and this makes me a happy girl.

The shake was super easy i used a blender to make mine you use 250ml of semi skimmed (i used skimmed) milk and add 2 table spoons of the mix and blend.

The best way for me to describe the flavour is mince pie YUM i really love it, and would buy it again.

Right to the nitty gritty the container which is 550g makes approx 21 meals, the first 4 days were hard i had to sub my lunch and have a low calorie soup with the shake as i was pretty hungry.

Its not Cheap either its £27.60 a container, but if you break it down its pretty good value for money and works out £1.31 a meal.

After working the break down out im even more tempted to buy another container as i probable spend more on food!

I have only been using it for a short amount of time but have lost nearly half a stone and I'm not through the container yet, i am contemplating buying another one. My concern would lie in what happens when you go back to food for breakfast and lunch? as I'm not there yet i couldn't tell you, i may follow this up with an after post.

For the short term its great I'm getting into a pretty dress tonight for capital Fm's Christmas party and i couldn't be happier, for the long term the jury is still out and will be until i can afford another container.

For supplier details please call 0845 056 0606 and for further information on Herbalife Formula 1 Weight Management products please visit Find your nearest weight loss challenge at

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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Glossy Box December Review

Im a big fan of glossy box it hasnt dissapointed me yet and this box is no exception.

It came in a beautiful Red very festive little box and after reading so many reviews i couldnt wait for mine to arrive.

So without further adue i will get into the depths of my beautiful glossy box.

Im sure you would agree that the packaging as always is classic yet alluring.

First off in my box i got

Blink & Go Mascara - Full Sized £12.95

Personally i didnt get on with this mascara it took me too attempts at applying it and it kept clumping. I really wanted the pallate in my box but as mascaras go this is going to be a great gift for my sister.

Cargo Cosmetics Travel Sized Lip loss - Serengeti

A full sized verison comes at £10, this is a very subtle and pretty lipgloss great for day wear.

Me Me Me Cosmetics - 7th Heaven

Im so glad i got this in my box, this is a great little product and i have a full review coming shortly.

Ritual - Yogi Flow Shower Gel

i dont know much about this product but im very excited to give it a go, it is a full sized bottle infact its HUGE!

And Finally

Deborah Lippmann polish and remover.

im in love with this colour and cannot wait to wear it, i may even pop it on tomorrow.

Im so happy with this box, i love getting it every month because it introduces me to products and makeup colours i would not have heard or or gone and brought. Obviously not everything is going to suit me but it means my sister gets some goodies too.

Glossy box never dissapoits me and i cant wait to get my first glossy box of 2012!

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Davina For Next

So the wonderful Davina Has collaborated with Next to bring us girls a range of fitness wear for the new year. Her new range boasts that it provides us with the ultimate workout & post workout clothing, and i have to say I'm pretty impressed with the collection.

Her collection is due to be released in Spring 2012 just in time to get fit for your summer beach body! As well as work out clothing she is releasing a collection of footwear, there's something special about it though it has duel density mid-soul technology which means it helps to reduce stress on joints.

I'm a big fan of Davina workout DVDs having got most of them in my collection so its a dead cert that this collection is going to be a massive hit!

my fave bits from this collection are

And for the every day wear I'm completely in love with this pump HOW CUTE!

The price points are reasonable as well for sports wear, i would love to try this collection because i truly believe Davina has done it again.

I would love to be given the opportunity to review this collection, i have been attempting to keep a check on my weight for the past few years and i feel that good sportswear is essential in being successful in your weight loss and fitness journey.

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Maxfactor Ageless Elixir Foundation Review

So i do love finding new foundations to add to my collection, i have never really been a Maxfactor girl but this little sample may have swayed me. My sister gave me 2 little sample to try as she said that she would never use themwhich is great for me :D

Its Maxfactor Ageless Elixir a new 2 in 1 Foundation & Serum in Natural 50 shade (lucky for me it was a pretty perfect match)

The sample packet is 2ml and is enough for 2 good applications, the fondation contains a SPF 15 which is great to protect aging skin like mine, i know im only late 20's but its never too early to start protecting your skin.

It was a really nice application and left my skin feeling nourished but not oily, i would deffinatly consider buying a full sized version of this foundation but the price tag is putting me off a bit.

It gave me really good coverage and had good lasting power.

 It retails at £12.99 and can be found in boots.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? whats your thoughts on it?

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Monday 19 December 2011

Batiste For Brunettes

So its nearly Christmas and were all going out to A LOT of party's well i hope we are anyway, and its not always possible to do our hair before each one, or even the morning after the night before! So say you have had an amazing night out and your really not feeling to FRESH the next day, and cant quite face being human just yet then this is perfect for you!

I have tried and tested this product and i give it 5 stars, its the BATISTE dry shampoo for Brunette hair, this was tried by both myself and my sister, her hair is lighter than mine and suited the medium colour better.

The normal Batiste dry shampoo comes out white and can leave us brunettes looking a little bit grey, the brunette spray is tinted to come out brown which blends into the air perfectly!

You spray it from a good distance away to avoid build up and voila your hair looks freshly washed!

This is a great sized bottle at 200ml and will last me a good amount of time and at £3.99 is at a great price point.

I'm a big fan of Batiste and although i am new to the product I'm completely hooked, its great for any girl to keep in her bathroom as you never know when you might need it.

This product is not compromised even though it has a brown tint it delivers just as good as any other Batiste product.

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Saturday 17 December 2011

Diet Coke and Models Own

Right so it appears my obsession has grown toward models own lip gloss, I'm sure you all know already that Boots UK are currently running a promotion with models own and diet coke! 

So to grab your FREE models own lip gloss all you have to do is get your cute little tush to Boots and buy 2 bottles of diet coke!

The lip glosses retail price is £6 so if your a diet coke addict like me then your more than happy to part with your money for some diet coke and a bonus gloss.

It is available in 4 colours  Pure Plum, Lacquer Red, Glossy Pink and Golden Nude.

This is Golden Nude, i really like this shade it has glitter flecks in it and works great for day and night looks.

Glossy pink my second fav, this is exactly what it says on the tin! its pink & glossy and every so pretty! Again this would be great for day and night.

Laquer Red - like this shade in the swatch but does not go with my skin tone or hair colour cant explain it but it doesn't but i do like it, now i just need to make it work! this would be more for evening make up.

Pure Plum, sorry for the picture the sun was starting to set so had to snap it quick, again this is colour i wouldn't normally put with my skin or hair but i do still like it, it has flecks of glitter in it.

My top 2 have to be nude and pink! as i know i will get A LOT of wear from them and the plum and red for me are more specialist colours.

This offer is running until December 27th 2011 so don't miss out!


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