Thursday 20 September 2012

My beauty bundle

My beauty bundle
I love this. Ok so I stopped all my beauty box subs mont ago I was getting a lot of bits I would never use and figure I could put the money to buy myself bits I actually need however I have subscribed to a new one.
It's called my beauty bundle and I love it. I am pregnant with my first baby and I still need a little treat or pick me up so this is perfect for each month of my pregnancy.
My first box came last month I was 4 months pregnant and got 5 items suited to that month of pregnancy.
So in my gorgeous little brown box I received
Celtic herbal bath melts
They are moisturising and great do aching muscles - not tried it yet but I am tonight I am very excited. My hips are killing me so I need a little help.
Vital touch Natalia anti stretch butter
This I am loving it's a small tub however a little goes a long way, feels great on the skin and I am in need of all prevention.
Collection 2000 white eyeliner
This help open the eye area and mask the look of tiredness. I need this so will be using it in replacement of my usual black liner.
Lavere anti ageing intense face cream
I got 2 day sachets and 1 night just plasted one day on my face and I like the way it feels. Since wowing pregnant my skin is all over the place. Super spotty chin and horrendous dry forehead.
Earth mama wellness tea
For morning sickness fortunately mine stopped about a month a go so no need to give this a try.
So that's my box it's £15 a month and has gorgeous goodies for yummy mummies to be
Love Aimee

Monday 17 September 2012

My News

Ok ok so my news is I am pregnant I have just hit 20 weeks so my blog is going to have some extra bits in it regarding babies and pregnancy. Don't worry I will make sure that there is lots of life, beauty and fashion too although pregnancy fashion is expensive and I feel whale like.
I will keep you up dated with what I am loving at the Moment too. I am excited to be back!
So I had my 20 week scan yesterday and I am too excited they said it looks like a little girl which is my dream come true. I am now super shopping on eBay for gorgeous bargains.
I have a new addition to my family a little grey chinchilla called sky. She is totally adorable.
So I will introduce my house hold.
I have my husband Davin we have been married nearly 16 months how time flies.
My gorgeous chihuahua Gucci total baby lives cuddles and is the furthest away from butch. Total mummies boy too
 And sky she also loves her mummy and is 4,5 months old. I get her out every night for 40 minutes and she uses me as a climbing frame
Got some great features coming capital fm little black dress party coverage. Face masks, nails of the day, healthy life , fit foods so pretty much something for everyone
Love Aimee x
Saturday 1 September 2012

Where have I been

So sorry for my lack of posting I am now back with so much to catch up on and lots of exciting news to share with you all.

I hope your all well and have had a fun summer, I have moved house and will do a little post to share with you kind of like a through a key hole feature. I have lots of reviews for you and some rants and raves too.

This post is a short and sweet hello and I will be posting tomorrow and get back into the swing.

Love and hugs