Thursday 16 February 2012

Red Carpet Hollywood Glam Curles With REF

Good Afternoon! So you have all seen my Valentines post on my gorgeous Hollywood Glam Red Carpet curls ( if not click here ) to check it out.

My husband loves Hollywood curls and how bouncy and chic they look so i did my very own version using REF Root to Top Mousse, Velcro Rollers and my New Babyliss Curling Wand.

I promised that i would show you how i created this look

So here it is!

I started off with dry hair

Then took the REF Root to top, this is a spray mousse which its main aim is to give you volume right from the roots. its a 250ml spray can and costs £10.95.

I really like the packaging VERY simple and it has All the information you need right on the front of the bottle.

You only need a small amount, i put it directly to my roots from a distance of about 4inches or so.

Me somewhat looking like a wet dog!

So i then took my trusty hair dryer and turned my head upside down and blasted it off!

From wet dog to windswept


now to tame my locks!

I took Some boots own Velcro rollers and sectioned the front of my hair to add a little more volume and shape. 2 at the top and 2 either sides.

I took my hair dryer again and just blasted some heat onto the rollers to ensure bounce!

What a look ay! I was almost tempted to leave it like this haha

ok so i left the curlers in and then took my curling wand and curled the sections of my hair left behind. Note to self a curling wand is HOT, i burnt myself A LOT!

So when you try this please be careful or use a more straight forward wand. Can i Just point out i wanted bigger curls however my wand is too small and left me with mere curls that were clearly not up to scratch!

Ok so i have don't the bottom sections of my hair and now to take out the top and curl and style this, i used for the top section a mix of my wand curls and my friends GHD curls

I chose to miss out the front section of my hair as i prefer this straighter.

So there you have it my version of Hollywood's red carpet curls

Hope you liked my tutorial!

If you want to get some REF of your own you can buy it HERE

I loved using the Mousse it gave my hair hold and structure and most of all a good amount of volume, i could if i wanted to have made it bigger as the hold from the REF Mousse was great.

Its a great price too as i wouldn't wear my hair like this EVERYDAY and you only need a small amount!

Are you ready to get Hollywood Glam?

Love Aimee