Tuesday 3 December 2013

Photos of my week

Sunday 17 November 2013

Avon luxe couture creme lipstick

Avon luxe couture creme lipstick

I'm a nude girl it's beautiful and everyday wear, I am always on the fence with if I'm a lipstick person. But I am loving the new Avon luxe lipstick in lustering nude.

They should be available this month to order and I am in love with the packaging it looks so gorgeous in my bag and make up case, Very distinctive.

The texture is silky and glides onto my lips smoothly, the longevity of it is pretty good too and you can build the colour with the more you apply.  
The colour is subtle and just pops and has a gorgeous little shimmer perfect for day and night wear. 

They are £7 for the Lippy and can. Be ordered online at

I can't wait to try the rest of the collection it really has made me interested in Avon again. 

Love Aimee 

Friday 15 November 2013

Love these gorgeous little bikes by halfords

I love personalization  I think it's super cute. 

And I love these bikes !!

Minnie is my favourite it's a 12" bike for 3-5 year olds and I will be getting one for my little girl. 
They are £79.99
And they have a dolly carrier on the back how super cute is this ? 

You can get a matching bell for an extra £5.99 and helmet for £19.99

Hello kitty is also very sweet. 

This is £89.99 again has the dolly carrier and can come in a 16" for £99. 

I love them both but Minnie wins hands down. 

Feel like treating your little princess this Christmas check out

Love aimee 


Wednesday 13 November 2013

TREND ALERT - Tartan with Specsavers & House of Contagious


I am LOVING the current trends that are happening at the moment first monochrome now tartan.
You don't just have to get the look through your clothing you can accessorise to! and boy do I love accessorising.
I am a avid spec wearer and have become far more brave in the last few months with the colours I will wear and the style, so I LOVE these two beauties that work perfectly with Tartan.
So first what would I wear well I have ordered these Stunning leggings
and Maybe Just MAYBE I also ordered this skirt Shhhh ;)
Well I clearly would require I have a stunning set of specs that work with the gorgeous legging and rather scummy skirt!
So I feel these bad boys from Specsavers would be the PERFECT match!
The leggings and skirt can br ordered from
and the glasses can be ordered in store or on line from
So what do you think of this current trend?
will you be jumping on the band waggon?
Love Aimee

Korres Black Pine Serium

Ok so every woman needs to have this on there make up stand.
And I Quote
Korres Black Pine Serum has been awarded the title of 'Winner' in the Sunday Mirror's Notebook Magazine Anti-Ageing Beauty Awards 2013. The Notebook Anti-Ageing Awards are 100% independent with products tested on a number of testers over the period of 4 weeks. The feed back we received was amazing!
Korres Black Pine Serum is Korres most potent ever anti-ager with astounding clinical results. 100% of volunteers who trialled the serum reported positive results which were further confirmed by dermatologists who assessed each volunteer - unprecedented in anti-ageing testing!
Well you have read it for your self this little beauty can help slpw down time and help with anti ageing.
I would love to use this and think you would want to too!
buy it here
Thursday 7 November 2013

For the Love of Monochrome & Specsavers

I Love monochrome and right now its super HOT !
it is literally everywhere

anyone who is anyone is wearing black and white!
so I feel I should get on the  band waggon - the above jumpsuit is on my wish list
ok well I love to accessorise and as a glasses wearer I am getting a little bit more daring with my Specs!
Specsavers is my go to place and just look at these beauty's they currently have that fit perfectly with the monochrome trend.
This trend has always been around and is a love of mine its minimalistic and so so classy!
Specsavers as I have said have some gorgeous frames from Replay and Osiris
I wont lie I REALLY REALLY like no wait LOVE the black pair!
They are now on my wish list!
the white ones are super fun and very trendy and bold! the question is do you dare to wear the white pair?
I would totally give it a go!
you can find them in store and online at Specsavers.
do you love the trend?
Love Aimee

Sunday 27 October 2013

FASHION: My next reindeer addiction

For the love I reindeers and Christmas I think I have a problem!! 

It was this little beauty that started it if I am completely honest. 


I saw it I loved it and now my daughter owns it. £16 and gorgeous I'm in love and Christmas Day cannot come quick enough. 

Ok so that made me search out more reindeer awesomeness and I stumbled upon these. 


Ok so I love this for me and will get it on pay day basically I HAVE to own this jumper for the love of Christmas and all things novelty. 

And currently in discussions to get mr Bradley to wear this bloody amazing jumper of awesomeness. Currently not winning the discussion but there is still time before C day !!!


 Might be easier to talk him into the to short version if I am honest !! 


And lastly some other novelty things I want and need in my family's life 


All available from

Love Aimee 

2 true nail polish in shade 18 review

2 true nail polish in shade 18

Ok so as it clearly states on the side if this polish bottle optimised durability and dries quickly. 

So to test the theory I did my nails at the wedding fair I am working today. Applied the first coat.  Waited 6 minutes and applied the second coat. 

Waited 20 minutes and thought they should be touch dry pah was I wrong.

Great colour awful polish. Any who I have some dreadful looking nails at work right now glad I just brought the one from superdrug and not 3 on the offer. Feel I had a lucky escape as I won't be using it again. 

No only is it not fast drying the brush is clunky and driptastic. 

Nail polish fail. 

Love Aimee 

Friday 25 October 2013

Zaggora atomica hotpants short review

Always on the hunt for the perfect workout attire I stumbled upon zaggora in twitter has a good old ready of their website and really liked what I saw and read. 

When wearing zaggora hotpants you burn more calories as the material allows you during a work out to sweat more. 

They are made out of a thick material which helps to promote sweat and you are too keep them in for 30 mins after your work out to get a maximum benefit.  

The material and fit of the hotpants is really comfortable but does feel a bit funny the first time you wear them but you do get used to it don't worry. 

Here are some shots of my zaggora hotpants. 

I wore them today during my cross trainer work out at home and was really impressed. Although I was fairly sweaty after my workout it was nothing in comparison to where te hotpants had been you could see house they worked after they were removed and I am super excited to be wearing then at everyone of my workouts. 

The ones I am wearing are the atomica hotpants short in a medium. 

They are £50 and worth it. 

I'm really pleased with how they feel and look forward to many happy workouts wearing then

Have you had a chance to try zaggora? 

What's your thoughts ?
I really like this brand and its products so check back next week for a post about my fav Zaggora bits !

Don't forget to leave a comment 

Love Aimee 

Picture mail <3

Things I love in a wet Friday. 

Picture mail yay especial of my little girl when she was 5 months old 

I'm completely bias but damn she's so cute ! 

Love Aimee 

Sunday 20 October 2013

Week in photos 14-20th October

Little post if photos to sum up my week. 
My new Victoria secrets pink comfy pants

More carmex = love 

food prezzo meal
Dinner out at prezzo with the gorgeous rachel her blog is here. 

Tattoo ideas. Love this but want it on my tummy 
Me and Rachel trying to cheer up a good friend. 

My work outfit for Sunday 

Love Aimee.