Sunday 28 January 2018

BEAUTY: Staks Spray Tan Review

The days are getting longer and the evenings lighter slowly but surely, we know deep down Summer is just around the corner. The cold damp winter days have really started to take a toll on our skin leaving it dry and pasty (Not a good look on anyone unfortunately). 

All hope is not lost, there are safe solutions to getting your summer glow. 

Staks Sprays are a UK based company offering wholesale supply and spray tanning qualifications. 

I have been qualify in spray tanning for 4 years, it most defiantly is an art to getting a sheer perfect finish but the main factor is the quality of the tan itself. 

Staks sprays have just launched a new tan called LAEX Tan, it is available in 500ml bottles and in 4 tan strengths. 6%, 8%, 10% And 12%. 

Choosing your strength is purely based on your natural skin tone, i am a medium tone and tan well so in the winter i would opt for an 8% and n the summer a 12%. If you burn easily i would use 6% in the winter and 8% in the summer, this will ensure it looks natural.

Why is their new tan so special I hear you ask?
Well it’s a clear liquid spray Tan, You heard me no tan guide!

I for this review spray tanned myself, and I can assure you it was no easy task. I’m pretty sure I wiped some tan on my face (this was confirmed the next morning). 
 I chose to tan at night as I actually get 5 minutes to myself and it gives the tan the longest time to develop. 

I have never worked with a clear tan before so I was dubious about how it would turn out. 
Always make sure you exfoliate and moisturise before you tan (and shave) at least 12/24 hours before the tan is applied. This will ensure you have an even tan and don’t forget to pay particular attention to your knees and elbows. 

It was easy to apply and had a pleasant fragrance, I allowed a good 5 minutes for it to dry (over precautions) even though it was touch dry fairly quickly. I then went about my evening in loose fitting pyjamas (and no bra to be safe). I wore shorts to bed ( I get ridiculously got at night and am my own personal radiator) and in the morning the bed sheets were spotless. I didn’t shower till after the morning school run allowing it to develop for over 8 hours, after my shower I then had time to study the colour and application of the tan. 

I was hugely impressed considering I tanned myself (a first for me) the tan was even and only had buildup on one of my feet. It was a nice warm glow and didn’t have that awful orange tint to it. 

The tan itself lasted a good 7/8 days before noticeably fading, and it didn’t leave residue on my clothing or bedding. 

I am really please with how it turned out.

It’s a nice easy tan to use and looks natural, I chose to use 8% as it’s a good stop gap for my skin colour in the winter months. I have noticeable scars on my legs and the tan evened out my skin tone and made the scaring less visible, i had quite a few compliments from friends after showing off my legs (totally flaunting my tanned legs... totally guilty and also not sorry HA). 

You can find all about Staks Sprays here, as well as info on how to purchase.

Staks Spray tan can be purchased online by anyone 

Please note it is recommended that this tan is used with a spray tan machine, if you choose to use it with another for of application i.e a tan mitt the results may vary and may not be an even Finnish.

*i was sent the product for review, however all views and opinions are my own. 

Saturday 6 January 2018

LIFESTYLE: Fresh start for 2018

Ok so I’m wanting to start this year as I mean to go on, no clutter, no debt, no paperwork piles, overflowing emails and to do lists. So this is what I’m putting place to empty my life of clutter and mess. 

Emptying emails - go through organise, unsubscribe and delete all emails. 

Paperwork - sort, organise, file and shred all paperwork in the house. 

Social media - unfollow all that uninteresting to me, de friend people I don’t know, clear out DMs. 

Phone - back up and delete old photos and videos, delete apps, delete old contacts 

Wardrobe - throw out all Iv not worn in 6 months or don’t fit. Turn my hangers the other way and when worn out back the opposite way. Means I can see what I don’t use. Clear out underwear and Pyjama draws. 

Beauty- throw out or donate unwanted and unused products. 

Kitchen - go to our local junk food project and donate / swap food.  Donate unwanted kitchen items 

Child - tidy toys and donate unused as well as clothing. 

This is just the start for me I would love yo hear your suggestions that I can add to my list! What do you do to feel free, uncluttered and fresh? 

Aimee x
Thursday 4 January 2018

LIFESTYLE: New Year New Attitude

New year new attitude. 

Ok so finally 2018 has landed and I finally feel like I’m in the right frame
Of mind to actually live my best life. Iv allowed my previous years to be over shadowed by life’s problems. 2017 I found myself reliving things that were holding me back, broken friendships, bad judgement, overwhelming pain and self doubt with a touch of anxiety and depression. I got lost under a whole load of emotions I didn’t want to deal with. 

I felt alone and unworthy, dealing with adulting and parenting was all too much for me, maintaining friendships and relationships wasn’t my strong point and when it hit midnight on NYE something just clicked in me. 

I am not going to let my pain rule my life. 
I am going to find my passions and strengths. 
I’m going to kick ass at parenting. 
I’m going to stop eating my emotions. 
I’m going to work hard on my marriage. 
My friendships are going to be a priority. 
I’m going to stop living under clutter and make a huge dent in the crap I own by either giving to charity, the tip or selling. 
I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep up with self care. 
I’m going to make a 5 year plan and budget. 
No more imposes buying. 

And that’s just the beginning. I have not felt this positive in years and yes I still have adulting problems I still need to sort out but I’m going to deal with them with a different attitude, I am no longer a victim .... I am a survivor and I will fight each day to ensure I better my life and the loves of those around me. 

Much love to you all. 

Wednesday 3 January 2018

LIFESTYLE: January Sale At B&M

January sales. They are for me the cherry on the top of Christmas. You find some amazing bargains. And at B&M this year they are no exception. 

In the sales I usually look for Christmas decorations and toys. Why? Because I love to get a head start on birthdays happening in the new year. I find it’s always good to have a selection of toys at home for any birthdays coming up so your not panic buying when you get a last minute invite to your child’s school friends birthday party. 

They have so so much available At B&M your literally be spoilt for choice. 

Games are great for family time, being silly and bonding. 

Soggy dog and hungry hungry hippos are now £9.99

Arts and crafts are mine and Autumns favourite thing to do to be creative and learn together, they are great for children’s to find themselves and be creative and allow them to be proud of themselves. 
My little pony creative your own glitter domes and trolls activity craft pact are only £6.99. 

We as a family have ditched the play doh and swapped it for mouldable play sand. Autumn absolutely loves it, it’s so easy to clean up (even when it gets into your carpet) you can be super creative with it too. 

You can get glittery fairy smart sand complete with tools for £6.99

This is the best time of year to plan next Christmas (don’t yell haha I know it’s premature) but you can set up next Christmas at a bargain. 

Christmas trees and decorations will have a huge mark down. 

Not to mention wrapping paper. I know I use a lot and when brought at Christmas can cost a small fortune in itself. So why not embrace the savings and get some in the sales. 

Next Christmas i really Want to make my house look more Christmassy by doing more than a tree, this will include cushions and bedspreads. B&M have some gorgeous Christmas inspired cushions for your home and I’m in love with them. 
Now only £2.99 what an amazing price. 

And every Christmas crackers are a must! So grab a bargain for £2.99 

Hope you loved this. So do leave a comment I love and reply to all. 

Happy new year my lovelies. 

Aimee xxK

And don’t forget to check out B&M in store and online