Wednesday 27 April 2016

REVIEW: InstaNatural Baby Collection

I love finding new products to try with my daughter. I stumbled upon this collection on Amazon called InstaNatural they do a large selection of products for both adults and babies. 

The 3 I got to use on Autumn are from their baby collection. 

Shampoo & body wash - with aloe Vera, vitamin E, Lavender oil and much more. 

Bubble bath - natural sunflower oil & fruit extracts. 

Shampoo - with lavender oil, Sunflower seed oil & fruit extracts. 

I really love the entire range. We have nearly got to the bottom of the bubble bath, It makes some amazing bubbles. 

I would be buying these again, Autumn loves them it's great packaging nice calm ingredients.  

They are available to buy here from amazon

do let me know if you have tried or would consider trying and how you get on.

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Lots of love from the Bradley home to you
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Tuesday 26 April 2016

REVIEW: CND Vinylux Lost Labyrinth Nail Polish

Well hello lovelies, I know its been a long ass time but I'm doing some epic blogging so I have some lined up and scheduled.

Studying beauty I get to see lots of different brands and one I have been introduced to is CND Vinylux, this is a brand I have chosen to have in my salon when it opens as my standard polish
its a great polish which boasts 7 day wear
so far I'm so pleased with it!
With the colours I have and that's a few iv not had one colour last less than 7 days unless I have to remove it for college for another reason.

The collection itself has such a varied amount of colours and it can be brought by the general public and isn't just for trained therapists.
The colour I'm showcasing today is 191 Lost Labyrinth, its a stunning green which a great shimmer which looks different in different lights. its a gorgeous shade and its defiantly one of my favourite.
It is part of the Garden Muse collection which features 5 other colours.
Crushed Rose
Beckoning Begonia
Wisteria Haze
Lost Labyrinth
Reflecting Pool
Butterfly Queen

you can buy it online HERE It is being sold at this point in time for £6.95 for it to get the long lasting look you do need to buy the CND top coat for vinylux.

And an extra bonus for me is its fast drying ! and which a toddler this is a must so it makes me love it even more!

I have over 20 and counting I hope to have every colour made one day! so here is how I store my colours and as you can see there is LOTS more room for more.

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Love Aimee