Wednesday, 19 August 2020

[AD] Zuru Rainbocorn Sweet Shake Surprise


Autumn had the best time unboxing the Sweet Shake Surprise! 

each one contains the cutest Rainbocorn that smells divine (each one has their own unique scent) and has a push button so it can repeat you and make their own super cute noises.

Autumn got the Lamacorn and Kittycorn! they are seriously the cutest!

Inside you receive the cutest Shake cup to make your slime, two slime powders, shake toppers, mixing spoon and little friend!

Autumn really loved opening the Rainbocorns and seeing who was her new Rainbocorn family member 

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

AD Kinderkraft Aston Trike Review

Kinderkraft aston trike 

I am loving the Aston trike in grey, it’s a gorgeous little trike and perfect for us. It boasts some fantastic features too 

Davin our the trike together in under an hour and ashton absolutely lives going in it. 

It is is designed for children aged 9 months to 5 years so it can adapt to your child as they grow meaning your get maximum use from it. 

It has a parent handle allowing you complete control over the trike when necessary which when they first start using it is a complete must. 

I love how it’s adaptable and can be used as a stroller when you put away the foot rests and parent face the seat unit. It completely adaptable to your needs. 

For safety it has a fully adjustable 5 point harness and safety bar. 

It comes with accessories too which include a small bag, basket, cup holder and bell. 

I absolutely love it, it’s sturdy and well made with large wheels. It is comfortable and lovely to look at. It’s a good price point for what you get. 

Ashton absolutely adores it, it looks lovely and covers all of our needs. I love the way it grows with you which is amazing 

It has a little front basket perfect for their favourite toy too. 

It’s the finishing touches that mean the world.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Joie Children's Products Co., Inc.  logo 

Presenting your lockdown saviours

~sansaTM 2in1 and multiplyTM6in1, by Joie~


Having a new baby in the middle of a lockdown is something you could never have planned for. Those early days where you can snuggle down in that new baby bubble might be a little bit trickier, particularly if you have other children to keep entertained. Don’t worry – at Joie, we have the perfect products to help stop that bubble from bursting.

Having a new baby and other children as well means you are always going to have your hands full, even in normal circumstances. The sansaTM2in1 soother by Joie is the perfect place to lay your precious bundle while you give the kiddos a bit of attention.

This multi-motion soother sways side to side, glides front to back or combines the two. This beautiful soother comes fully equipped with a three position recline, five classic lullabies, five natures sounds and dual vibration settings and has a small footprint, ideal if you are short on space.

The lightweight, lift-off seat doubles as a portable rocking seat when used off the frame for even more soothing options as little one grows. The seat also turns 90 degrees on the frame to change the direction of all the motions, for endless relaxing combinations.

So, while your tiny snoozer drifts away in a sansaTM slumber, you can make the most of your free hands to get busy baking with the kiddos, help them build a den or even take some time out for yourself.

For older kiddos, the wonder that is the multiplyTM6in1 is the perfect companion for mealtimes and beyond. This multipurpose highchair will take your dinky diner from their first dinner date through to their first playdate and every mealtime milestone in between.

Suitable from six months to six years, the multiplyTM starts out as a reclining or traditional highchair, converting into six different variations - there is something for every eventuality.

This extra time spent in doors gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different recipes for your little one to try, or let them take the lead with baby led weaning. Make meal times fun with veggie faces, different toast shapes and by sharing mealtimes as a family. It’s all made easy by the multiply’s five different height adjustments for varying table heights, as well as its ability to transform into a youth chair, booster chair and toddler play table. The multiplyTM 6in1 has all the ingredients you need for dinnertime success.

Messy play fun for lockdown success:

Little ones learn so much through touch and feel – so why not have some messy play fun with a clever mix of cornflour and water. The mixture will run through their hands like a liquid, but will act solid when they hit or pat it – and with the easy to clean multiplyTM 6in1, you don’t need to worry about the mess.


Product Special Features:

multiplyTM 6in1

  • 6 modes including baby mode highchair, traditional highchair, booster, portable booster, toddler chair and play table.
  • 5 height adjustments.
  • 3 recline positions.
  • 3 position height adjustable footrest.
  • Extra-large tray with one-hand release.
  • 4 position adjustable tray with cupholder.
  • Full coverage dishwasher safe tray insert which doubles as a placemat.
  • Clever tray storage on back legs.
  • Removable, washable, soft infant insert.
  • Removable, wipeable seat pad.
  • Integrated wheels on front legs for easy transportation. 
  • Seat and frame fold compactly and stands when folded.
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness.


Open Size: l 82.5cm x w 64.8cm x h 107.3cm
Folded Size: l 35.5cm x w 64.8cm x h 106.8cm
Product Weight: 12.2kg
Product Usage: 6 months to 15kg
Testing Certification: EN 14988:2012



sansaTM 2in1

  • Multi-motion soother sways side to side, glides front to back, or combines both for ultimate options
  • Lift-off seat doubles as a compact, portable rocker when used off the frame
  • Seat turns 90o on the frame to change the direction of all motions
  • Small footprint frame fits easily in any space
  • Cosy 3 position recline
  • Cocooned shaped seat with machine washable infant body insert and head support
  • 5 nature sounds and 5 lullabies
  • Soothing vibration
  • Toy bar with two plush toys
  • A/C power adapter or battery operated
  • Rock stop foot flips down to halt rocking motion
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness with lower buckle cover




Model: W1604
Product weight: 7.36kg
Product Size: 71.5 x 53.5 x 77.5cm
Product usage: birth to 9kg





For high res images and more information about Joie™ and the product range contact Bryony Black t: 01889 580 267 m: 07497 614 137 e:

Notes to Editors:

Joie is a global baby gear brand founded in 2011 and its products are designed with families at its heart. All Joie products are rigorously tested to the highest European standards. 

Joie works hard to educate consumers about the importance of car seat safety and the benefits of using rear facing car seats and the European i-Size standard.

Joie is the United Nations Global Partner for Road Safety through their UNITAR program (United Nations Institute of Training and Research.)

  • Joie products are designed to grow up with users from birth onwards and are feature rich with every necessity and special upgrades
  • Each product features superior quality aluminum and steel; high-grade, pure and undiluted metals; top-of-the-line plastics; and tough durable strength fabrics
  • Every piece of every product goes through extreme testing at each stage of the development and manufacturing process
  • During development, stroller and buggy canopies, reclines, brakes, fold mechanism and push bar adjustments are tested over 3,000 times.
  • For more details visit the  
  • Customer Enquiries: 0800 952 0061
  • Customer Services
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
Friday, 10 April 2020


We are always exploring new ways to incorporate play and work for autumn now that she like the whole of the UK is being homeschooled. Osmo has so many kits your have something for every mood. Autumn really loves how with create what you draw ends up on the iPad. 

When she started to draw she really didn’t think she would be very good at it and now she is so much more confident at her ability and skill. It’s been so wonderful to watch her grow. 

It also doesn’t feel like working and learning and she can spend hours going from game to game exploring and learning. 

Learning from home is a huge change for her and sometimes it’s hard to keep her attention at the task. 
We ABSOLUTELY love @playosmo it is not only fun and interactive but I know she is learning at the same time. -
It attaches to a compatible tablet and you can get all types of extras once you have the base. They have a huge collection including some super fun ones like hot wheels and learning how to draw Disney. -
Autumns already chosen the next few she would like. 

We were gifted the original creative which is the starter kit with everything you need to move on to other packs. 

We also received the coding awbie game which is amazing for problem solving and the last pack was the detective agency. It’s a fun game to keep you guessing and brush up on your detective skills 
They are having a spring sale that ends tomorrow so check it out on amazon.

You can find them here to buy now 




You can also still enter the giveaway to win some Osmo goodies 

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Keeping us sane in lock down

We are as a house hold keeping to routine as much as possible, mornings are the same, up early, breakfast, get dressed (we don’t lounge in pyjamas unless it’s a weekend) we start learning at 9am with Joe’s PE. We then move on to learning, using reading eggs and sheets from the school. We have some amazing learning books too that I will share over the coming weeks. 

I wear a foundation most days just to stop my slipping into a slump and that means a bra too. I know that my anxiety and mental health could become out of hand what with davin being at work of 13.5 hours a day now I need to keep myself as busy as possible. 

Iv started by clearing out. 

Week 1 was down stairs and although I didn’t finish it all in the week I did 95%. 

Week 2 - paining down stairs. We rent so sadly it’s just magnolia so I managed to get some industrial sized pain tubs free from Facebook market place last year so I’m using them. So far I’m on track. Today it the lounge.

Week 3 - sort upstairs this shouldn’t be too bad the hallway isn’t bad and the kids rooms should be quick. My room is the dumping ground so that’s what’s the worth. 

Week 4 - paint upstairs. Ashton’s room was done last year so. Just the others. 

Week 5 - sort the shed... this is going to be a HUGE job. 

What does lock down look like to you? 
Sunday, 5 January 2020

EVENTS : Specsavers, Heard it through the grapevine [AD]

Could you imagine living your life suffering in silence with hearing loss? Sadly this is more common than you think!
Specsavers is trying to break the stigma around hearing loss and get the word out there to get your hearing tested.
Part of their campaign included hosting a small event and giving us a taster of what it would be like to be in a loudbustling environment, all while struggling to hear.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and told about what was in store for us that evening. Wwere to be fitted with a silicone based gel which was to be inserted into our ears to replicate what it would be like to lose 70% of our hearing. Our ears were checked first to ensure they were happy and healthy to go ahead. Once we were given the all clear, a protective sponge with a little piece of string was placed inside the ear to protect the drum from the silicone gel. Once in place, the blue silicone gel was squirted into the ear. It was the strangest feeling - as it was happening your hearing literally disappeared in a flash.


The process was repeated in the other ear and voilĂ  my world became muffled and distant, it was the most surreal feeling. Not only did I lose my hearing I also felt my confidence shrink and the way I conversed with people completely changed. I focused intently on their mouths to try and catch what was being said and I feared when they would talk but look away or cover their mouth with their hands. It meant I was missing half of what was being said and just found myself nodding with agreement.

Some voices I picked up easier than others and often found myself almost staring at the person I was talking to which can imagine was a little odd for them. When talking I couldn't be distracted, no looking around the room, checking my phone or glancing away just in case I missed something important they were saying.
What's interesting in this is how we should actually, in an ideal world, converse with each other.

While there, we were to listen to a Sommelier talk to us about the delightful wines we were sampling - well this was a complete challenge! Trying to lip read from across the room was difficult and meant missing key information about each carefully selected wine. At one point I had no idea what I was drinking other than it was a red wine.


I can honestly say that I couldn't ever imagine living my life day in and day out like that, it was exhausting to try and concentrate quite so much to hear and lip read. There is such a stigma around hearing loss and the aids to help you hear and there really shouldn't be.
Technology has come so far and hearing aids are so sleek and high-tech - the options are amazing. Don’t forget, hearing tests are FREE!

You do not have to suffer in silence. Head on over to or pop to your local store to get booked in with the audiologist.
Thursday, 2 January 2020

LIFESTYLE : Happy new year 2020

Hi everyone I am so happy to say happy New Year and happy new decade, I am absolutely pants are sticking to resolutions, normally by January 15 I forgotten what they were I fallen off the wagon and I’ve lost all hope, this year and this decade I’m going to set myself some goals that I will find achievable that will better my life and the people in it.
These are the girls I’ve come up with so far

  1. Reach 20,000 Instagram followers
  2. Gel my nails once a month
  3. Register fully as self-employed
  4. No takeouts for January
  5. No alcohol in January
  6. Increase my social media presence on Twitter and Facebook
  7. Write five blogs a month
  8. D clutter my home 
  9. aim to move out within a year
  10. Restructure our finances
  11. Get healthy Both physically and with what I eat. 
I’ve chosen 10 start off with some will be done quicker than others, some I can actually do today, Sam will take me the whole year! But I’m going to give each one and then my best shot to achieve it. 

I’m not setting myself a weight loss number, because that will set me up to fail because that’s how I work so instead I’m opting to see small lifestyle improvements, like being out to run after my children and not get out of breath 

I’m registering as self-employed today, and I’m really really excited about it. 

I’m starting off in my kitchen also and clearing through every cupboard one by one and donating everything to the charity shop. 

I’m going to aim to write up my blog post in one sitting as a draft and then edit them as I want them to go live. 

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2020?