Monday 13 February 2012

My Weekend #1

Right so i had a pretty awesome weekend this week to be honest, filled with lots of bits!

So here is a little brief summery of what i got up too!

Firstly Friday night consisted of a power cut, so malteasers by candle light was dinner! the electricity came back on at 3 am and the entire house lit up and woke me up !

Saturday i drove to London for the TOWIB meet up, there has bee really mixed view on this HOWEVER i really really enjoyed myself.

I meet Hayley and helped her out and signed everyone in, i got some really useful information and got to oggle at a cute Ausie. Meet some AMAZING people had a giggle ate some scones and got a cupcake.

Did i mention there was wigs? it was fun and i wish i could have stayed till the end, there was one point where i zoned out and that was only because i wasn't at that stage with my wee little blog yet, but as i said i got to oggle.

I love scones = top food for me couldn't get to the jam and cream though :O( my own fault couldn't be bothered to fight to get to it, wanted to have a good old chin wag instead.

On the way home i did some sight seeing round London

I came home to a wonderful little package from a little ebay shopping
2 next bras for £7 including shipping
Both brand new with tags = WIN

Sunday i worked, i have a Sunday job working for a Wedding ring company and i do the wedding fairs for them, so i spend a good 6 hours talking to gorgeous and excited brides!

Sunday night my friend jenny came over and did my hair for me, unfortunately the budget does not stretch to salon prices for dying and highlighting, so we took it upon ourselves to pop to Sally's and get the goods needed to highlight our own barnets.

it totalled £50 and we will get at least 4 full heads of highlights out of it

We opted to ATTEMPT the hand woven technique

So i went from this

To looking like this ... we may have needed some improvisation on the heating part

Finally looking like this

I am so happy with my hair colour!

Love Aimee



  1. Great photos.I´ve read alot of this event and there was one really rude post.But I think it was a good event.Unfortunately I don´t live in London otherwise I would have been there too.
    xoxo Sabrina

    1. i really enjoyed myself was a great mingle seshion and meet some great people

      Aimee xx

  2. Woahhhh look at my pose!!! hahahaha

    brave lady highlighting your own hair.. nice to be a bit lighter for Spring :)

    1. hehe thanks hun, and it was pretty easy we got all the proper stuff from sallys and ta daaa xxx