Saturday 29 October 2016

LIFESTYLE: Pumpkin picking at Pickwell farm Southampton
Autumn has never been one of my favourite seasons, why you ask well you see it's getting darker and colder meaning morning are harder to wake up to even with a hyper pre schooler, I'm crap at layering clothing and still looking trendy! Asunder is just easier to dress for. 
It means winter is next and I hate being so cold and even more paying to have heat in my home. Finally the arrival of October means it's my birthday and I'm at the age where I'm quite old enough thank you. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

But it's my daughters last autumn before starting school next year (don't like the sound of that either) and I want to make sure every day, moment and memory counts. So with the help of my best friend Laura we together are helping make memories with each other for our pre schoolers. 

We decided to go pumpkin picking (I've never done it) nor has Laura and Autumn and wyatt are older now so it's the perfect time. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon

So off we went Laura, wyatt, twins Luna & Zeke plus Autumn and I to Pickwell Farm Southampton

We got there around 11am and spent a good 3 hours whilst the older two ran and squealed with excitement.

pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

 I was on twin and pushchair duty easier than trying to navigate my walking stick on the farm terrain. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon

I kept the twins content and entertained singing and being silly whilst miss muscle aka Laura was in wheelbarrow duty but this didn't stop Autumn and Watt giving it their best shot. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon
pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon
pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

Autumn and wyatt were on the great pumpkin search. Together they worked like a well oiled bickering like brother and sister (figuratively speaking) team

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon
pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon

There were so many to choose from and they loved it. The fresh air lots of girls to run through they had a blast. After the duo picking nearly 20 pumpkins (to decorate and split between us) we decided that was quite enough pumpkins plus Laura still had to wheel the back through the farm to the car. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon
pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

we went for a wonder round and had some fun picking corn, raspberries and strawberries too. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southamponpumpking picking pickell farm southampon
pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

By this time all were pretty tired pit so navigated back to the shop where the staff were so welcoming and we brought a few more fruits from the shop. 

The cost of the day is what you make it to be we spent around £45 on everything.  Including a weeks worth of fruit for each household

It was an exceptionally fun day and exceeded my expectations I'm glad we went on Monday as by Wednesday the 27th they had nearly sold out. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

We will definitely be going back next year to kick off half term again, the kids LOVED it. And we got some amazing memories which you can't get by popping up the supermarket and grabbing a pumpkin from there, it's just not the same. 

pumpking picking pickell farm southampon

Have you done any fun Autumn activities you think we should try? 

pumpking picking pickell farm southampon dream1ncolour

Friday 28 October 2016

REVIEW: Specsavers Cath Kidson range

Picking out glasses can be a bit of a chore to be honest from booking the appointment, having the year to finally picking one pair of glasses you will be wearing quite possibly day in day out. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses

It's not easy at all and for those having to wear glasses for the first time (cough my husband) they (he) could be embarrassed they are hitting the point where glasses will be a necessity. Iv work glasses since I was a teenager so I'm over the whole teasing thing but no matter what your age there are always the odd few who will take the Micky thinking its a giggle. My husband refuses to wear his and they have been sat in the draw since getting them. He is still in denial lucky his prescription is so low that currently they are not a necessity. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses

For me they are, over the years I have had some horrendous glasses choices and to be honest when I started to wear them choice was very limited unlike now, specsavers for me is like being a kid in a candy store, so many brands and styles to choose from and the best bit there is now a style that will suite everyone.

Specsavers have teamed up with so many fantastic brands and designers you are spoilt for choice.

One of the latest collaborations is with Cath Kidson their collection has both adult and teen styles and I have to tell you some of them are totally gorgeous. 
I was asked to pick a pair to test drive and review, i cannot tell you how happy this has made me. Choosing just one was the difficult part as each one in the collection is gorgeous in its own right. 

The entire experience with specsavers in Havant was exceptional, they were very polite and answered all my questions and helped me as I stood and tried on the entire collection before choosing a pair with their help. My daughter (Autumn 3) wasn't very helpful and just wanted to try them on too. 

In the collection there are 17 styles some of which come on various colours making it a total of 22 in the collection. All design basis have been covered half rim/full rim, metal/plastic and way out there to simple and pretty. 

I totally fell in love with Cath Kidston 01 in blue, which Is a perfect place to start. It also comes in red and black (which has a lot more floral). 

specsavers cath kidson glassesspecsavers cath kidson glasses
specsavers cath kidson glasses

Next is 02 black and floral style with narrower lenses. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses
03 is available in two colours, Red and black. Both have the polkadot arms and a narrower lens area. 

specsavers cath kidson glassesspecsavers cath kidson glasses

04 is a very simple pink and dark purple design where the colour is more than enough to make the pair look amazing. 
specsavers cath kidson glasses
05 is the first metal pair in the collection it's dark blue with floral sides. 
specsavers cath kidson glasses

06 this is my favourite metal pair in the collection I love the soft pink with the black and floral arms. 
specsavers cath kidson glasses

07 both metal and half frame compete with the classic floral arms. 
specsavers cath kidson glasses

08 the second half frame pair are gorgeous pink with black and floral arms. 

09 lovely red and black design with floral arms. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses

10 is very similar to 04 however it's more of a square shape. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses

All of the adult glasses frames are priced at £125.00. 

specsavers cath kidson glasses sunglasses
The range also offers 2 sunglasses on the collection priced at £125. I have to say the bottom pair is my favourite I love the over sized frame. 

They also offer a teen collection which also includes sunglasses and all are priced at £99.00 a pair. 

specsavers cath kidson teen glasses sunglasses

specsavers cath kidson teen glasses sunglasses

specsavers cath kidson teen glasses sunglasses

It was so hard choosing but I settled on 1 pair which was 01 I love the shape and how it compliments my face and features 

specsavers cath kidson glasses

Which is your favourite pair? And what are your thoughts in the collection?

dream1ncolour blog specsavers cath kidson glasses

Sunday 23 October 2016

PARENTING: Amazon Paw Patrol Christmas Gift Guide

don't know about your children but my daughter Autumn is Paw Patrol mad! She loves it and wants it all so with this in mind I thought (ensured by my over excited 3 year old) to do a paw patrol gift guide for your little ones. 
Everything I have shown is available to buy from Amazon. I've included. Selection of items for all price ranges with stocking fillers to big presents as well as for both boys and girls. 

Amazing prices are correct at the time of publish. 
All items were found doing a general search for paw patrol on Amazon. I have not left links for each individual item due to amazing products coming and going so fast.

paw patrol pyjamaspaw patrol pyjamas
Pyjamas are a Christmas must have, perfect for your Christmas Eve box if you do them. 
The pyjamas are priced between £10.00 and £12.50. You can search for them here under paw patrol pyjamas

paw patrol blanketpaw patrol blanket

Fleece blankets a winter must have, nothing better than snuggles on the sofa with hot chocolate and a lovely warm blanket. Search Amazon under paw patrol blanket. There are lots of styles to choose from. These two are priced between £4.45 plus £2.99 postage to £7.49 with free postage. 

paw patrol bedding sets paw patrol bedding sets
New bedding is the best thing ever especially to get into bed on Christmas Eve, another great idea for the Christmas Eve box. Searched Amazon for paw patrol duvet sets these two are priced from £11.00 to £13.00 both with free shipping. 

paw patrol dvd

Christmas needs a awesome Christmas dvd and this is great for the Christmas Eve box teamed with the above items will be a Christmas Eve box like no other. look under paw patrol dvd and is £6.99. 

paw patrol robe paw patrol robe

Bathrobes perfect from Santa for the morning or in the Christmas Eve box so your little ones are super snugly these are available to search on Amazon under paw patrol robe and cost £12.79 to £16.95

paw patrol costume marshallpaw patrol costume rubblepaw patrol costume skypaw patrol costume chase

Dress up! Every child loves imagination play and these are going to be a Christmas hit for any paw patrol fan. Autumn has chase it was her Halloween costume choice but she will be getting one from Santa and one from mummy and daddy. Search Amazon under paw patrol costume and a variety will show, the above are priced from £14.49. 

paw patrol custom book

Books make great stocking stuffers and are well priced too. The first is a personalised book so your child can feature in the story! How cool is that? It's £13.99 and definitely on the Santa list in this house. check it out here on amazon under paw patrol custom books.

paw patrol plate setspaw patrol plate sets
Plate sets! Nothing wrong with practical gifts (these are usually from Santa in our home as mummy and daddy give the best presents). Search under paw patrol plate sets and a lovely selection will be these two are £8.99 each. 

paw patrol back pack & lunch boxpaw patrol back pack & lunch box

Back packs and lunch boxes another necessity perfect to come from Santa this set is £12.95 and a great price for two pre school or play date items. Search backpacks. 

paw patrol colouring tablepaw patrol colouring book

Every child loves to be creative so colouring is always a safe option the colouring book is £3.99 and the table is £8.55 both are great presents and the book is a good stocking stuffer. Search paw patrol colouring and they will be there. 

paw patrol play dohpaw patrol kenetic sand
Both of these have been requested by my daughter. 
Play doh is always a hit and this is £14.99
The kinetic sand looks pretty cool and is £14.87

paw patrol puzzlepaw patrol bowling set skittles

Finally I will leave you with these 2 lovely little gifts which your paw patrol pup will love. 
Puzzles are a huge hit in this house this particular one is £5.79 and found under paw patrol puzzle, they have lots to choose from. 
Bowling / skittles is a good family activity and at £8.99 it's some good fun for the family to bond. 

Hope you like my selection for your very own paw patrol pup! Let me know if you have any suggestion of paw patrol must haves for Christmas. 

Love Aimee