Tuesday 29 May 2012

Summer Drinks with Alfie

Summer is hopefully around the corner and I am a big fan of bbq's, sun and easy drinks. Alfie are indevidual cans which are pre made un a selection of flavours.

I got to try gin & tonic, gin & slimline tonic and vodka & orange.

Make sure that it is chilled before drinking as it just makes it taste the little bit better.

I liked them all I always enjoy gin & tonic so the slimline version at 28 calories per 100ml it is deffinatly my top choice.

They are easy to prepare - chill, open and drink

They are a bargain price too at £1 each available from morrisons & Iceland

They taste like they have been make in a bar I have gone and brought more for a few parties I have attended and it's just so convenient.

If you are an avid calorie counter like myself here are the stats for you

The cans are 250ml

Gin & tonic 170calories per can
Gin & slimline tonic 70 calories per can
Vodka & Orange 192.5 calories per can
So there you have a quick and convenient summer drink so fill your boots and enjoy the sunshine but remember drink safe stay safe and don't be silly

Love Aimee

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Moving this June

I'm too excited we have decided to move house to a bigger more grown up house, so this is our new home move in date is June 11th and i cant wait!

I have a massive rant brewing about our current letting agency which i am going to apologise in advance for as i have to share but not in this post!

So this is my country chic home!

Please ignore the floral wall paper that is not staying lol! it is coming unfurnished so be aware there will be home shopping posts coming as i am a little excited!

Love Aimee


Tuesday 8 May 2012

Bank holiday shopping

Bank holiday shopping

So I went on a little shopping trip with my sister haven't been shopping for a while but she asked to go to town to get a new games console so i treated myself to some spring bargains

First stop was t k max popped in to check out the home ware section as I am moving house in 4 weeks but walked out with a much needed rolling pin, recipe journal and documents holder.
They are by Emma bridgewater and were £7.99 each :D

Next on to pilot to get some much needed black leggings 2 for £8 my complete wardrobe essential! mine are literally falling apart so HAD to buy new ones!

New look was an off the cuff decision when I saw a sale sign I am a sucker for a sale, grabbed a lilac beat top for £2 and a peach top for £4. Some lace knickers 3 for £7 as I needed some pretty essentials.

Last but not least on to next to pick up a new dining set for my new home that I ha my eye on £32 love it completely perfect country chic.

What do you think of my little spending spree?

Love Aimee


Resistance Bands

I am new to owning a resistance band but adding it to my at home or in gym work outs has really made a difference, i am trying to get fit for 2 reasons i want a baby and for this i need to shed some very unwanted weight and secondly i am going to my best friends wedding this June in Ibiza.

So i am sharing all of my journeys with you sorry guys! i am a sharer so i want you to know if you care to read how i am getting  in my life lets face it if your like me you will want to know (i love a good nose) so i am going all out getting my butt in gear and searching for a healthier lifestyle.

Mt favourite phrase that is used by the gorgeous Jillian Michael's a former trainer of the biggest looser USA is " you can eat your way through any amount of exercise" and wow isn't that the truth - yesterday for instance i go for a jog not a big one but a jog none the less came home fell to temptation and ate pretty much a WHOLE packet of ginger nut and Bourbon biscuits. I knew when i was shoving them in my mouth what i was doing was not good yet could i stop ? could i heck! not until i stuffed so many that i felt physically sick did i stop.. why? god knows maybe i was bored unhappy or generally being a twat.

So enough of my ramble onto why i am actually writing this post my new and shiny resistance band - i chose red which is medium resistance for beginners or intermediates.

You can if your going away take this with you as they are light weight so you can grab a workout even on holiday!!

The best moves for use with a resistance band are


do sets of 12 and the last 2 squats should be a challenge if they are not then get a band with more resistance.

stand in the middle of your band feet shoulder width apart hold on to the ends of the band one end in each hand and keep your hand bent towards your shoulders, keep them there and proceed into a squat.

Bent over Rows

place one foot on the band and take a step backwards with the other, holding one end of the band in each hand. Keeping your arms straight bend forwards about 45degrees with a flat back and pull your hands towards your waist, elbows close together then lower again. remember to squeeze your shoulder blades as you do the rowing motion.

Alternate Lying Chest Presses

Lie on your back, place the band underneath your upper back holding the ends in each hand, extend one hand upwards towards the ceiling return to starting position and repeat with other arm.

Diagonal wood chops

feet hip width apart, loop the band under your left foot and grasp either end in each hand,. Keeping your hands together, reach towards your left foot, bring the band up and over your right shoulder, in a wood chopping motion remember keep your feet stationary as the movement is upper body. do 12-15 reps and repeat other side.

Triceps Extension

hold the end of the band in your left hand and take your arm behind your back, now grab the other end of the band with your right arm and take your right wrist behind your neck elbow out to the side. fully extend your right arm and return to the start- repeat other side.

Lateral Rows

stand on the band feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. grasp the end of the band, palms facing each other, arms hanging by your sides with your elbows slightly bent. Raise your arms out to the side, to shoulder height, keeping your elbows bent and return to start and repeat.

Biceps Curls

stand on the middle of the band with your feet shoulder width apart, and your knees slightly bent. To get into the start position, grasp one end of the band in each hand with an under grip so your hands are facing forward. Let your arms hand loosely from your shoulder joint , with your elbows close to your sides. In a controlled movement flex your elbows and curl your arms up to shoulder height, return to the start and repeat.

This information has come from health and fitness magazine and i refer to it 3 times a week to include it into my fitness regime t mix things up a bit, why not give it a try and don't forget to let me know if you do.

want your very own resistance band i got mine from ebay - heres the link

Love Aimee


Wednesday 2 May 2012

Afternoon Refreshments With Bottle Green

I love finding new food and drink products that I have never had before and sometimes you want a light refreshment instead of a glass of wine especially if it's your turn to drive or are pregnant.

Bottle green have a great substitute in there sparkling press range I was very lucky and got to try the pomegranate & elderflower presse it's a light and refreshing natural flavours with sparkling water.
They really tasted great, and it is something I will be drinking a lot of when I finally fall pregnant, it's something I know I can drink and not wish I was drinking alcohol.

I love the packaging it's really classy, looks great when you take it to a dinner party and it is quite reasonably priced. £2.39 for 750ml something which I would buy.

It doesn't contain any artificial colour, flavour or sweeteners, You can get them from most supermarkets.

Would you consider trying then ? Or have you in the past?

Love Aimee

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Running A - Z #3

So late but not least i have come to the final part of my running A-Z this time i am looking at Q - Z

so lets begin

Q - Quadriceps

these muscles are at the front of the thighs and are what give the power when you run, remember we don't like injury so ALWAYS stretch them after each run.

R - Race for life 

This is a short 5k race and is great is your a person who loves to raise money for a cause and get healthy doing it. I did it last year it was hard work but really good fun!

S - Stretching

As already mentioned above this is so important to do AFTER a workout research shows that stretching before can reduce muscle strength.

T - Trail running

off road running not going to lie doest appeal to me as i have issues running on a road let alone when i could fall and trip even easier however doing trails is better for your joints and strengthens your legs.

U - Unstructured

there is a method from Sweden that is called Fartlek which means speed play, during your run you alternate between walking, running, jogging and sprinting to keep your body on its toes keeps your routine a little fresh and helps speed up calorie burn.

V - Very cute Kit

According to Health and fitness magazine they believe that having a workout kit which is swoon worthy gives you more motivation to put it on and get fit so ladies go get some swoon worthy practical running get and get your butts on the road!

W - Wild training

Go to fitness camps, boot camps or fitness weekend retreats and train with like minded people keeps you motivated and fit!
I am not going to a lie a week on a beach does seem a little more appealing haha!

X - Xteme races

this is something i cannot see my self doing however if your a avid marathon runner ha which i can assure you i am not why not try an ultra marathon .... yup you go it this is the 26.2 mile run and then some. I think i will be giving an ultra marathon a miss.. how about you?

Y - Yoga

i really want to try yoga but getting a great class where i live seams a little bit of a challenge, practing yoga breathing can help you run  and work at a higher intensity as well as improving your posture and balance so get in your downward facing dog and breath damn it!

and finally


sleep the best part of the day ad one of the most important, as you need sleep to function and is crucial for recovery and repair. So if your training make sure you get a good nights sleep in as this helps produce the human grown hormone which is a necessity for repair of the body so every night get a full 7-8 hours sleep in.

So there you have it my running A-Z , I hope you have enjoyed reading it and don't forget to check back for more health and fitness tops to get you into great shape

Love Aimee