Friday 15 August 2014

Maddison's & IBD raindrops gel notd

Love purple and sparkle 
I have used ibd raindrops gel polish with Maddison's hg158 purple chunky glitter. 

I love how they work together and did this stubbing colour combination on my best friend. 

What are your thoughts ? 

Love aimee 

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Summer family photos

Having children has really made me rethink making memories and taking photos. 
It got to the point I was uninterested in taking photos to remember my day until  I had my daughter now I am snap happy. 

Here are some shots my best friend took of my little girl and family 

These are by far some of my favourite images of my family thanks to Rachel x 

 Here is her blog

Monday 11 August 2014

Feeling crafty

I love feeling creative and since becoming a mum I enjoy it even more. 
So here I am show casing some things I have put together and made and am so very proud of !!! 

Made for my husband for Father's Day this year. From my daughter 

This is the start of my daughters name I will hopefully so autumn so watch yes space. 

The bunting I'm really proud of I love it ! And all home made as well as our forst ever family painting. 

Wine glasses done lots Of these now. 

Glitter jars and shoes too!!

What do you think ? 

What do you do in you spair time ? 

Love Aimee 


Sunday 10 August 2014

Korres party survival kit

God I feel super lucky. Korres is a staple brand in my home and this landed on my doorstep the other week. 

It's amazing for holidays especially if you plan on partying your ass off and drinking a crap tone of alcohol it has some staple beauty items your skin will be crying out door after sun and alcohol excess.

Everything is designed to go into your hand luggage. 
All under 100ml and I couldn't wait to take it in holiday with me l.

You receive 5 items for £19.00

White tea tree liquid gel cleanser 
Wild rose 24 hour moisturising lotion
Aloe & dittany shampoo
Guava shower gel
Basil lemon body milk

It's a really great little collection with everything you need to rehydrate your skin and keep yourself healthy. 

It's £19 and for the brand it's worth it. 
You can get it from 

Have you used it or would you consider it ?

Love Aimee 


Korres holiday in Greece

I am a huge HUGE fan of korres it's such a great brand with really lovely products. 

So naturally got very excited when I was asked to review their travel packs. 

So this is holiday in Greece. 

It contains miniatures perfect for your holiday! All under 100ml so can go on a plane in your hand luggage. 

And they all smell yummy. 

You receive. 

Aloe & dittany shampoo 
Basil lemon shower gel
Basil lemon body milk 
Guava shower gel
Guava body butter

It's £19 and you get a great collection 

Have you used it ? I cracked it open on my holiday to Spain and it was perfect. !!! 

Love Aimee 


My first baking attempt

I am no cook, but have always loved the idea of baking. 
It's something I would like to be able to share with my daughter and teach her so she's a far better version of me! 

So I grabbed a princess box from tesco and here it is my first baking attempt in 3 years LOL

Ok so I am the first to admit that they could be a lot better and yes I know they are a box bake but they were pretty yummy and have made me feel like I can only get better !!!

Love Aimee xx

Love my playsuit <3

I have searched for a long ass time to fine me a good playsuit I totally love and I found my bad boy on a buying page on Facebook. 
It's brand is Amy's London and it's beautiful so I am sharing.  

It has literally taken me a really long time to find this bad boy. 
So what are your thoughts ?

Love Aimee