Sunday 13 July 2014

Blue sky colour change gel polish

Really love this it's blues sky colour change gel polish £6 eBay so far the longevity of its really great 
And it look stubbing changes colour with heat. 
I only have the 3 pictures below but would defiantly consider getting more. 

Love aimee


Summer nails notd

I love being silly with polish this was a fun creation I did to myself last week when it was raining outside 

Saturday 5 July 2014

Loreal Paris collection exclusive by Frieda review

Love a good lipstick treat and loreal have some beauties our currently I couldn't help myself. 

£8.19 later I was the proud owner of this stunning lippie.

Frieda nude available in store or online at

It apply a really well and is smooth colour wonderful for during the day for a splash of colour and it has a shimmer to last you to the evening so very versatile. 

Big losses 

Love Aimee 


Friday 4 July 2014

Lully lash my first attempt at Indevidual lashes

Hi ladies 
One day I hope to have my own business, so I have been having training classes aside from college, I decided to first go for individual one on one lashes. I found a great recommended trainer called Lully lash, they actually have a number of other courses on offer.

I had a good hour or more of anatomy and physiology and intense learning before I had the opportunity to work on my gorgeous friend Lauren who was kind enough to offer me her eyes for training purposes.
Lully lash indeviduel eyelash extensions

For my first ever try at doing lashes I was really proud of myself, it was defiantly a really interesting art to master and I’m telling you it will take another few hundred sets before I manage to get my time to what it should be and the technique and application to a really high standard. 

Love Aimee