Wednesday 4 December 2019

PARENTING: Bounty Pack [AD]

Bounty packs are every new parents must have, they are completely free and easily accessible but sadly iv realised that not all parents are aware of them or their entitlement to them.
The packs are designed to help parents in the transition to parenthood, you can download he bounty app from your phones app store and gain access to the packs that can be collected from Tesco, Asda or Boots.
The mum to be pack can be collected from the above store and the contents of the pack will vary depending on weather it comes from Asda or Tesco.
Mum to be - Tesco
Fred & Flo nappies size 1
Travel size sudocrem
Persil and Comfort sample
Bounty buying guide magazine
pregnacare leaflet
Beaming baby gift voucher
Mum to be - Asda
Little angles nappies size 1
Little angles sensitive baby wipes travel size
George vest
Travel size sudocrem
Persil and comfort sample
Bounty buying guide magazine
pregnacare leaflet
Beaming baby gift voucher
Once baby has arrived you get you new born pack, this is usually given to you at hospital.
New born
Pampers nappies size 1
Sudocrem care and protect travel size sample
Huggies pure baby wipes full size
child benefit form
Beaming baby gift voucher
shephers friendly information leaflet
Ocardo discount voucher
Sepsis trust information leaflet
Bpas contraception leaflet
Huggies Pure leaflet
Bounty leaflet
meningitis information leaflet
I think the samples within the packs are fantastic, having a baby can get super expensive and every little helps, they are staple products you will use with your new born.
i especially love the huggies pure wipe they are fantastic and i still use them, they are a personal favourite.
the leaflets within the packs are a great source of information for new mums, information on sepsis and meningitis are thing we are parents need to be fully aware of. 
you can find outmore information from and the app can be downloaded from HERE
have you had your bounty packs when you were expecting?
Wednesday 23 October 2019

[AD] Fashion : Cucu Fashion

There is nothing i LOVE more than a nice new pair of shoes to wear and break in!
I absolutely fell in love with this Nilann grey flatform trainer from Cucu Fashion, they are gorgeous and the images do not do them justice, what is even better they are so comfortable, its like I'm walking on clouds.
They retail at £24.00 which i thinks a great price for some gorgeous kicks.
They can be dressed up or down and are so very comfortable.
Cucu Fashion has so many styles to choose from for all different tastes, it was so hard to decide on a pair.
You can bag yourself 10% off of your order using the code AIMEE10
Wednesday 16 October 2019

[AD] TOYS: Thunderbirds Are Go New Toys

The excitement in my house is real when we heard all NEW thunder birds were hitting the screens again and that Bandai we’re releasing a whole new range of toys to match. 

They released the toys in time for Thunderbirds Day! What an amazing celebration. 

Growing up the Thunderbirds were always on the TV, my dad and brother was HUGE fans, so naturally I followed suite. 

I love the new collection of toys which are now available to buy and honest o had so much fun explaining them all to Autumn! She couldn’t wait to play with them! 

We received two action figures who are the mechanic and Virgil as well as the TB1 & TB3 motion vehicles and we completed the collection with the TB2 rescue motion vehicle. 

Also available to purchase is the TB4 rescue Vehicle. 

Playing and exiling these to Autumn Brought back so many happy memories of my childhood! I Adore thunderbirds and I honestly cannot wait for Autumn to be as big a fan as I am. 

To find out more about the collection check out
Friday 11 October 2019

TOYS: [AD] Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise- World Egg Day

There is nothing more exciting than hatching a surprise.. Zuru have released the Rainbocorn Big now suppose which comes with 25 surprises for you to discover. 

Honestly I think I got more excited than Autumn! They are so amazing and would make a great present for your little ones to open on Christmas. 

The big bow surprise has so so much with lots of cute toys and activity’s. 

From little unicorns to hair accessories and glitter tattoos!  

Also available is the Sparkle heart Rainbocorn which is perfect for a stocking filler! They have a series you can collect and after seeing just how cute they are I would love to try and collect them all. 

Seeing the Giant golden egg “hatch” was so exciting... Autumn received in the egg the cutest Bowie, some tiny toys, a unicorn headband, slap band, hair bits and rings, glitter tattoos, gel pens and stickers.

In her little egg she got nibbles the cutest purple mouse !

Monday 30 September 2019

TOYS : Scruff-A-Loves Families #AD

This was such a cute toy to un-box, in this you get the mummy and babies and you can either get twins or triplets. 

It starts as a ball and you wash it and lather it up in water and it starts to unravel and the babies show. It’s super cute ! Autumn absolutely loved it. 

Once they have arrived and you can see how many babies you have you dry them and brush them. 

Make sure to not put the hot dryer too close or have it too hot ! It will melt the fit otherwise.  

They are honestly so cute. They come with little accessories and willy Ive hour of imagination play for your little ones. 

Thursday 29 August 2019

PARENTING: Mama Hug Gift Boxes

I want to share with you this amazing small business that I discovered on Instagram recently; it’s Mama Hug, firstly let’s talk about the name! It’s amazing because when we are on the journey to becoming a mum we could really do with a hug. They ship out to you ready made gift boxes full of must have items for your vaginal labour, section and breastfeeding journey. As new mums we are severely neglected, we are sent home sometimes within hours of having a baby either via major surgery or vaginally we are then left
To our own devices to care for another human whilst not having the time to even pee. It’s exhaustingly and daunting and not every new mum has a support network. 

Here is what the company have to say about their boxes. 

“Postpartum Care Kits
Wouldn’t it be nice if we nurtured new mums the way we nurture new babies? Unfortunately when it comes to postpartum care, mums are so often at the back of the queue. Yes, childbirth is beautiful, but even the most straightforward of deliveries can leave mum feeling battered and bruised.
It was this thought that grew into Mama Hug – a postpartum gift service for new mums. Moving away
from traditional ‘push presents’ and baby shower gifts, our selection of postpartum care kits are designed with one goal in mind – to get mum on the
You can choose from the Arrival Survival, which is perfect for natural deliveries, the Caesar Easer; ideal for C-Section mums; and the Bosom Buddy; an essential selection for breastfeeding mamas.
We like to think of our care kits as a helping hand for new mums who have just been through what may well be the most physically enduring experience of their lives. And anyway, why does baby, who is happiest in a pair of willing arms, always get the best gifts?
We hope you enjoy the selection and welcome your feedback. Find us @mamahuguk”

These will make the best gifts, a useful gift that will get used and appreciated. They start off at £69.99 and are worth every penny. 

They have 3 boxes available to purchase - 

The arrival survival 
The Caesar easer
The Bosom buddy 

I honesty recommend any new breastfeeding mum or nun to be to have a look at what they offer and maybe pop it on your push present list. 

Check them out here 

Monday 19 August 2019

DAYS OUT: Finkly Down Farm - AD

The farm itself is situated in a business park in Andover, it’s quite a straightforward route from Portsmouth’s direction. 

It’s a huge space to explore, they have both indoor and outdoor things for the kids to do. As you walk in there is the gift shop and then feeding station where there are a lot of hungry (greedy) goats. 

The indoor space consists of picnic area and cafe as well as a huge amount of soft play for all ages. 
Down side is parents do not supervise their children so there are over twos in the under two section putting the fear of god into the mums of the babies in there. 

Autumn loved the soft play there was all different types of areas for her to explore and get rid of any excess energy. It is honestly HUGE! And there is ample seating for parents to take a 5 minute respite. 

They have so many signs with information on all different animals, it’s an amazing learning environment for children, there is not only lots to learn but amazing talking points for questions and discovery. 

They have so many outdoor activities alongside the animals. 
Crazy golf
Outdoor play area
Mini pool
Truck driving 
Sand pit
Sheep racing 
Birds of prey display 

And so much more. 

Honestly every time you visit you can discover more.

The farm is open 10-6 daily and have new baby meerkats too! This was such a wonderful surprise as we love meerkats. 

I highly recommend Finkley down farm, it will be fun for all the family and be sure to tire out the little ones. 
Autumn had a great day and was so sad when it was time to go! We can’t wait to start planning our next visit. 

*This was a gifted visit, all views and opinions are my own.