Thursday 16 February 2012

LensCases Review

I am a glasses and contact lens wearer (wish i had 20/20 vision) or even the money to get lasic!

Until then i am bound to contact Lenscases and glasses cases and every girl who love cute and funky needs to funk up her holdall's.

I was asked to pick something from to trial and review

i picked these beauties

Ok so i will start with the cutest first!

3D froggy screw top contact lens case.

Ok so this comes in 4 colours, pink, blue, Orange and green
I of course picked pink!
Its gorgeous, and the best bit i have paid the same amount for a bog standard lens case which isn't me at all. i figured if i am stuck with contact lenses for god knows how long then i may as well insert a bit of me into the thing they sleep in at night.

This little accessory is £2.49

Its easy to use and inside the froggy on one side has a R to let you know which is which!

I also fell in love with this

Black Polka dot glasses case

I am personally a massive fan of polka dots and this is perfect, it is well made and looks gorgeous

it costs £5.99

which for a sturdy well made and stylish glasses case is a great price.

The best part shipping is only £1.95 per order
Its also pretty speedy delivery!


Are you a glasses or contact lens wearer like myself?

check out their website

they have a huge collection of cases !

Love Aimee



  1. Oh my goodness! That contact case is adorable!! Never knew you could get cute contact cases :) xx

  2. SO CUTE! I want those contact cases, need to find a site that sells them in the US!