Thursday 29 March 2012

GHD Style Smooth & Finish Serum Review

This is my first ever use of any GHD product other than my hair straighteners, my friends used them but i have never though past my straighteners with the GHD brand.

I love my straighteners i live and die by them, i use them more often than i should and to be honest my hair becomes a little fluffy and hard to handle.

I was asked if i would chose a product from the GHD range and give it a go, so i settled on Smooth & Finish Serum to tame my wild barnet. I have recently highlighted my hair the condition is less than perfect and think my hair is not far off a good 50% of women out there, over styled over coloured and under loved.

So i have literally put it to the test!

On first impressions i like the box its a great classic design very suited to the brand and i feel it represent them well. You get 30ml of product in a very sleek black pump action bottle, it looks pretty hot in amongst my hair products i must say! Its fairly light weight and black (this concerns me as you don't know how much product you have left until its all gone and knowing my luck i will run out just before an important business meeting!)

I pumped out 2 good squirts of product and massaged in between my hands applied to my hair keeping away from my roots.Decided i wanted a third squirt to be on the safe side and my hair actually settled down it left it looking shiny NOT greasy and left it smooth for the whole day. The next day all i had to do was run my straighteners over just to re vamp and re fresh my hair and i was good to go.

This is a really great product, but it is £14.95 for 30ml now it depends how much you need to make your hair look good on if its value for money.

I like the way it feels its not greasy but would i buy it again? only if i had a really healthy wage packet that month.

you can check out the entire GHD hair product collection HERE

They are really worth a look at and if you have the money to try it then go for it you wont be disappointed!

Have you used any of the GHD hair products? How did you get on with them?

Don't forget to leave a comment

Love Aimee

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*Disclosure -  I was asked to review this product, all views are my own and my opinion is completely honest**
Wednesday 28 March 2012

My Pink Box Supprise

I after a long week away for work came home to a gorgeous pink box filled with surprises

I could not wait to open it and my goodness i was greeted with some goodies.

the point of this little box is to put the age old saying "beauty starts from within" to the test.

I have been asked to trial these products in the name of natural beauty, it contains around about a months supply of products which included these.

I wont go into all of the details now, but i will in a month be giving you a full report of all of the products i got to try and let you all know how i have gotten on!

I am excited to start

Love Aimee


Dormen's Nuts

Going Nuts About Nuts

I was given the opportunity to try the Dormans range of products and I'm excited to tell you all about them.

Baked nuts and fruit

well it really says it all on the packet - simple and moreish. I quite simply demolished the bag in one sitting and although they are undoutably very yummy they calorie content is not. The bag is also pretty big.

Cashew & Almonds

This bag is a little more bite sized, but equally as good to eat, its a nice an natural pack of nuts and it does contain 2 of my favourite nuts!

Smoked Almonds

These are not my go to ones i must admit however my husband LOVED them!

Chocolate Peanut

One word YUMMY, these are the best thing ever full of calories and naughtyness but worth every single calorie!

Baked Nut Mix

This is so good to be honest i like all of the mixes this is lighly flavoured and is quickly eaten.

Salted Peanut

A classic you cant go wrong with this and it doesn't disappoint, another totally Moorish packet of nuts!

Bombay Mix

Alway been a fan of this its a little on the spicy side and has a good kick to it.

Japanese Rice Crackers

I have never had these before and they are so so good!

Chilli & Lime Cashew

these have a massive kick to them, i love cashew nuts and this makes them even better


An age old fave of mine and this packet is so Moorish there was defiantly a fight between me and my husband over this packet.

Dry Roasted Peanut

Another good classic you cant really go wrong with this one.

Spicy Peanut

This a peanut with a twist, it has a crunchy spicy shell that bring a new edge to your normal nut.

Caramelised Peanut

This is sooo good! one of the best for a naughty treat

All in all these nuts were so good and completely devoured within a very short amount of time, i will say be aware when scoffing your way through these yummy treats that the calorie content is rather high.

you can buy then in store at Asda, and tesco and other large retail stores.

I will be buying more especially the caramelised and chocolate covered ones.

Have you eaten these? whats your thoughts?

Love Aimee


Tuesday 27 March 2012

Jemma Kidd Turtle Bay

I had back in February a Jemma Kidd master class party at my house that i won through Tesco's Blog, It was a fun night if you want to check it out you can here

So i did buy on Little thing at the party (products were quite pricey)

I brought Turtle Bay Lipstick, its a nice natural nude great for work and during the day, its slightly peach in colour

I love the packaging it so beautiful and looks lovely one it cost around the £11 mark

Lasts nicely and leaves the lips feeling nourished.

What do you think of this colour?

Love Aimee


Something For Mum & Baby My Beauty Bundle

So you may or may not have noticed all the beauty boxes floating abouti know i have subscribed to my fair share over the last few months, how ever this one is different and i am telling you i cannot wait to subscribe to this one!

My beauty Bundle is for mum's to be

The products are hand picked and matched to what stage you are in your pregnancy and flowes through into the babys 1st year, ontop of this you get pre and post-natal hints and tips.

Its a little more than other boxes out there at £15 per month but this cost includes you postage!

The average product value is arounf £20 and you get between 4-5 sample and full sized products which go from the very begining of the pregnancy right the way through to your 1st year as a new mum.

You have the option to then purchase the full sized and replacement products that you have received.

This is a family business so you know every box is filled with love and products you will actually need through every stage of your pregnancy.

I know as soon as i am pregnant this is one little box i cant wait to sign up to.


Love Aimee

Monday 26 March 2012

Denman Gets Tropical

I love Denman Brushes, such a big fan and i am really currently loving all things coconut, Denman currently have available the Wooden Coconut Fragrance Brush.

This Brush actually smells like coconuts and so will almost definitely be perfect for the summer

its £9.65 from

This brush looks amazing!

Whats your thoughts on this brush? does anyone have it?

Love Aimee


My Cocktail Review

I am a massive cocktail lover, i must admit i do tend to avoid buying them when in clubs as they are watered down and i end up spending a fortune on well flavoured water!

Also I'm currently a big lover of girls nights in, gatherings and soon with the weather improving BBQ's.

Cocktails will always be my go to drink at a little gathering and i always hate doing the mixing as i am defiantly no good at it!

My dreams have actually been answered!

My cocktail comes in currently 2 flavours - Cosmopolitan and Mojito

Each pouch is 1.5 litres tat equals 14 gorgeous glasses of alcoholic splendour

1 pouch = my night sorted!

its 10%  Vol 20% Proof and is ready to serve.

So how do they taste?

Always better chilled, and with ice for the Mojito. Cosmopolitan was most defiantly my fave, it always has been and its my go to cocktail choice.

Does it taste like a good bar cocktail now that's the question?

yes it does it tastes so yummy, its not sickly, its not to strong  and is the right measures of each ingredient that it is a perfect balance! It was a challenge to share this one I'm telling you.

"The Cosmopolitan is a sophisticated combination of premium French vodka, cranberry juice with orange liqueur and an infusion of lime."

The Mojito, not on my top list of cocktails so i did have a little sampling but left it to my friends to do the drinking and taste checking.
We do not recommend that it is drunk warm - big mistake and far better when chilled.
This is a really versatile one you could add a syrup like raspberry to change the flavour and really bring it to life.

This got a thumbs up when chilled! and an even bigger one when spiced up with a raspberry syrup. This however will depend on your taste.

"The Mojito is a crisp blend of Caribbean White Rum, Mexican lime juice and natural mint extract, and is perfect served straight-up chilled or authentically over crushed ice."

And if you don't happen to drink it all in one sitting you can keep it chilled and it remains drinkable for up to 3 months AMAZING - however i don't see this happening in my house.

MyCocktail Cosmopolitan and Mojito pouches are available in 1.5 litres from Asda 10% abv RRP £13.99.

I am buying these bad boy for my up and coming summer celebrations!

would you get some in? have you tried it?

dont forget to leave a comment

Love Aimee xx
Sunday 25 March 2012

Vita-e cream review

Vita e is a natural vitamin e cream which actually has a large number of uses.

VITA-E Cream is suitable for all problem skin areas including sun burn, wind burn, psoriasis and for reducing redness and treating scar tissue. It’s also an excellent all round cosmetic beauty moisturiser, hydrating lines and wrinkles.

I used it on my chin and chest. Why? Because I have scaring from blemishes that gets me down.

It has helped with the scars on my chest they are reducing and i will be using it for the long tern to see just how good it can help with it.

The cream is whit and has a fairly thick consistency, melts into the skin and leaves it feeling nourished. Its not oily which is a bonus i do have it when you apply a cream and it leaves a greasy residue.

If i am honest even though i wanted to target scars i actually used it for everything, i used it as a hand cream, face cream, on my elbows when whey felt a little dry, i used it on my dermatitis and it is pretty much an all rounder.

The only thing i am a little stuck on it the smell, its not strong nor is it bad but i am indifferent to it. Although saying this for what the cream actually does the smell is a small price to pay for something of its versatility.

It does say it is fragrance free but it does have something as i have said.

the cream is £7.49 and on my next shopping list when i pop to boots.

have you used this cream ?

Love Aimee
Friday 23 March 2012

Wanted EOS Lip balms

I keep hearing about these lip balms and i am desperate to get my hands on them, when payday comes around i will most defiantly be buying one!

I have around 20 + lip balms but i believe a girl can never have to many (i don't think my husband agrees) and these are defiantly on my list.

You can read a review on them here at Obsessive Compulsive Beauty

They are £5.95 and available at Cutecosmetics

Flavours available include

Lemon Drop
Medicated Tangerine
Honeysuckle Honeydew
Strawberry Sorbet
Summer Fruit

I really want lemon drop and strawberry Sorbet YUMMY

Have you tried these? reviewed them leave a link below x

Love Aimee

Thursday 22 March 2012

Proactive Anti Blemish System Review

I suffer with Acne, i have had it on and off for years. It is the bain of my life and in my late 20's i was hoping i would finally grow out of the spotty phase of my life, sadly this isn't so. So when i was offered the chance to try a new skin care system designed to help combat spots i was so excited.

This is a 3 step system and available in Boots now.

It is used twice a day claims that it effectively clears acne prone skin, blemishes, soothes redness and proactively prevents future breakouts.

Used by the rich and famous

And says it will work wonders in weeks

What you get - a 3 step system

Step 1 - Renewing cleanser
oil free, contains small exfoliating grains and is washed away with water

Step 2 - Revitalising Toner
Used after the cleanser this balances the skin and removes the excess oil.

Step 3 - Repairing Lotion

This replaces your moisturiser and effectivly dries out the blemishes.

For the 3 step system it is £39.99 and is enough to last you 60 days which is 66p a day

I have used this every day for over a month now and was expecting a mirical, i must admit i was hoping to see results quicker than i did. This isnt to say the product is not a good one how ever before i noticed any signifficant decrease and improvement in my blemishes i had been using the system for around 18 days.

My spots are tiny but in high quantities and very painful and can weap when they are bad.

After one week of use my spots were less angry looking, my skin was less oily and now after around 40 days of use i have only 1 blemish which is a complete turn around for my skin.

I now take along side using the 3 step process clear skin herbal tablets so this may also have aided with my skin continuing to improve.

Needless to say i am very happy with my current spot free skin.

The packing is simple and classic, the toner leaves the skin feeling clean and oil free (sometimes a little dry), the toner is really lovley and refreshing and the lotion really does feel soothing on the skin.

I would once i have finnished this lot buy it again it is deffinatly worth 66p a day.

you can buy it in boots stores nation wide and online

Have you tried this? do you suffer with blemishes?

Love Aimee


Wednesday 21 March 2012

John Frieda New Launch

John Frieda have a new product range for over worked, over coloured and over treated hair.
I a guilty of colouring, bleeching, straightening, bloowdrying and generally taking poor care of my hair, so this for me is quite exciting!

The best bit you can win the whole new range

I cant wait to get my hands on it, my hair is in need of some TLC

Love Aimee

MUA Love Hearts Sweet Kiss

Yay so i finally got my itchy fingers on one of the love hearts collection by MUA

This gorgeous little pot is filled with a delightfully moisturising and creamy coloured lip gloss.

This colour is a gorgeous light pink with a hint of peach.

Glides on well and leaves your lips feeling nourished, its a complete bargain for £2.00 and is a mush for any lip balm addicts draw!

They are available in selected Superdrugs and online

Cant wait to get the rest of the collection now!

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Lush Sweet Lips

So after getting introduced to lush a month or so ago i have gone and brought a few bits to get my teeth into literally, I am known for having a sweet tooth so this is perfect for me.

This Sweet Lips its a 25g jar filled with Sweet goodness
It comes in a few flavours this is Vanilla and chocolate Sugar lip scrub.

This not replaces my toothbrush, in the removal of dry lips.

you only need a small amount rub it all over the lips and lick the rest away and it leaves your lips feeling smooth and sweet.
its a normal sized lip balm jar however i have used it about 15 times and i have barley made a dent.

£4.95 talk about value for money

you can get it in store at lush or online

Love Aimee


**Disclamer i brought this jar full of sugary goodnes with my very own hard earned pennys. ** 
Monday 19 March 2012

Sleek Baby Doll Review

You know when you really really want to love something because it was what you always wanted... well i feel like this about this lipstick.

The colour is what i wanted, it looks pretty but lasts 5 minutes.

It needs constant re-applying to the point i just dont bother it was a great price under £3.00 but i think that might also be its problem.

It is a shame i was really wanting so much more from it

Unfortunately this lipstick has been a bit of a fail for me.

Love Aimee

Sunday 18 March 2012

Korres Almond Oil & Calendula Hand Cream

So not really written about hand creams before, it is something that i use on an hourly basis, i have very dry skin on my hands and water can sometimes aggravate it, if i wash my hands and fail to moisturise (never happens) my skin drys out quickly and begins cracking within an hour and it becomes painful.

I rely on hand creams, i do use Aveeno its my go to cream, however i am always looking for great alternatives.

Korres is a brand i know and love, it has fantastic products so i was very happy to give there Almond oil and calendula hand cream a try.

Its a lightly fragrance cream, sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling nourished and cared for.
You don't need a huge amount to leave your hands feeling nourished and its a good sized tube for your hand bag.

Its £9.00 and available from ASOS for £75ml

Its a great product but for a hand cream i would like to see it around the £7.50 mark HOWEVER you are paying for quality so i could let it off for the slightly higher price tag. I will be buying it to replace this one when its all used up.

Love Aimee


** Disclamer ** This was a PR sample given to me to try, all views and opinions are my own i would have brought it any way :)

Saturday 17 March 2012

NOTD Priti NYC Dusty Miller

Today I'm rocking this Eco Polish By Priti i have written about them previously here

I am now the proud owner of 511 Dusty Miller, it is a gorgeous Pastel Green with little flecks of iridescent glitter.

Its a truly gorgeous colour

The picture doesn't do it justice.

It is a fairly think polish (not gloopy however) and you could if you wanted get away with just one coat. I'm a little anal and have to do 2 to be completely happy with coverage.

Drying time is about average its nether fast or slow and lasting powers is a good 3-5 days

This shade is apart of the after the snow pre spring 2012 collection


good price point for a nice ECO polish with good last ability

want it? you can buy it here from

Love Aimee


Friday 16 March 2012

Gorgeous Jewellery

I was lucky enough to get asked to review a gorgeous piece of Jewellery and i just couldn't say no.

The owner of the shop is a blogger called Rhi, she has some gorgeous pieces that any girl should want to add to there collection.

I chose the hard to swallow necklace, with a pink ribbon which symbolises Friendship.

This particular piece is available in 7 colour ways each meaning something different which is so cute!

I love this and when i wear it i get some lovely compliments about it, and its only £4.00 and shipping is only £1.

I really love the heart clasp on the necklace, it just adds to its design and uniqueness.

Don't forget to follow Rhi on Twitter @othersideofcool

Her pieces are really lovely and defiantly stand out, the quality is nice too, good value for money.

Love Aimee


OOTD Stars and Stripes

So i said i ordered it, it arrived and I LOVE it!

my new USA Flag print jumper!

OOTD always make me a little nervous so please dont judge me, i currently have a massive cold also (sad face)

so this is it my jumper i love it i wont lie

Jumper - Funky Diva
Black T Shirt - Peacocks
Jeans - Peacocks

Do you love my jumper as much as me?

Love Aimee


Thursday 15 March 2012

My Orly Collection

I have an addiction to Orly, it is my number one go to brand i have been using it for 5+ years and love its longivity, colours and creativity. I have 49 so far and it fast growing so i thought i would share my collection with you

Them all in there O glory!

The Core collection

Bonder - Base coat
Glosser - Top Coat
Nailtrition - Problem solver
Prime Time - Primer
Tough cookie - Problem solver

The Mini's

Prime time
VIP - Pink Glitter
Ancient Jade
Razzma Tazz
Gilded Coral
Black out
Fancy Fuchia - Swatches here
Royal Velvet - Swatches here
Rocker Chick - Irridessent glitter
Grape Glitz

Semi Glitters

Rock Solid
Fowl Play - Swatches here
Androxynie - Swatches here


Cool Romance Collection

Artificial Sweetner
Faint of heart
You're Blushing
Steel your heart
Prelude to a kiss
Jealous, Much?

Instant Artist

Silver Glitter
Hot Pink
Jet Black

French Look

White Tips
Beverly Hills Plum


Bubbly Bombshell - Swatches here
Here comes Trouble
Shine on crazy Diamond


Ma Cherie
VaVa Voom
Purple Pleather


Rock Candy
Au Champagne - Swatches Here
Peridot Courage (August)
Aquamarine Bliss (March)

Greys / Silvers

Sea Gurl
Platinum Blush

Semi Glitters

Stone Cold
(no name on it)

So there you have it my 49 stone Orly collection and i just ordered from america December and April in the birthstone collection!

How many orly do you own?

It has come to my attention i dont swatch them enough! so this saturday i am doing some serious nail painting!

Love Aimee