Tuesday 14 February 2012

FreezeFrame Review

I was asked if i could trial this product and when i heard it helped fight against wrinkles i couldn't have been happier.

I have a number of "unimpressed lines" on my forehead ... clearly i use my unimpressed face a lot.

basically this product has come from Australia, and boasts that it can instantly erase wrinkles in 5 minutes and has long term wrinkle relaxing properties.

Its available to buy in boots in 50ml syringe looking bottles and costing £49.

OK so it has a large price tag but the question is ... is it worth of that price tag?

on application, i don't see much difference... i waited and then went and took another look at my naked face.

After 5-10 minutes i had noticed that my lines were not s deep set and looked more hydrated "relaxed" which usually takes a good few layers of face oils and really moisturising creams.

i used this every day for 2 weeks and you can see the difference... the top picture is before i used this product and the second picture is after 2 weeks. i only used it in the mornings.

I can see a clear improvement in my fine lines on my forehead.

When you apply the formula you can feel it on your skin once it has dried, not to touch but you notice your skin feeling tighter, its hard to explain. It almost feels like it has a film on it.

Freezeframe has 2 active ingredients

never heard of it before but it is a combination of amino acids and mineral sources. This is what produces the instant wrinkle smoothing effect which can last up to 5 hours.

Gamma amino butric acid (GABA) & Octapeptide 'snap 8'
these work to relax skin tension and reduce muscle movement.

It also states that in just 28 days it will reduce the long term appearance wrinkles by 63.23%


The product delivers with instant results however i didn't see 80% reduction i would put mine to more like 50% reduction for an instant result. 

Long term i did notice a difference on my forehead after two weeks there was a BIG difference.

Value for money?

you only need one click each day, this would last you 2-3 months works out around 50-90p a day.

For wrinkle reduction its worth it for me.

Would i buy it?

If i had the money i would have this on my shopping list when i run out.

Have you used it before? how did you get on?

Love Aimee



  1. Never used this before but I'd certainly snap it up if it wasn't so expensive. I don't have many wrinkles for my age (thanks mum and dad!) but I have one irksome smile line that I could do without!!

    1. i know it is a little expensive but the results speak for themselves xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing the before/afters Aimee, really interesting to see. Looks like a great product and much more affordable than some of the other options!

    1. it is i use it all the time really happy with it and how it feels on the skin x