Friday 17 February 2012

GOSH Click'N Conceal Stylo Review & Giveaway

ok so I'm in the process of getting ready for a well needed girly night out on the town! my toes are painted, my hair is washed.... but I'm spotty = FAIL
If I'm honest I'm spotty A LOT lately stupid hormones!
Ok so i have been asked to try GOSH's new CLINK'N CONCEAL style all i can say is perfect timing.
So this little stick comes in 4 shades

This range is exclusive to superdrug and retails at £6.99
You can buy it in
01 - Light
02 - Medium
03 - Dark
04 - Anti Redness
Each Pen takes around 10 clicks to get the product out
I will start with 04 - Anti redness, this is a green concealer that you use directly onto areas that are well red i.e broken capillaries and blemishes.

Its a nice light weight formula and applies onto the skin well and does tone down red spots (i couldn't bring myself to put my face on my blog being so spotty sorry). it does however leave your skin with a green hue, panic not as this is the point you would apply either your foundation OR the skin coloured concealer stick dependant on your preferences.
The Actual skin tone concealer comes in 3 shades

You can see fro my swatches how it looks when blended.
I come under 2 of the shades - light for under my eyes to conceal bags and dark circles and medium for any where else on my face.
The dark is far to dark for me however i think it could work on my skin in the summer if i have an awesome tan ... we will see!
Again i like this consistency it light and doesn't look caked on when applied to the skin.

Love the packaging works great for in the hand bag for travelling and for at home use, easy to use and easy to apply.
Blends in really well to the skin when you choose the correct shade of course.
you can use the lighter shade as a highlighter as well.
Love the price for what it is it is a really great price point.
Would i buy it again?
In a heart beat i use it every day when needed, i love how easy it is to use and apply and its quick with instant results.
Want to get one of your very own?
i have 5 of there to give away to 5 of my gorgeous readers, you have 1 week to enter.
This is open to UK resident only
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Id love to see more hauls - purely because theyre my favourite posts! Lovely giveaway, i love Gosh but have never tried their concealers!

    1. just did my first fashion haul huni just for you x

  2. Lovely giveaway :) Hauls are also my favourite type of post to read so I would love to see more of those :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. ive never tried any of the Gosh products! x

  4. Id like to see what products you use everyday as im looking for more everyday make up bag items :) great giveaway hun! x

  5. amazing giveaway :]

    i just recieved my item from you other giveaway love it :]

    1. i would love to see nail varnishs swatches :]

  6. i love the green one , it covers my redness so damn good

  7. Great giveaway hun :) I would love to see skin care posts xoxo

  8. I could do with some eyebags are bigger than the ones at Ikea. Meh. xx

  9. Lovely giveaway & post!
    I'd love to see some skin care posts!


  10. I'd like to see more reviews on maybe skincare etc. :) but I like your ootds!

    ~Hannah xx

  11. I have never tried GOSH before, these look good though! Concealer is a girls best friend! xx

  12. I love the light coloured one:)! I'd like to see more reviews on make-up products and hauls as I love reading about these and the useful tips they apply:)!

    Love Pixie xoxox

  13. I would love to see skin care posts

  14. I'd love to see more reviews on perhaps skincare products as that's my current obession haha. Lovely giveaway! Thank you. :) x

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