Wednesday 1 February 2012

Nailene Red Nails

So Valentines countdown has begun, and on this day every girl want to look her best and ooze sex appeal and glamour... well i do any way.

I am a fairly busy person and don't always have time to paint my nails and let them dry (I'm renowned for smudging me nails).

I have dabbled with acrylics, gels and the new thing gel polish, but i can honestly say i have never used stick-ons

I was given these nailene nails to try and i jumped at the chance!

So they come as a packet of 24 gorgeous and perfect polished red nails, you have to get separately the adhesive tabs again in a packet of 24.


The nails were actually SO simple, quick and easy to apply i actually surprised myself. You literally take a tab place the sticky side on your nail, remove the cover and stick the nail on and its DONE.

 so for that i give them 5 starts.


Stunning, they are more square which is my preferred style and they are shorties again making them easier to use when applied.


OK So the tabs i felt were a little thick for my liking, it meant that the nail itself was raised from my own which you would expect but not as much as it was. It didn't help that my nails were not that short which meant the fit was not as good as it should have been, this however does not reflect on the product and was entirely my fault due to me being to lazy to trim and file my own nails before application which i would recommend you do.

I would use these for dinner style events I'm heavy handed and going out say clubbing or to something i will be very hands on for the nails probably wouldn't last 5 minutes. Again if your planning naughty cuddles this valentines be prepared to loose a nail *wink wink*.

I was hoping the tabs would be a little more durable for me but my friend has used these in the past and had no problems the nails have lasted a good 2-4 days before she lost one.


Easy peasy and my nails as promised were not damaged!

Over all

I love they way they look, and the fast application, they have a really good size range for the nails and fit my nails well. Durability is where i have problems i have said I'm hands on and so they only lasted me a night which in all fairness was all i required them for.

I got lots of complements from my friends so this made me happy!

The nails are £4.69 a packet and the tabs are £2.49 a packet

And can be found at Boots and other similar retailers

Have you used these nails? how did you find them?

Love Aimee



  1. They look fab-shame that they aren't so long lasting!

  2. they look lovely and really natural in the pic :) xx

  3. Oh they look lovely! So annoying that they don't last! xx

    1. it is a real shame, but they are great for dinner date etc xx

  4. Those nails look gorge :) and I have always wanted to try those I hate using glue. I used glue one Halloween and let's just say it was a 'mare and took me a good month to finally clear the glue and get all the nails off :-/ My nails were a mess!
    I tried tabs about 10 years ago which were some cheapo ones but they were bad, I was on hol and the nails just fell off haha!

    Thank you for your comment and following my blog :) I am following you back!

    1. im awful with glue i end up sticking myself to everything.

      your welcome hun glad you like my blog xx

  5. They look amazing !!
    Love your blog, I'm now following :)