Sunday 19 February 2012

Latest In Beauty Referesh and Recover Beauty Box

I do love the latest in beauty boxes, they are available for a while and you always know what your getting, so if you don't like it don't order it!

This box i have been on the bench with for a while and finally decided i had to try it no matter what!

They are only £6.95 an absolute bargain!

so what did i get

Tea Pigs Peppermint tea leaves

Not tried this however i will on Saturday morning when i am suffering with a hangover!

£9.95 for 50 tea bags

Figs & Rouge Balm

i cant wait to try this i love balms and in the cold weather you need a good balm. not only that i have heard great things on this!

this was full sized and is £3.49

Monu Recovery Balm

for used after cleansing and toning! I have another Monu product and i do enjoy using that so fingers crossed for this one.

£16.25 for 50ml which i would go and buy

Cosmeto Fruit

Ok so this is a new one for me i have just literally tried it, its very Strong with a sharp taste. You drink it and it apparently is anti ageing, damage preventing and detoxifying.

100ml £50 errr no not to pull that face! however it is currently half price.

Warning when drinking will make you pull a funny face!

Lavera Hand cream

its ok, i wouldn't buy it if given the choice. For a hand cream it doesn't leave my hands feeling nourished or cared for but leaves them needing more cream! = FAIL

£6.00 for 50ml


more than a mint? well you get 3 mints, which also double for probiotics. Not too minty and really are just like having a polo ...  £4.99 for a big box with 60 mints in... think i will pass

Note to self don't eat all 3 mints and follow it up with a glass of diet coke! EWWW

Sun Shots

This i wont be using for a while but i will save it for the summer great idea

Then i got to choose 2 samples ... which might i add the next day they upped this to 3 GUTTED!

I Chose

Clarins Multi Active Day cream

firstly i LOVE this cream, i now have so many minis i wont need to buy a big one for god knows how long which saves me around £40

No Wrinkles extreme moisturiser

this i got to put on my forehead only it is a super rich formula and is great for targeted areas. i have a few frown lines i need to combat hopefully this will do the job!

I am glad i got to try this box not everything was for me as you can see however i know what I'm like i would be always wondering what if i didn't get it!

They are also doing a sample of Estee Lauder Day wear BB cream for  you to try, i will write a review on it at some point, however i will need a tan for it as this is one dark sample!

Want to check out latest in beauty ? you can here

Did you get this box? whats your thoughs?

Love Aimee


  1. I will check it out! I love Clarins cream and the variety of thing sin thise box is fab!

  2. I hadn't heard of this box before now, have I been living under a rock or something? Definitely going to look in to this, they look great for only £6.95 :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. I like latest in beauty!

    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway only a few hours left to enter!

  4. Oh really nice products!

  5. I thought this box was brilliant value x

  6. I have never heard of this box b4, i cant beleive its only 6.95 it looks great!

  7. Never heard for this box before! I will need to check it out.

  8. I hadn't heard of this box. Immediately went and had a nose around. Ended up getting one myself and rather excited for it to arrive.


  9. Great selection of products and a really good price! Never heard of them before!

  10. I got this box, I love Latest in Beauty, it's great value and they always have great products. I've been really enjoying the Monu serum and Figs & Rouge, which I've been using as a primer.

  11. What great samples you got in your box! :)