Tuesday 27 November 2012

1 year Blogaversary Giveaway

I cant believe my little blog has been going for a year!

I want to thank all of my gorgeous readers by doing a giveaway to celebrate

you could win ANY dress of your choice from the Contagious Boutique
Why not check out what dress you could be winning!

All contagious Boutique clothing is made in the UK, and everything is made to order. So you could if you wanted design you very own unique little number!

and the runner up wins this little beauty bundle

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Monday 26 November 2012

Get ready for party season with Holland & Barrett

Love it when a gorgeous box arrives on my door stop and this one is no exception.

So we all know the holidays are coming a lot faster than I had organised for let's say so this box in its self is a little blessing in disguise. We have all heard if the little black book, well this is the little black box. Everything a 20 something girl could need to prepare her gorgeous self for the party season.

So what goodies does this box hold?

Ladies so your killing yourself at the gym? Doing your best to shed some extra pounds to fit in to your perfect Christmas dress? I have been given the answer to your problem the fat metaboliser it's a supplement which you take at the same time you are embarking on some fitness and healthy eating program. It gives you the energy boost you need to slog it down at the gym.

It's not going to work on its own its not a miracle cure you have to work at it but it can give you a little boost you may need to just she the last few stubborn pounds which are keeping you away from your dress. It's now only £5.49 until December 5th and it will go back up to its normal price of £10.99.

Next in my box of goodies we have

Holland and Barrett's skin, hair and nails. I am already a massive fan of this supplement its affordable and really helps you maintain lush locks, glowing skin and stronger nails. Every woman should be taking a supplement to help in this area. I already use this and have and will continue to recommend it to my friends. It's usual price of £7.69 is still really good for 60 tablets and currently until Dec 5th it's at a bargain price of £3.84. I for one will be stocking up!!

Last but not least the best item in the box I love it.

Maid lira coconut oil which is £6.99 for 207ml. Or currently on promotion until Dec 5th us perfectly pure coconut oil now half price at £7.49 for a huge 453g. A little really does go a long way as when it touches your warm skin it melts and expands allowing maximum coverage

With minimum product. Perfect for all over body use, great for keeping the skin supple when pregnant too helping prevent pesky stretch marks. Hair needing done severe moisture treatments? This is so versatile you can use it on your hair too. I have do far only used it as a moisturiser so unsure of how my hair would feel after using it as a testament but I'm not adverse to giving it a shot, so watch this space.

I will be reaching for it every day and look forward to super soft sexy skin in the bitter winter months, it can all be doom and gloom when it's raining cats and dogs ay!

I am really impressed with this box and all the bits in it. Would I buy them again? Without a shadow of a doubt, in fact on Saturday I will be heading to holland and Barrett to stock up on some more coconut oil and skin, hair and nails whilst they are going so cheap!!
You don't have to be a crazy lady like myself and brave the wind and rain you can order online and get then sent straight to your front door. Head on over to

Have you or would you give any of these products a go?

Love Aimee


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Friday 23 November 2012

Latest in Beauty YOU advent calender

Every girl who loves beauty NEEDS this in her life. I am a big fan of latest in beauty and loved their monthly boxes before they were discontinued so this little gem is defiantly on my wish list.
For £59.95 with FREE delivery you could get this and have a gorgeous treat every day during the month of December.
If i wasn't expecting a baby and needing to buy nappies i would be ordering it RIGHT NOW!
The value of the goodies you get in it are worth over £200.
I don't really need to sing its praises as just looking at it does it for me, you wont be disappointed and its worth every penny..... now ladies i am off to sell my soul to get this bad boy wish me luck!
You can order yours here.....
Love Aimee
Thursday 22 November 2012

FASHION: Every Girl needs a token black bag

I love looking for the PERFECT black bag for every day use, and i do believe i have found it. As far as my everyday bad is concerned i generally buy a new one once a year, which happens to be NOW!
I really like it and for me it ticks all the right boxes, its only £45.00 which for a bag i will use 3-4 times a week for the next year is a pretty good price.
this is getting ordered next week and i cannot wait!
Love Aimee
Tuesday 20 November 2012

Gaia pure pregnancy belly butter

My biggest fear of pregnancy is stretch marks. I'm not a small girl by any means and do have a few sneaky buggers hanging about. However if I can avoid any more I will be more than pleased in fact I would probably do a little dance.
I have been sent this product to have a try of and of course only being 30 weeks pregnant I have 10 more weeks where the possibility of stretch marks could become a reality so I have been using it for the last week an although I won't know the end result just yet I will let you in on my thoughts about the product so far.
Packaging is cute it's pink which is a great colour and for the product the price point is pretty good too. I will come to it later however.

As it says on the tube it's pure, natural an organic. And Isn't just for your tummy, you can use it any where , where you can experience stretch marks like your lovely lady lumps, and your thighs all of which seam to get bigger during pregnancy.

They recommend using it twice a day during pregnancy and for 12 weeks after the birth.

It has a really light fragrance of natural oils and goes into the skin leaving it soft and amazingly not oily.


For a weeks worth of use I am really pleased with it, it's coverage, fragrance and feel. You don't need a huge amount to get a Good desired effect.

I would use it again and I would recommend it to any expecting friends.

It's £11.99 and available from

Thanks for reading

Love Aimee
Tuesday 13 November 2012

My new Love!

Lady Gaga's perfume ... I LOVE IT
i dont often buy myself perfumes im a tricky little sucker when it comes to getting one that doesnt leave me smelling like a dog has had a wee on me or i ahve been rolling around some old garbage.
So when i tried the new fragrance by Gaga her self i was bowled over with it LOVE LOVE LOVE.
It lasts for ages so no need to re-apply every 5 minutes! we know what a pain the in butt that can be, and i think the bottle looks fab on my dressing table. The only down side is im using it every day which emans its going down fast.
have your tried the new black perfume?