Wednesday 30 April 2014

Summer, earlier mornings tired parents be gone

Ok so we all LOVE summer the vitamin D makes you feel amazing you get to go out more and there is generally more sub and less rain (were in England so it's debatable). 

Clocks go forward so the sun is out earlier and earlier means just one thing out gorgeous little children are also up earlier and earlier, as the sun peeks through the blasted curtains and wakes then up I dislike the 5/6 am wake up call. Especially with no sign of back back down. 

Normal curtain just won't cut it and especiall of you go on a little holiday who knows how thin the curtains there will be ?  

The gro company is my facilitate company for children's products. They are affordable and perfect for the job. 

The gro company do a black put blond which is adjustable. And now available in 3 colours!  

They have suction cups and Velcro to stick to any window anywhere. 

They are fully adjustable up to 

And black out the pesky sun meaning you will get a few more precious house of kip we as parents so desperately need. 

They are available from the gro company's website 

Thursday 10 April 2014

NEW: Nair Argan Oil Washable Roll-On Wax

So very excited about this new product by nair. 
Argon oil is amazing it's used in so so many products these days and now bait have used it in their latest roll in wax. 

Useable on legs, underarms and bikini, it will leave your skin silky smooth. 

It can remove even te shortest of hairs. 

I can't wait to try it ! I am growing my leg hairs in preparation for the trial of the product. 

Once I have used it I promise to tell you gorgeous readers of my blog all about it. 

It's £12.99 in boots, superdrug and tesco. 

Love Aimee. 


Wednesday 9 April 2014

My Daughters Christening

On March 16th 2014 my gorgeous little girl was christened she was spoilt rotten and got to spend the day with the most important people in her life as well as being welcomed into the family of god.

Love Aimee


Friday 4 April 2014

L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick 401 fuschia drama review

I've not got myself a new lipstick for a while and I saw these in boots today and couldn't resist. 

It's perfect for summer 

It feels gorgeous on, super glossy and fantastic vibrant colour. 

There are some great colours in the collection I would love to own.