Friday 10 February 2012

Optibac Probiotics Review

I have never really used probiotics before i have tried the yogurt drinks and never really wanted to drink them on a daily basis PLUS they are awfully expensive.

I don't have a great tummy not since i went to Egypt a few years back and got some god awful parasite, ended up in hospital as it got out of control... since then my tummy has a mind of its own and so any help is greatly received.

I was given the opportunity to try the Optibac Probiotic for daily well being.

I also suffer with pretty bad hormonal sports on my chin that are always there no matter what time it is in the month, i wasn't expecting much as i have never used these before however...

I have been taking them every day now for the last 2-3 weeks.

When eating i no longer have such great discomfort in my tummy which i got a lot, i have more energy and my spots are clearing up.

To be honest i though i would be with these spots for ever but they are actually going, i am really impressed with these and will buy another and another and another box.

They come in tablet form and you take 2 a day, which means you don't have a sugary yogurt drink ! brilliant as I'm on a diet and I'm saving calories when ever i can.

They are all natural, and healthy. I am re-stocking my cabinet with these as i have reduced spots and blemishes and my tummy no longer feel horrid and uncomfortable.

You can buy them online here

This particular one has 60 capsules which is 30 days supply.
The box is £10.20 + shipping

Totalling 34p a day for less spots and a healthier tummy!


I would recommend them to everyone, i am even getting my husband to take them soon as he suffers with IBS.

They have a few choices for you to choose from including

For daily well being extra strength
For Daily Immunity
For a Flat Stomach
For bowel Calm
For Travelling abroad
For maintaining regularity
For your child's health

Have you used them? would you take them?

Love Aimee



  1. Sounds amazing, I'm going to get myself some at my health food shop next week!

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