Sunday 5 February 2012

Valentines Gifts for Him Bluebeards Revenge

So here is another of my little Valentines gift guide, what can you get your gorgeous fella? Well it has to be something that benefits both you and him! of course.

Its Bluebeards Revenge Shaving cream!

Want your man to have gorgeous kissable skin then this is exactly what he needs, its a manly way to shave.

I got the opportunity to allow my wonderful husband to give this product a go, he is always looking for a cleaner and more comfortable way to shave. He does sometimes suffer from irritation caused by shaving so he jumped at the chance to try it.

I love the fact it has taken old style shaving and brought a great new modern twist to it.

I LOVE the packaging, and the design, so did my husband.

It can be applied on 2 ways, with a brush which is recommended or you can get messy and do it with your fingers, and this i feel is down to personal preference. Davin (my hubby) tried it both ways, and although he did fins applying it with a brush unusual he said it made a nice change  and would be happy to continue to apply it this way.



 The end result (i didn't get a piccy :O( ) was a smooth clean shave which left his skin feel comfortable and not irritated.

He was so happy with the way his skin felt after the shave he is defiantly converted!

The Shaving cream starts off at £9.99 and the brush starts off at £6.99

Any man would be happy to get this little gift

has your man ever used this? how did he get on?

Love Aimee



  1. Great idea!

    1. really great idea, would highly recomend it x

  2. this has really helped me!! i may get this for my fiancé! thanks for sharing :)

  3. thts pretty cool! i love the packaging!

  4. the packaging on this is really cool! x

  5. This looks fab I may have to get the boy some!