Monday 28 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: Christmas 2015

So Christmas this year was a mad rush and dash, we were facing homelessness and my cousin came to our rescue and we now have a home a stable roof over our heads photos to follow once Iv unpacked ..... Might be in the new year. 

So here are some candid shots of our Christmas. It was exhausting and I had a few un panned and un  welcomed naps in between. 

If you didn't know I suffer with spinal nerve damage and fibromyalgia so I'm on a constant battle with my own body. 

Christmas Eve involved sprinkling food for Rudolph, new pajamas it's a Micky Christmas and grumpy Santa paws. 

Christmas morning 8:30am start and stockings in bed. 

Christmas Day at home & Boxing Day 

The 27th with our Bournemouth family more presents and turkey. 

Autumn had a great Christmas she really enjoyed it this year and was spoilt rotten - present list coming soon 

Merry Christmas everyone with love from my house to yours. 

Wednesday 23 December 2015

REVIEW: Aurora by twiggy at specsavers

Firstly it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And it looks far better when you can actually see what you are doing!  
So I was invited as a long time lover of specsavers to try out the aurora collection by the one and only Twiggy. She has released 5 pairs of glasses in the run up to Christmas and can I just say you won't be disappointed. 
Even though it is a small collection and very selective it caters for a large number of styles. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep up to date with your eye tests to ensure your wearing the correct prescription. 
Glasses can be stylish these days and these bad boys come covered in jewels and sparkles. So is tor like me your like a kid at Christmas (literally).
I had my test at the Havant branch on Christmas jumper day, the poor staff were so hot and sweaty bless them. They were hot on the technology trail and super fast, efficient and professional. They talked me through all the tests I was having and why I needed them and I'm naturally exquisite so we're happy to answer all my questions. 
Her 5 styles are called* Lapis which is a silver metal frame with blue sparkle in the arms. 
*Jet black plastic frame with white sparkle on the fromt with a rounded frame style. 
*Amethyst purple plastic frames with encrusted arms in matching colours. 
*Sapphire a gorgeous blue mottle design vintage style with encrusted matching colour arms. 
*Marcasite nude colour squared frames  with delicate pink and bronze detailing and sparkle. 
*Rose quartz a purple metal frame with delicate purple sparkle on the arms. 
All of the frames are priced at £125 this doesn't include the eye test. 
I went for sapphire I LOVE the style and the colour and I cannot wait to get it, Iv taken some in store images so apologise for the photography. 

The quality and service I received was second to none, the Havant branch had all the latest technology unlike my previous branch in Chichester. They were super helpful  and friendly and I'm very excited for be to week where I get to pick them up. Fortunately my prescription didn't go up by to much phew 🙈. 
But I can't recommend the collection and specsavers enough. 
You can order online if you have a in date prescription or go into your local store.
Have a wonderful and safe Christmas 
Love Aimee 

Tuesday 22 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: What to expect from a pedicure

Pedicures can still be a luxury to many people and many people forget how important it is to look after your feet. They are with you your whole life, work hard and go through a lot! Including being squeezed into shoes a half size to small (we have all done it) and by 11pm really regretted it as we are hobbling with squashed toes, calluses and blisters.
I as a beauty therapist feel that a pedicure every few months is a great treat to give yourself and will relax you more than you can imagine.
So if you have never had the chance and opportunity to have a pedicure I’m sure you are wondering what it all entails? 
The main benefits to having regular pedicures is that they will keep your feet smooth, soft and your cuticles pushed back and your nails polished and the best part is that they are relaxing.
A standard pedicure will include soaking your feet to soften them, pushing back and removal of necessary of the cuticle (this can grow down the nail if you don’t keep it in check), cutting and filing of the nail, and removal of any dry dead skin from the soul of the foot (this can be a little ticklish) and it ends with a relaxing foot and leg massage and painted with a colour of your choice.
You will find that there are a large number of salons near you that will offer pedicures and make you feel very welcome and talk you through the treatment as well as what products they will be using.
For a longer lasting polish you can opt for a shellac pedicure which will extend your polish life which is especially great for when you are going on holiday (it is less likely to chip). And if you fancy something a little fun and different most salons now offer the chance to have nail art on your toes, with this your options are endless, from flowers to minions you can be as subtle with polka dots or crazy as you like.
For more information and locations you can treat yourself to a well-deserved pedicure please check out this link.
Author BIO:

Aimee Bradley is a freelance writer from Chichester, UK with huge interest in beauty and fashion. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles.

Saturday 28 November 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A little owl called Hooty

Perfect for a stocking filler this book is not only a cute story for the perfect little person in for life but great for small hands. 

My daughter instantly fell in love with this easy to read & understand children's book which has a cute and loving story line. It is slightly rhymed as you read which keeps autumn all the more interested in the story because it's more like a mini poem or song to her. 

It's a hard wearing small book, wipe clean and fits in mums handbag... I should know the amount of times Autumn has popped it into my bag (not hers might I add) for days out, short trips and mini car journeys. 

I don't want to give to much of the story away but little Hooty is the last left in his nest, all of his brothers and sisters have left and he is a little to scared of heights to take the plunge himself. 
He has some friends looking out for him though so don't worry. 

You can buy the book here 
Tuesday 10 November 2015

FASHION : Reem clothing mens tee review

I am an absolute fan of fashion and fun and quirky styles so when I was given the chance to review a piece from Reem clothing and I jumped at it.

They do awesome t-shirts for the man in your life, it's a pretty funky style tee for a man. This on in particular is a floral and star design with a number logo. 

 reem clothing number tee

I know it's intended for men, however I would be more than happy to wear this tee. I love the colour combination and the material is super soft. Unfortunately my husband isn't very good behind the camera so I couldn't grab him for a photo.
Reem clothing can be found at this link and their collection is absolutely HUGE, they offer accessories and some pretty big brands also.

This tee is Reem's own brand and I think they have a great collection at competitive prices.

reem clothing number tee

Sometimes when tee's have a large amount of print on n them they can be pretty ridged. This isn't if feels great on and looks pretty cool on too. 
This can be classed as smart casual, and can be dressed up or down in relation to your event or day to day needs, perfect with black jeans for an evening event and smart boots, or with light wash denim jeans and smart trainers for an every day look.

reem clothing number tee

This is a slim fitted style with round neck and a short rolled sleeve. I love how the number is faded so you can still see the design behind them.

Etail PR kindly allowed me to review this and I am so pleased they did, it is defiantly something new for my husband to wear and it is nothing like anything he already owns! The best part is I can borrow it too because I have some gorgeous wet look disco pants that would work well with this for an evening out with the girls.

Don't forget Christmas is coming soon, so head on over to Reem clothing's website and check out some amazing items you can buy for your man in your life.

So what do you think about this pretty cool Tee?

Wednesday 28 October 2015

FASHION: Just for £5 review

I love a good bargain and I love fashion and when the two are put together I literally fall in love with a brand.

I had the opportunity to review through etail PR the brand Just for five pounds. I have previously used this shop and had a relatively good experience.

So I was sent £10 worth of clothing a gorgeous pair of shoes and a cute floral summer dress. 
high heel £5 shoes

Unfortunately not had a chance to wear the dress for one reason or another but definitely gave the shoes a night out on the town. 

They are very well made, natural with a super chunky heel, they suit pretty much everything I own which is great. I love a good sized heel so I found them to be comfortable the whole time I was wearing them. 
everything for £5 chunky shoes

They were worn on one night at two separate party's so I definitely have them a good wear. Just for five pounds has a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, you could spend hours browsing through and will get amazing value for money. I have on a previous occasion brought some flats and a skirt which look fantastic on and well worth the £5.

I had so many compliments when I was wearing the heels, they are super soft and didn't rub my feet at all.

everything for £5 floral dress
The dress is gorgeous and perfect for weddings, evenings with the girls and even church. It looks like it should cost more than £5, its a good quality fabric and looks cute on. (sorry no photos of me wearing it at this point in time).

Just for £5 has quick delivery and do deal with any issues fairly quickly, the stock is constantly changing, so if you see something you like don't wait as it may be gone tomorrow.

I do urge you to have a look through the website and I'm pretty sure you will end up with an order! if I'm honest I need some new tops and jumpers so watch this space I think I may go for a little online "window" shopping and see what I can find and show you my winter wish list.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

CHILDRENS FASHION: Life-Changing Tips for Mixing Prints for Your Little Ones

Life-Changing Tips for Mixing Prints for Your Little Ones

Fall has arrived, and with it all the lovely colours, gloves, shawls, hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie. You will wish to wear warm colours and materials, but before that, you will want to make sure your children are well dressed. By well dressed, we of course refer to the warmth of their clothes, but that’s not all – they should know what clothes are suitable and what makes them look neat and stylish at the same time. If you think that by letting your children choose their own clothes you are making a mistake, think again.

Combine prints freely

Mixing prints is not that difficult, just follow a few simple rules. For example, two similar prints can easily be combined if they differ in sizes: large dot prints with one-pin dot prints and a nice, solid item between them to break the pattern and give stability. Simple solid utility jacket, washed out jeans, or a plain shirt will do the trick. Remember: when in doubt, black and white go well with pretty much anything, so opt for these colours to spice up any print.

childrens fashion prints

Walking in the jungle

Boys and girls alike are in love with animals and exotic places. Jungle is probably the most interesting place on Earth if you ask them, so why not let them feel closer to it? Mix animals prints with explorers’ outfit: cartoon graphic shirts with lions, zebras, monkeys, and tigers combined with beige shorts and a jacket with plenty of pockets will make them look like mini Indiana Joneses. Belts and shoelaces with intricate and interesting prints will complete the outfit and show their love for details. This trend was also inspired by the Jumanji movie.

Romantic boho style

Girls have always been very romantic and stylish. They love princesses and fairies, pale pink, soft violet, and plenty of floral prints. Materials such as lace, floral prints, and even a bit of sequins will make them feel pretty and cheer them up even on the gloomiest and cloudiest of days. Fringes, crochet tops, pastel colours, and ornamental embroideries will make any girl see a princess when she looks in the mirror, and since back2school time is here, girls will have a chance to show off their great new clothes.

childrens fashion prints

Bright pop-art style

childrens fashion prints

Pop-art is more eye-catching, it stands for bright colours and plenty of equally bright details and boys all over the world are in love with it. Shirts with prints of their favourite superheroes, royal blue and deep red jackets, and yellow sneakers is just the style boys will love to wear. They will not complain that a look is too ‘girly’, but they will be happy because they will look casual and cool at the same time.

In the end, children will be children, and everything is a game for them. They like to play, dance, and mimic, and no wonder they want to experiment with their clothes. Polka dots, stripes, starts, tartan, zebra… Let them wear whatever they like, they should be safe, sound, and happy; it is the point of childhood after all, is it not?

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion  and graphic design. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and style.

Find her on:

Thursday 15 October 2015

REVIEW: Chaffree women's underwear

I hate to admit his out loud but I used to love going underwear shopping and buying all these cute little things and now I'm a mum over 30 and disabled I'm a lover for practical underwear that is comfortable and I don't have to keep pulling out, up or yanking in any direction during the day to maintain any level of comfort. 

chafree women's underwear

I do still love cute little things don't get me wrong but for myself right not I need practical and comfortable. I have spent so much money buying hundreds of pairs of pants hoping for some level of comfort and practicality to be completely disappointed. 

I have had the chance to try and review a pair of pants called Chaffree which boast ultimate comfort, performance whilst being breathable and keeping you cool. They are made for both men and women and for women come in two styles and one for men. 

Women get to choose between knickerbockers or briefs and men have boxer shorts and they come in a large variety of sizes. 

I won't share a photo of me wearing them I will spare you that bit of horror for this particular post but I am so in love with them. I chose from 4 colour options and went for classic black, these are so bloody comfortable it's unreal I was tucked in all day, no uncomfortable pulling if my pants out my bum cheeks and I put them to the ultimate test at college whilst performing a full body massage. 

It's a long sweaty exhausting hour and usually I have to re-adjust myself on a number of occasions during the hour and by the end of it feel horrible, sweaty and uncomfortable. 

I can say hand on heart at the end of my college day I didn't feel any of the above, and if my disability and back would allow I felt like I could do it all again and still feel comfortable. 

They are £13 a pair and can be brought in multi packs and delivered right to your door. For anyone who has a busy and physically demanding job this is the underwear for you. 

They are not your sexy bedroom pants buy my god they are everyday must own must wear pans for hard working men and women with physical jobs. 


BEAUTY: Orly colour blast frozen limited edition collection nail polish review & Giveaway

I'm Ok so when having my usual perusal on eBay I stumbled completely by accident on these two completely necessary to own nail polish sets.

As it said time and time again Orly is my number one brand I have loved it for as long as I can remember and frozen is in my top 5 Disney movies so I HAD to own these.

orly frozen sister duo elsa nail polish

I'm sure that there are a few more colour collections out there but unfortunately these were the only two I could find to buy. 

orly frozen sister duo elsa nail polish

The packaging is cute and has elsa on the front and they are called the sister duo. 

The first one is a shimmer pink and deep blue called winter blush and a happy ... Puddle. The second box contains an ice blue and a coral red called ice-solated and warm hugs. 

They have an even coverage and work best when you use 3 thin coats with a good base coat and glossy long wear top coat. I personally have not had the chance to wear them but my daughter has given ice-solated and winter blush and was super excited to be wearing elsa'a nail polish, to the extent she still the entire time and didn't move in case  she smudged them. 

orly frozen sister duo elsa nail polish

I have so many nail art ideas to do with these colours I can't wait for some free time to have a go at creating them. 

please check out my last post on orly featuring their gorgeous black glitter polish here

Have you had the chance to get hold of any of this collection? 

Well I would love to give one of my readers the chance to win winter blush and a happy puddle. 

orly frozen sister duo elsa nail polish

To enter please check out the T&Cs below 
– Giveaway open UK ONLY 
– One winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget

– Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below and the winner will receive a box of goodies as detailed in this post
– Entrants under 18 must seek parental permission before entering
– No purchase necessary
Once drawn, the winner will be contacted via the email provided and have 28 days to respond. 
– All entries will be moderated and duplicate, false or incomplete entries will be deleted. Please follow the instructions carefully – there are a couple in there designed to give long-term readers an extra chance, but the answers are easy to find if you look hard enough..!

Good luck everyone 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Monday 12 October 2015

BEAUTY : Orly colour blast Granite luxe shimmer nail polish

Ok so of not posted of late I promise I will write to explain why soon. But I have about 6 nail posts I have been dying to share so prepare to be showered in nail polish heaven, you lucky lot!

Orly colour blast Granite luxe shimmer nail polish

Ok so I can't even remember when I managed to own this gorgeous little nail polish to add to my winter / Christmas collection. For the record I cannot wait to wear it with red to get in the Christmas spirit. 

Orly colour blast Granite luxe shimmer nail polish

This is a completely gorgeous nail plus I am so happy to gave in my collection. I have a love hate relationship with short and long nails and black nail polish. It's been like this for as long as I can remember, it a thing of mine info through stages. 

Orly colour blast Granite luxe shimmer nail polish

So as you can tell with winter getting too close for comfort I love this it's perfect for any Christmas party toes or hands and will shimmer with the disco ball. 

Orly is a long standing favourite brand of mine for at least 9 years. I have at one point owned over 70 Orly nail polishes. 

Orly colour blast Granite luxe shimmer nail polish

This gorgeous new addition is called granite luxe shimmer and is the perfect amount of black with holographic glitter. 

The application is smooth, it's not clicking or hard to get a nice application including the glitter. It will take two thick coats or my preference is 3 thin coats to get an even cover on your nail. 

I will be wearing this a lot nicer the next few length and for glitter it's very durable. 

They can be found in magazines, and in store as well as online to buy and at sound he £9 price range.