Sunday 31 July 2016

BEAUTY: Korres Make-Up Full face Wishlist

Korres has always been a long standing favourite brand for me. It has exquisite skin and hair care but I feel their make up often goes unnoticed so I have put together my summer day to evening face wish list solely made up of products from the Korres collection. 

Iv not included skincare as that is an entirely different post. 
So please be ware some of the colours I have chosen specifically to match my skin tone (foundation). 

Wild rose foundation in shade RF2

This foundation is available in 4 shades in a 30ml tube with an SPF15. 
(Having an SPF in my face products especially foundation for me is crucial as your face see's the sun the most). 

Covering & Brightening/ Long-Lasting

medium-to-high buildable coverage and natural finish, efficiently cover fine lines, pores and skin imperfections.


Wild Rose Concealer shade WRC2

Brightening / high coverage available in 4 shades and in 1,50mL in a click and twist style application with brush. 

High coverage of the eye area imperfections, such as dark circles, capillaries, blemishes, sunspots. 


Wild Rose Compact Powder in shade WRP2

Available in 4 shades with Brightening / flawless finish 10mL pressed powder

works to repair fine lines and brighten uneven skin tone


Zea mays blush in shade peach or purple

Available in 6 colours Luminous finish / velvety texture 7mL pressed powder.  

Velvety blush effect and a smooth and even finish.


Volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow in golden pink & golden bronze 

Available in 6 colours 14mL  twist shadows 

Intense colour / 24h wear
Super fast application easily blended without a brush, perfect for business women or mums with limited time of their hands. 

Soft touch eyeshadow for a vibrant, luminous colour. Easy to use, provides a stunning effect with no smudges for a 24h wear. With an integrated sharpener.



Intense colour / 8h wear 1,20mL 

Eyeliner pencil for rich, long-wearing, deep black eye definition. Provides smooth, flawless finish. 


Black Volcanic Minerals / Professional Length Mascara

Extreme length / Deep colour available in two colours 7,50mL 

Extreme length, intense, deep colour and long lasting effect. 


Cedar Wood Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil in 01 DARK SHADE
Available in 3 shades 

Long-lasting cedar wood pencil with pressed colour powder for a natural look


Cotton seed oil long lasting lip liner 01 NEUTRAL LIGHT

Precise Definition / Long Wear 1,20mL  
Available in 3 shades 

Lips should always be lined. It make the lip line flawless and is a must for older or ageing lips as lipsticks can spread or leak past the lip line. Using a pencil stops this happening. 
Gives lips natural definition to suit your perfect make up look


Raspberry twist lipstick shade DELIGHT

True colour / shiny finish available in 6 shades 2,50mL  
For full coverage without drying the lip

Pencil-style lipstick for intense, glossy colour. An all-in-one lipstick enriched with Raspberry oil which relieves dry lips, moisturizes, provides antioxidant protection and offers full, shiny, long-lasting colour. The twist-up pencil, ideal for an easy and extremely soft application, delivers ultimate precision. 


If you love the colours and look as much as I do you can find them all here

Saturday 30 July 2016

WISHLIST: Pretty Little Things #1

I have a secret obsession for going on this website and just adding items to my basket in the hopes one day I can arrows to buy the occasional item from it. 

They have a massive selection from affordable to expensive and from trendy and classy to slutty and eccentric. 

I love every piece they offer even when I can't see myself wearing it. 

They have quick delivery and are ALWAYS doing special offers be it % off or free / discounted next day shipping. 

I'm between sizes and their trousers are my top item in my lost they have a stretch to them and are comfortable and look far more expensive than they are. 

I wanted to share my wish list with you. 

They have a search so you won't be looking long if anything on my hot lost takes your fancy. 

Love your thoughts on my choices 💕💕

Saturday 16 July 2016

PARENTING: Potty Training Journey With Huggies Pull-Ups

Hello Lovelies!

Thanks for joining me in my first proper Vlog! its in association with Huggies Pull-Ups as I am very luck to be a brand ambassador for them. You have no idea how excited Autumn and I are!

please check out our first brand ambassador post right here

This Vlog was exciting and scary all at once, however I do hope you enjoy it.

This is a wonderful journey Autumn is so ready to start and already she is powering through it, I can't wait to share all out moments with you!

Autumn is beyond excited and enthusiastic about starting this new part of her life, she feels super grown up and is so far doing really well with the timer. 

We have some great footage of us since this amazing video which we hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Please check out my Vlog and give it a thumbs up if you like it.

And don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with how we're getting on. 

This will be a big journey as my baby becomes a little girl which is truly exciting for me but also heart breaking as she is my only child at present and its such a big transition for me more than anything.

she is so excited to be growing bigger and being a big girl.

for all your potty training needs go to

*I am receiving payment for my role as a Huggies ambassador but all words and opinions are my own.*
Thursday 7 July 2016

PARENTING: Step into reading books

I found these beauties of amazon and I have to say they are my number one choice of books for Autumn at present. 
They come in stages 1-5 and all different characters from Disney to Barbie. Something to suit every child out there. 

We use these as a special gift for Autumn if she manages to fill up her sticker chart. 
She has two.
A weekly one and a monthly one. 
The weekly is broken down to days and she gets a sticker if she completes something without a tantrum or does something extra ordinary. And of she is caught being badly behaved she looses a sticker and we explain why we have removed one. 

Our home is definitely good parent bad parent (my husbands a walk over wet blanket) love him dearly but Autumn definitely knows how to get what she wants with him. 
These books are a huge incentive for Autumn we make a huge thing of it on a Sunday after church to go through Amazon together and pick her book to get next Sunday if her chart is 75% full. 

The books are never over £5.00 and generally around the £2.50/£3.50 mark. 

Our little collection so far includes

Disney frozen hello Olaf (step 1)
Disney Pixar cars 2 secret agent mater (step 1)
Disney princesses jewels for a princess (step 2)
Nickelodeon paw patrol chase is on the case (step 2) 

Both the paw Patrol and Olaf books come with stickers which we use for the charts. 

I read them at bed time and we spend a couple hours a week reading together. 

She really loves them and works hard during the week to get her new book. 

Highly recommended and on and search for step into reading. 

Have you got any from the collection? Of so I would love to hear what ones you would recommend. 
Wednesday 6 July 2016

LIFESTYLE: Some picture from 2016 I love so far

Iv been studying hard and have 9 weeks left then ok back to full time blogging. I just want to share some photos iv taken that really make my day. 
And now normality can commence and let the blogging begin


my gorgeous princess trying on wigs


me and my hubby at a wedding and my little mermaid

playing Doc Mcstuffins and my step dad

these two are my two main squeezes, Luna and  Zeke
and I am so happy to have their mummy in my life.

I love to look at my shoes (back tops me wearing them)
by wow they look amazing all sat in a row

First time out and about on her scooter with new helmet for safety
only fell off a couple of times

Meeting her Princess hero!

My daughter wondering what I'm doing at a friends wedding in April

I like to put my museum shoes on every now and again

My Step dad always looks out for me this was a great mothers day.

Love Aimee