Monday 30 April 2012

Bourjois 123 Concealer Stick

Blemishes I hate them and my skin is pretty crap sometimes I either no spits or I get about 20 at a time it gets me down makes me feel insecure and generally is a right pain in the ass. We have all been there felt like shit all because of a spot right?

Well I have lots of foundations and concealed a that don't quite hide them almost but not quite there, I was really impressed with the new foundation by bourjois 123 you can check out my review of it here. It's a great foundation with medium to heavy coverage and works well on my skin so I could wait to try the 123 correcting concealer stick.
The stick combines 2 correcting pigments yellow - to give a rested look and white - anti blemish pigment to help hide shadows and small red blemishes.

It's a light formula quite creamy and applies really well, I like the stick its a nice size an good packaging which is well designed.

Does it work ? Well see for yourselves, the pictures say it all really. I am so pleased with the coverage it really helps to hide the redness and do what it is designed to do, it is a great little profit and I now have 2 one for in my bag on the go touch ups and one to keep at home for my morning preparations.

The only down side it is £7.49. However bourjois is a higher end drugstore product and you won't be disappointed in it.

As I said I was given one to try and promptly went out and brought a second.

It's available to buy now as it was released mid April.

Have you used it? if not you need to if you want to find a well rounded product that works well and does why it is supposed to.
You can buy it in store on online at or

Love Aimee


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  1. the collection 2000 has an amazing concealer which is meant to be really good worth checking out