Thursday 12 April 2012

Ordering through Herbalife

I was asked to test the service and distribution of herbalife, i went on to there website filled in a form which was pretty straight forward and asked the usual contact details, name age etc as well as my personal goals with the product.

Once i hit submit i am told that someone will be in contact with me within 3 days - today is March 26th and i submitted the form at 3.30pm.

About 10 minutes later i received an email thanking me for my interest and then just letting me know again someone will be in contact shortly, also included in the email was links to find out more about the company and product including several social media links.
That evening i received a call from my local distributor, she was really chatty, very informative and made me feel at ease as well as answering all of my questions. I have to say she was so enthusiastic it make me inspired and gave me the want and need to do well and achieve a good weight lose with herbalife, at no point was there a hard sell she was patient and really lovely through out the whole hour conversation.

I placed my order at the end of the call and she opened an online account for me and i paid online.

I received my goods within 48 hours of ordering, and even got an email from the distributor giving me loads of helpful hints and tips, it was so refreshing to get so much help she was so patient and friendly.

I chose to order Herbalife formula 1 strawberry shake, formula 1 chocolate meal bars and formula 2 multi vitamins.

I have also received further emails from herbalife just checking in to make sure someone has contacted me.

I have been at the end of some bad customer service in the past but i can honestly say that herbalife is going above and beyond in the realms of customer service, they made ordering choosing and starting the program so easy.

If you are looking to find a program to loose weight with great support and customer service herbalife is definitely it. I will be doing a full review of the products shortly.

Love Aimee


  1. Great idea!
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  2. I've never tried it! I'll have to try.



  3. My bf has tried the products and lost 50 pounds in 2 months. I myself bought them but like everything I buy, it got old in about a week for me. Haha.

  4. I love all herbalife products, they are s good fr my sin, especially for skin whitening.