Saturday 28 April 2012

Running A-Z #2

part 2 of my Running A-Z in this i will be covering H-P

H - Hill training


Hills are a complete pain in my backside but if you included hills in your training it helps improve your fitness as well as strength. Best technique to effectively get up a hill is to lean forward and take quick short steps.

I - Interval training

this is the best way to burn more fat in a shorter period of time, all you need to do is alternate high intensity exercise with less intensive intervals.

J - Juice

an odd one however when you exercise you can get dehydrated and so you can make your own isotonic drink to help replace the fluids you loose. 200ml fruit juice, 800ml water, and a pinch of salt and sit when doing a run that lasts more than 60-90 minutes.

K - Knee protection

Make sure you use a knee support as getting knee pains is common for runners, running on grass or sand helps to remove some of the impact.

L - Lactic Acid

this is chemical that is produced by the body when there is a lack of oxygen available to the cells, the more you train and the higher the intensity the more lactic acid is produced.

M - Milk

I am a big fan of milk, i would drink it ALL day if i could in the US their research show that it helps to replenish the muscles.

N - New challenge

Don't keep doing the same old workout keep changing it about and keep it interesting.

O - Over use injuries

this happens with you exercise especially running, to avoid injuries have at least one rest day and throw in cycling or swimming to work other muscles and rest the over used ones. today i am going cycling .. in the rain! needs must an all i will look less disgusting in a bikini this year.

P - Partner Up

when you run with someone else it can really help you don't want to let them down so you push harder and less likely to cancel on them.  I must admit i am a lone star i mush prefer sticking on some good tune go into my own zone and pound the pavement as i feel obliged to chat when i run with someone else.

So that is H - P do you agree with it? have you tried any of it and would you give any of the above a go? let me know your thoughts

Love Aimee


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