Friday 6 April 2012

Party Snack Swaps #1

So Easter party's may be happening, any excuse to have a few drinks and spend time with friends and possibly indulge but if your like me and looking at reducing your waist line here are a few snack swaps to reduce your calorific intake when schmoozing.


Swap wine for champagne
A glass of Rose comes in at 175 calories per 250ml
Champagne is 89 calories per 120ml

and champagne gets me tipsy quicker so were all winners!

Swap a measure of baileys at 180 calories for Tia Maria at 131 calories

Avoid gin and tonic at 93 calories for gin and slimline tonic at 53 calories

Nibbles and Food

A large handful of crisps 180 calories swap for a large handful of pretzels 115 calories

avoid peanuts at 150 calories per handful for olives 68 calories

step away from 2 mini sausages at 130 calories and head towards 2 mini chicken satay sticks 50 calories!

and finally

Don't be tempted by a mini sausage roll at 60 calories instead grab a tiger prawn with sweet chili dip at a mere 20 calories

Hope you have enjoyed my swaps and all enjoy your Easter

Love Aimee


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