Tuesday 17 April 2012

OSiS Style shifters 1

Long hair... i love it however i tend to stick to the same old style I'm a little bit boring generally as i feel with longer hair i am less creative and there fore fins less products to use on my hair, unlike when i had short hair i would get all creative on my locks and spike and shape and generally go wild. So in my normal searching to get my hair looking a little more creative and a little less repetitive i laid my eyes on OSiS style shifter spray.

First and foremost its pink well number one is any way and this is designed for medium to long hair to give it texture for styling so immediately i am loving the packaging. Its simple yet quirky which sums me up!

It is a light control which i have so far found can be used in 2 ways, you can use it on straightened hair to give a textured slightly choppy effect which allows you to make your style a little more rock and less soccer mum. You can also use it when creating an up do, spray it lightly onto the hair and it gives it a more textured and playable feel allowing you to place it into loops curls etc without leaving it looking stiff and if you calls it up which i often do you can brush it out and start again! BRILLIANT

It does come in 2 other strengths Green for medium control and blur for strong control priced at £8.70 i thinks is a must have product in your box if your looking to experiment with styles like i am.

have you used this? how did you get on? would you use it?

Love Aimee


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